Dayo Amusa introduced me to acting-Mike Ezuruonye

Nigerian A-list actor Mike Ezuruonye, who was at the opening of Iyabo Ojo’s ‘Abula Spot’ eatry in Lekki, had a chat with Showtime Celebrity, and he talked about issues affecting Nollywood, and also reminded anyone who cared to listen that he has grown beyond Nollywood.

Dayo Amusa introduced me to acting-Mike Ezuruonye lailasnews

Here are excerpts from the interview with Mike Ezuruonye;

How big is Mike Ezuronye in Nollywood?

I sincerely think, some of us have grown beyond Nollywood. In all modesty, I have gone beyond Nollywood. It may surprise you to hear this but it is the reality. When you shoot movies abroad with hi-tech equipment and with top foreign actors in a globally appreciated movie then, you begin to look beyond Nollywood. I must say I appreciate God for this.

Is it true that you got into acting by chance?
Yes, it is true. Life presents you a chance, it is up to to you to take it and handle it successfully. My good friend and colleague, Dayo Amusa introduced me to acting. She felt I had all it takes to be a good actor and kept pushing me till I decided to give it a try. I am happy that today she (Dayo) is still my friend. I am happy she is still excelling. I am happy that I didn’t make a wrong decision. I am happy my family is supportive and also happy with me. I am happy to be an actor.

How do you handle advances by your female fans?

I thought you should have asked if, there are advances at all before concluding and asking me how I handle them. Anyway, as a professional, your fans are meant to be seen as part of you. So it is expected that you treat them fine and nice. In treating them so, you should be able to politely remind them that the actor they admire or dislike is a different person from the person they see outside the movie. Once you are able to create that and register it in their minds then, you shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever.

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