D’banj and ex-manager Bankuli fight dirty on Instagram

Nigerian music star, D’banj and popular music executive and former manager, Bankuli, were at each others case yesterday as the long beef between former associates seemed to be very much deep.

D’banj and ex-manager Bankuli tear each other apart
D’banj and ex-manager Bankuli tear each other apart

It all started after an interview published by Pulse media about a couple of weeks ago where Bankuli narrated the story of how he introduced D’banj to Kanye West.

D’banj did not take the interview well as he took to Bankuli’s Instagram page, telling him to stop lying after Bankuli made a post about the existence of truth in silence.

Bankuli wrote;

“Silence don’t lie… there is truth in silence.”

D’banj responded;

“Then brother keep quiet and if you just must talk about Me , . Speak the truth . Enough lies

D’banj’s response got Bankuli really upset as he then decided on going hard on D’banj.

He wrote;

hmmmm … I was thinking ? what truth are you looking for at this stage of your life …keep your energy for your career and love ones as you shall find the truth and the truth shall set you free . Be safe son.”

Bankulli did not stop at that as he slammed the music star back on same social media platform. Bankulli in an Instagram post accused D’banj of doing drugs.

In his words,

‘Doing Drugs will not help you but worsen your case ( I heard about White powder ) a shining prospect and you use your bad character to bloat all Away . Hmmm It is never too late to go and seek truthfully the forgiveness and truth you seek …look inward change your lifestyle stop lying to yourself that all is well but go back to the source so that all can be well with you . You have done so much evil to many people that we both know of and today I speak for them all . Cc @iambangalee ( Dbanj Aka The Kokomaster alias kokomycine… *Drops mic *
Don’t smash the Ladder you used to get on the Roof .. you might need it some day to back down and Up again”

Recall, Bankulli was Dbanj’s manager back in the Mo’hits era but their relationship didn’t end well. They fell apart due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ when the Kanye West ‘Good Music’ deal came through.

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