Davido’s concert: Lady claims she was robbed and sexually assaulted

A lady is claiming she was robbed at Davido’s concert that held over night at the Eko Atlantic in Lagos, while the singer looked on.

Lady claims she was robbed and sexually assaulted at Davido's concert lailasnews 3
Lady claims she was robbed and sexually assaulted at Davido’s concert

The lady identified as Karima took to her twitter page to express her disappointment in Davido, also wrote that she had to borrow money from friends to show up at the concert.

She wrote:

I was robbed and assaulted at @iam_Davido #InfinixDavidoLiveInConcert . And Davido looked straight at me and continued the show.

I lost my phone,my ATM card and all my money all because you couldn’t pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. I fell down on broken glass and you just continued

I was literally stranded at eko Atlantic all the way from ikeja. I told my mum that only rapture was going to stop me from seeing davido and I wish rapture actually happened before this concert.

Before this incident I was like your biggest fan.I didn’t have money but I entered a lot of fake giveaways and called my friends to send me money to come and see you at your concert.

Now I’m in more debt. All my properties are gone and I have a broken arm and a black eye as souvenirs from your concert. The crazy thing was you looked directly at me and continued performing.

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    • na by force? who sent you message?…wonders shall never cease..did u have to go if u didn’t have money???????????

  1. There’s nothing we won’t hear
    I guess this one is just looking for attention
    Attention Seeker
    Maybe she’s looking for money to pay back the debt she owning

  2. He can’t stop the show when the incident happen he can only send his boys, but sorry for that it will be a lesson for the rest.

  3. He should have helped her out.How can you continue a show while looking a lady go through such.what if she was your sister.

  4. Why did you not cry for help, if your being abuse or beaten and nobody saw you,were you inside or outside

  5. If she said she was robbed and sexually assaulted let’s set a team of investigators to find out the truth if she’s lying or not

  6. I don’t know what to say my dear. Sometimes people can be looking toward your direction but may not be looking at you. So sorry I wish you quick recovery

  7. Sorry, but should know better that he can’t stop the show to come see you he may not even notice you as you claim

  8. He can never stop the show…the security men should be the ones handling that….such happens it is a concert ..different type of people will be there… I did not blame davido for his action

  9. Stopping the show because you were rob? That’s not possible now.. I trust Davido will do something about this

  10. So sorry young lady, GOD will help you recover your lost and pay up your debt but next time don’t be too desperate.
    However Davido should have send some of his men to check out since he was performing then.

  11. Is she for real?, this seems incredible! Does it mean that people there did not rescue her or is she the only fan that came there. .

  12. What gain did you sxoext there? Ladies please wise up, let’s stop being the victims. Don’t go places you can’t protect yourself.

  13. This is not funny who ask you to come when you don’t have strength. He can’t stop the show when the incident happen.

  14. All these broke girls gallivanting around seeking for attention, should stop that nonsense this year. U are just looking for a way to draw his attention to ur poverty.

  15. Who send to go there. Church dey you no go na show wey full of immortality na him u dey attend

  16. Na WA o is she now blaming him for her odeal well if she needs help I think she should ask for help rather than trying to blame him

  17. Damn….. that’s sad after wanting to enjoy the concert you suffer instead. Sorry for that nobody deserves that to happen to them

  18. Sorry for what happened to you, it’s one of those things at least you are alive. Thank God for that. Just take care of yourself and try to move on.

  19. All these attention seeking girls. So you wanted Davido to stop his show because of you, nonsense girl. Nobody begged you to attend the show, so stop complaining. This girl must be one of those broke ladies looking for whose attention to catch in order to do poverty alleviation for their family.

  20. Why are you blaming Daivdo? What did you expect him to do? Next time you will sit down in your mothers house instead of going for a show where you will be assaulted.

  21. This can’t be real and if it real, she’s just seeking for Davido attention for the blame she brought on him.

  22. You cannot say davido is looking at you. The guy is on stage and he doesn’t really know what is going on elsewhere.

  23. If Davido have stopped the show some fans too would have complained that they paid money and Davido did not perform , well security systems should be more tight now in events

  24. Na wah, all this attention seekers, well since she said she was robbed and sexually assaulted let an investigation team be set up to find out the whole truth about this.

  25. I can’t even blame David for that,i blame you that run after a celebrity.. Since yoi have wish for rapture, and you have seeing it..

