Davido’s Concert: Singer reaches out to lady who was sexually assaulted

On Friday morning, a lady took to her Twitter page to narrate how she was allegedly sexually assaulted by some men at Davido’s concert.

Davido's Concert Singer reaches out to lady who was sexually assaulted lailasnews 4
Davido’s Concert Singer reaches out to lady who was sexually assaulted

The lady identified as Karimah, stated that Davido looked on as she was being assaulted.

In response, Davido took to Twitter to apologise to the said lady and also promised to reach out to her so as to purchase all the items stolen from her, as well as pay for her medical checkup.

See his tweet below:

I apologize ! On my part I will contact you and make sure all you belongings are replaced and also medical care .. I apologize again . Will contact you just know


Kemi Olunloyo wishes Davido will be confined to wheelchair


  1. They are just trying to look good in the eyes of the public if her case was not all over social media they won’t have done anything or said anything.

  2. Nice one David at least some of her belongings will be returned and she will be chatter for medically

  3. That is a positive response to that accusation. I like that he didn’t deny or justify it. He just offered to make it right

  4. This guy is just so humble …, now someone said he slapped Daniel’s Manager, now this girl can breathe well

  5. Wow Davido have changed ….am happy the pride is dying little by little… Nice one dear.2019 should serve you better.

  6. And she finally got what she wants I hope she van see this now congrats baby girl get well soon,what a god heart he has there nice one davido

  7. Hope you’re satisfied now…
    Please be careful next time and don’t put it on the singer cos he’s not omnipresent

  8. That’s a very kind gesture. Nice of Davido to reach out on the said lady. Hope this will heal her wounds.

  9. Bam! Settled am liking this guy wow he settled every issue one by one. She is happy now I guess. I hope he keeps his promise

  10. This is a good one, I think I can now sense some good character from our celebrities. Not just after their money.

  11. Hmmm this is unbelievable, a whole davido, who’s always full of himself can come down from his high horse to apologise… Very good!

  12. That’s what she is looking for
    Hope you are satisfy now
    Davido go shower her with excess money

  13. I hope u reach out to her, though its not Davido’s fault, sometimes u just have to do things for ur concience sake

  14. Davido should have helped when he saw what was happening right in front of him, reaching out to her now might take forever

  15. It’s OK if he can keep to his promise because many of them always make a promise just to appear good in the presence of fans and end up not fulfilling it. All the same thanks Davido

  16. great move from the man of the moment, please try and let the plan goes well next time again. OBO world wide

  17. He may not even know either something is wrong with her or not……because he face a lot of crowd……well he did great for paying to her attention….

  18. Hope you will reach out to her like you have said.you could have saved the situation when you saw it happening

  19. I think security was not too OK that is why such thing could happen , I love Davido effort for making sure she is been taking care off.

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