Deadbeat Dad Allegation: Wizkid Reacts As His 3rd Babymama Hails Him

Wizkid has reacted to allegations by his two babymamas for not being there for his kids.

Deadbeat Dad Allegation: Wizkid Reacts As His 3rd Babymama Hails Him lailasnews

His first babymama hinted at him not being there for his son when he failed to wish him a happy birthday as he turned 7 last week. And yesterday,his second claimed he hasn’t been there for his son either.

His third babymama and manager, Jada Pollock has come out in his defence, calling him an incredible dad.

Wizkid has reacted the the allegations in a post on Instagram by simply saying;

“2 sides to every story”

He didn’t elaborate on this.

Below are the tweets in which Sola Ogudugu who welcomed Boluwatife in 2011 with Wizkid, called him out for being a deadbeat dad;

“Being a Mom and a Dad and Still Manage to Slay all at once on a Legit Income!!! Please I need my accolades served chilled!!!! It’s very well deserved!!!
Thank you lord.. I’ll never get tired of thanking you God.. Cos I am where and who I am because of you my Miracle Worker!!!

I have alottt to say.. I feel the need to call someone out soo baddd..

Like just blast our full REAL history for the public.

Let the world know the Real Truth not the liesss this person has made the world believe

But God keeps patting me on the back saying I gotchu baby…

It’s a been a great day today.. Let’s leave it at that and keep it classy as always.

#Everyday4theThief1dayForTheOwner #OnedayBushmeatGoCatchTheHunter

He Who Fights and Runaway Lives to Fight Another day FULLY ARMED!!!

..You’ve been strong for so long don’t let nobody change that

So because of the fear of God In me I’ll save this person face.

And Leave this person to Karma to do what it does best…”


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  1. Only if the new hanty will let him care for his children ,,,,,, as small as he is see as em pack women like okrika clothes i pray his children won’t grow up to be like dia papa

  2. That’s why I like Davido after giving assurance to chef chichi he is still they for princess and imade, God bless Davido for taking care of his responsibility.

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