  26. Am very sorry my dear just take it easy
    Everything will be fine Okay
    Nest time you will go to olamide concept nonsense

  27. You wouldn’t have gone in the first place you would have lesson to your mother may be you wouldn’t have experienced all those things.

  28. Soo unfortunate that it happened to you but it wouldn’t make davido stop his show for you…… If he noticed he will see you.

  29. Na you carry yourself go na, party is anything you see jusy take ur like that.
    Always try and avoid somethings.
    Sorry for the incident

  30. Davido might not be looking in her direction or might not even know someone was assaulted. Something triggered the assault. Sorry fan

  31. If she is saying the truth, I think there must be witnesses in a place like that. Anyway thank God that rapture didn’t take place because of your cases.

  32. Food for thought…. The story s somehow funny but davido to stop performing cos of u is not 100% possible.. Or maybe you’re seeking for attention

  33. I don’t want believe this, I guess she is only seeking for attention, and she have gotten few. How will you get into debt to go to a concert you won’t earn a dime from.

  34. Any lady that goes to any of these concerts should be aware that they are not safe. There is no security to help you if you are robbed or raped. In fact, even people standing by will not help you. And if you voice out, after your ordeal, Nigerians will victim blame you for going there in the first place.

  35. That’s terrible experience you had Karima.. Painful part was after seeing what was happening, he still continued.. That’s absurd.. If you were his little sister, wouldn’t he have done something? Some of these our celebs are not worthy to look up to. Sorry for your broken arm..

  36. Next time you will sit down in your house for any show ,instead of going for a show where you will receive miracle, such as RCCG Congress, mountain of fire shillo, and other

  37. This girl doesn’t know what she’s even writing, first u don’t have money and u borrowed, now claiming a guy inserted his finger into her and was beating her up and she claimed Davison was looking at her all these while because she was the only one in the concert

  38. you cant blame Davido that much, you are not even sure that he saw you, he might just be lookin in your direction but didnt see you

  39. Its s good lesson to you, next time rapture should not stop you ooh….go and get beaten and molested again because your mates are not making money, davido is a man making his own money, he did not use juju to drag you to his show…. Go and make yours.

  40. Thank your God you’re alive to even tell the story, hope you have learnt your lesson from this, next time you would never run after celebs who do not even know that you exist

  41. This doesn’t sound true at all
    Only a fool will believe this
    So a guy inserted his hand in your vagina and lots of pple were there
    You were not able to scream abi

  42. Why didn’t you cry for help so that people around you will know all about that, I thought a place like that will be well secured.

  43. This is absurd but why are you blaming davido for your situation while next time u will listen to your mother while talking to you

  44. Good for her since she was graving to see Davido and will not do same to see God her creature….
    She is just seeking for attention rubbish

  45. Cum i not understand. this story seems like a made up story to collect money from davido.so u were rap with over how many people around u and u did not fight or no people saw u is only Davido that look straight and continues his performance. Lol

  46. Sorry but this is a lesson that next time it is not everywhere that people go that you must go now. Now see how your latter is worser than your former you lost everything

  47. I find it difficult to believe this story because I don’t think such a thing can occur where so many people are.

  48. Good for you. Don’t do what you are not capable of. Next time instead of using money recklessly. Go and save it

  49. U expect him to leave the stage and attend to u,since u av made it to his notice now he will attend yo u.bcos of concert u went to borrow nonsense

  50. So sorry for the lost gurl, I hope what happen to you nw we be inform of lession to you in another time,

  51. Ehya sorry with all this you broke your hand that is for nothing but disobedience to your mom you tell her only rapture will stop you and I will say it does

  52. I don’t think he’ll pause the show even if it was his sister, the only thing you need is compensation after the show

  53. I think you went through all of that because of the love you have for David’s music. But be careful next time.

  54. Some ladies with their ways of thinking,must you show up at the concert? Does Davido knows you,someone who slapped Kizz’s manager,so what do you expect?Thank God you are still alive sha.

  55. And if the rapture had taken place would you have been raptured? No you have seen the effect of disobedience. Thank God you didn’t lose your life

  56. Davido I think did not see her, he might be looking in her direction but his mind might not even be there. Sorry next time thread carefully.

  57. You are just a poverty stricken attention seeker. How could Davido sees you in that teeming field of people? Liar,thief ,you better find something to do about your life before you started accusing the boy of what he has no knowledge of.

