Dbanj rape allegation: Nigerians react after Segalink revealed police didn’t detain Seyitan

Many Nigerians have taken to social media to react to Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya aka SegaLink revelation as regards the alleged arrest of Dbanj rape accuser, Miss Seyitan..

Dbanj rape allegation_ Segalink gives details on Seyitatan alleged arrest lailasnews

Seyitan Babatayo, recently recounted her ordeal while in police custody for two days almost two weeks after going public with her story.

This information was contained in a statement issued by Stand To End Rape (STER) Initiative and signed by her.

Taking to Twitter moments back, Segalink gave his own part of the whole story, as he cleared some air on the whole situation.

Segalink disclosed that the police simply acted as an arbiter and the documents generated in that regard with the consent of Seyitan’s lawyer and parent proves this. He went on to narrate some incidents that occurred before the alleged rape incident ignited a controversy on social media. Full Details Here

His revelation has led to multiple reactions online, with many slamming those who corroborated the story of Seyitan being arrested.

See reactions below;

@its_Tobiloba: So Seyitan probably wasn’t detained …. you all on twitter make it actually difficult to fight against rape… real people are getting raped out there and crazy Twitter feminists are more concerned about pushing their *feminist* propaganda rather than actually helping 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

@MrOdanz: When the whole story around Seyitan became quite inconsistent, I tweeted that it’d be wise (for me) to take a break from the story until things became clearer.

The “believe all women” mobs attacked me. Like “how dare you not cancel Dbanj?” And useless men joined the madness

@Sujodamystique: Dbanj vs Seyitan case was supposed to be a big win for Bitterleaf FC. ‘We raised 1.6m, we’re so powerful’. Smh. As for the rest of you idiots who indulge in participatory outrage without waiting for facts, I know you still won’t learn because to you E validation > common sense

@Ceorhemz: Seyitan, her Mum and her team were busy negotiating settlement deals with Dbanj’s team in a hotel while some of you were tearing your boxers cancelling Dbanj on Twitter. This life no balance

@queeninghere: Kiki Mordi, Ebele, Ozzy Etomi & Ms DSF were all tweeting Dbanj and his team; kidnapped Seyitan, seized her phone, when she, her mum and her lawyer were lodged in a hotel negotiating a deal with Dbanj’s team.

We need to know where they got their stories from cos this is a mess

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