Dead man dies again: Two people arrested for Elliot Moyo’s ‘Resurrection’

Dead man dies again: Days after Alph Lukau and Elliot Moyo‘s fake and fraudulent Resurrection, two people have been arrested for being part of the scam.

Dead man dies again elliot moyo lailasnews

Elliot Moyo was allegedly resurrected by Prophet Alph Lukau. Only for him to really die two months later.

Dead man dies again:

Elliott Moyo the guy that was ‘resurrected’ by Alph Lukau actually died after vomiting blood back at his home in Zimbabwe on 3rd April.

According to his family members Elliot Brighton Moyo died from food poisoning & Elliot’s real name were Thabiso Proud Mlanje.

Two people have now been arrested for Elliott Moyo’s resurrection drama at Pastor Lukau Alleluia Ministries Church.

The pair are due to appear in court on Wednesday.

Pastor Alph Lukau Alleluia Ministries Church made headlines after a video of an apparent resurrection surfaced on social media.

In the video, a man, Elliot is said to have been dead for a couple of days before pastor Alph Lukau ‘brought him back to life’.

The church was ridiculed, criticised and threatened with legal action.

Gauteng police on Monday said they have not received official confirmation that alleged fraudster Elliot Moyo has died.

Spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said the search for him continues and he remains wanted until police are informed that he is dead.

Moyo’s real name was Thabiso Proud Mlanje. He fell ill in February and did not properly recover even after he was “resurrected”.

He returned to Zimbabwe with his wife on March 8.

The 28-year-old however allegedly died on April 3, two days after being transferred to St Luke’s Hospital in Lupane, and was buried at his late father’s homestead in Dandanda Village.

His grandmother Emily Moyo had reportedly said her grandson had died a “painful death” and had been vomiting blood.


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