  58. I dont think the fault is from davido, and why didn’t you cry for help, sorry tho.. Next time just be careful

  59. If davido had seen what happend. do u expect him to live his show and come to ur rescue that’s impossible.

  60. That’s her own sourviner let her take it in good fate l myself got send in a local show in ph. Take HEART and sorry

  61. All ur money de stole, meaning u borrowed a whole lot of money for a show? I sense lies here

  62. Nobody forced you to go to the concert. And there was nothing Davido could have done about the incident.

  63. I doubt the fact that Davido saw her and neglected her, for a performing artiste they look everywhere so it’s quite not possible and it’s not by force to go somewhere when you are not financially sure. Sorry about the incident tho

  64. if all you said was true, why did you go to the concert alone, it all your fault. But sorry take heart, i wish you quick recovery

  65. He couldn’t have stopped his show for and he may not even see what was happening, maybe you just thought he did. Sorry for the misfortune, this is a lesson to you that something’s are not do or die because your mum warned you, thank God its not more than this.

  66. This one is seeking for Davido attention. You borrowed to go and you are talking about ATM. What are you doing with empty ATM by that time of the day. A beg hide your face

  67. The seems to be straight, I think they some story missing, but if as u claimed DAVIDO saw you he would have atleast directed his boys to come and check what’s wrong but that of stopping a concert ? Hmmm I don’t see that happening.

  68. Mehn some people are just inhuman…how can grown up man grope a lady she don’t know and insert his fingers into her vagina…. Though the lady took her foolishness one step further by borrowing money only to be fingered for same reason she borrowed the money for

  69. If she said she was robbed and sexually assaulted let’s set a team of investigators to find out the truth if she’s lying or not

  70. So sorry you had to go through that… I personally believe those places harbor people like that… Wish you well

  71. The lady is right but the truth is that everybody can’t be thinking the same way you are thinking so talking about davido he may see her but if he stop the show everything might collapse and turns sour

  72. What does she expect davido to do,to leave his performance and come to her,when their are other people there to attend to her,she just want cheap popularity and money from davido,she should go and find a life

  73. I can’t really say she is lying or not because I don’t trust Nigerian ladies, maybe she trying to get davido’s attention on social media but if this truly happened to you, so sorry about that

  74. how true is this story. Smells like cooked up story. Oh may be your are trying to draw davidos attention to yourself. Sorry young lady but please next time, try and cut your coat according to your size ok.Don’t try to live the life that is not yours.

  75. Before a man can assault her sexually in that concert she must have dressed indecently and that will attract men to her to be abused

  76. Well sorry about what happened to you at Davido’s concert but truth be told what do you expect Davido to do. I mean you took yourself there so you should be responsible for yourself. You should expect things like this when you stay out so late in places like that. You are Davido’s fan and yet Davido didn’t even send you. Well sorry for the things you lost and the injury you sustained but you should even be thanking God that you are alive.

  77. I hope what happen to you nw we be inform of lession to you in another time, There is no security to help you if you are robbed or raped. In fact, even people standing by will not help you. And if you voice out, after your ordeal.

  78. Lol… I’ll believe this is a lie, this girl has other plans… He saw you?… Funny
    sexual assaulted, like you were the only girl there

  79. Why are you blaming davido,it’s not his fault you’re the one to be blamed.And also this may not be real she may be trying to frame him up

  80. She really went out of luck, so bad for her, take heart and move on with your life, now you have attended the concert, just take what you saw, take heart

  81. What personal business do u have with Davido apart from been in the audience of his concert
    I don’t see the bases of bringing him in here
    Was he the who asexually assaulted u
    Of course ur dress code before the alleged assault should be revealed
    Just seeking unnecessary exposure

  82. My sister come and take some sense, obviously you lack it.. See the kind of gibberish she wrote, no you would have gone to central and steal just because you wanted to attend Davido’s concert.. Nonsense and ingredients

  83. Some men are animals for you to assualt a lady his very irresponsible and with the case of davido only God knows whether he saw you.

  84. You should have obey your mom and not kill yourself because you want to see a celebrity. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

  85. I no fit laugh abeg how could he stop the concert just because of you it might be possible elsewhere but not in Nigeria abeg. My sister take heart you really lost a lot doooh.

  86. this guy should have helped her out.How can you continue a show while looking a lady go through such.what if she was your sister.

  87. Nd rapture happened..but only 2 u.
    Sorry..ur expectations were sha foolish.
    U claim he looked right at u…were u d only 1 at d show? I wonder..

