Dbanj alleged rape: “Kiki Mordi is sending me and Seyitan threats” – Segalink

Human Rights Activist, Segun Awosanya aka SegaLink, has claimed that investigative journalist, Kiki Mordi is sending threats to him and Miss Seyitan.

Dbanj alleged rape_ Kiki Mordi is sending me and Seyitan threats - Segalink lailasnews

Yesterday, Stand To End Rape, STER released an update on the Seyitan and D’banj legal rape case, stating that the two have reached a non monetary out-of-court settlement.

In a statement release July 24, STER stated that D’banj and Seyitan who accused him of rape, met at a location determined by Mr Segun Awosanya (Segalink) where they reached an out-of-court settlement on the 13th of July, 2020.

Taking to Twitter moments back, Segun Awosanya aka SegaLink claimed that Kiki Morid has been sending him and Seyitan threats. He wrote;

“Kiki Mordi is playing the role of the hitman under the auspices of the Coven sending threats to Seyitan and myself. We have it all on record. It will end in premium tears for her & their coven and she will be revealed for the monster that she’s become on this agenda.”


See some reactions to his claims below;

@Tee_Classiquem1: I really dont see Kiki Mordi as a sane human being, she’s a frustrated, confused and possessed young lady that has lost focus and purpose on this earth…her aim is to mislead other young ladies, what is living in that woman is beyond feminism…. She’s the messenger of darkness

@Lollybeeb: What really went wrong with Kiki Mordi????? She started so well….. She was like a hero to girls.

@chudikokoli: She became too toxic, I had to click the unfollow button. I think she was denied love while growing up. She’s too bitter.

@AlmustaqimB: Kiki Mordi is a playing a ‘Radical Feminist’ card. posing for an all-inclusive sisterhood as the solution to patriarchy, targetting male psychology or biology as the source of women’s oppression and calling for separatism.We need more of socialist and reformist and not radicalist. Kiki Mordi started so well. She should have kept to addressing inequality through the economy, class system, legislative system. But she has gone so far and the word “feminism” as now the taking over by the radicalist view. I like her but I do not agree much with her view.

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