  88. Hmm, sorry babe for what happened to you during his concert, maybe he did not see you and you said you have to borrow money to go see this concert, how come the man robbered you of you money again?

  89. Why did you even attend the concert, so even if he saw the incident, the concert should stop because of you? Who took you there?.
    How arebwe even sure if what she claims is true.

  90. That’s funny.. but how do you expect him to stop the show because of what you put yourself in to..who asked you to go there…on the other hand,it is terrible if it is true.. Let the police investigate thoroughly.

  91. Could this be true? Even if it is true how do u expect Davido to know what was happening down your corner, a concert that host a lot of people. Hmmm naija

  92. Very sorry for the incident but next time listen to the voice of your elder and don’t ever disobey your mom and now you got and saw the rapture as you said with your mouth

  93. I’m not really believe this girl it feel like she’s trying to derive something out of this and she was not reveal it, but for real if it’s happened like that it’s great bad of Davido.

  94. Girls will be killing themselves for celebrities that done even know if they exist. Hope you have learnt your lesson, you can’t afford something then leave it

  95. Maybe you dressed in a way they where attracted because people address you according to how you dress. Or you might be seeking for an attention from great Davido, that was a very wrong way to seek out for a help. Try and take care of yourself ok

  96. Dat wan is ur problem.. Y kill ursef over someone who doesn’t care abt any body except himself.. I dnt Nigerians kill dem selves just to see a human being like dem.. Nt even a worthy person cuz to me he is nt worth it

  97. It’s obvious he didn’t see you…. Because like you said, he was performing at that moment. This Same thing had happened to me before.

  98. You re funny even though he looks at you dose mean he saw you.When your mum has already worn you not to go you don’t no why she said do next obedience is better than sacrifice.

  99. Look at what you’ve done to yourself, if they’ve told you not to go you wouldn’t have listened. But one thing remains that I don’t think he saw you clearly because of the high influx of the crowd.

  100. Let me hear word what do you mean look at you how did you know he was looking at you. He was performing why would he stop because of you

  101. that was so bad. but i don’t think Davido was aware of that or saw what was happening around there and even if he saw it he might think it is just a mere dramatic display of fans. Any way take heart dear and be extra careful because of next time

  102. If probly you have harken to your mothers voice, this would not have happened to you..
    Davido does not have any impact to take here, he never see you I believe rather would have send his guide or security agent to scene.

  103. How sure are we that she’s telling the truth and not putting up stories just to seek attention?
    and even if she’s telling the truth, how sure is she that davido saw her or even have any idea if something like that ever happened?

  104. It very unfair for you.. But I don’t think he even noticed you cos you weren’t the only one there. U can’t be assault in the crowd

  105. In a concert like that there will be a lot of crowd so she can’t expect a concert should be stopped just because she was assaulted whereas she not the only female at the concert, her dressing might lead to such thing too

  106. He can’t stop the show when the incident happen he can only send people, how sure are that it really happen. In case it did, i apologize on his behalf.

  107. That’s the compensation you get when living a fake life. Must you borrow to see Davido, shey na by force? Well the guy might have compassion on you and give you some money back for your upkeep. Or may be she’s cooking all these up to get at Davido, who knows?

  108. This one is lying ,You claimed Davido loojed directly at you even with all the crowd,what about the rest people watching the show.you dey use style beg money.

  109. How did you know he saw you and were you putting on skimpy dress, for the man to put his finger in your Vagina?

  110. Its hard to really know whats happening in the crowd when on is on stage the lights are mostly on the stage. This is why its not good to goto such places alone

  111. When you know you dont have money why go for the concert, in other words you were hoping someone will take you home and with a concert like that were you not expecting that people with different motives will attend. Davido is not to be blamed he was performing on stage and would not see everyone

  112. Davido don suffer first kis Daniel now you whose gonna ppop out next .like the concert was just u davido aand the offender present ehn

  113. Hanty! Pls go and sidan!
    Is it Davido that brought you to his concert? Since u cannot sidan in your mother’s house and watch the concert on TV, you get what you asked for.
    And you! Davido, is it true that you look at her and walk away? So tin is doing u o

  114. What! how can this happen? So sorry my dear this is what we see when we try our best for celebrity’s without recognition

  115. I m not sure Davido would have really seen her sha. He can be looking at her and not be seeing her at all. She should not go next time

  116. Our young ladies should grow up, you go out or hangout where anything comes or goes and you come back to complain. If you are at home and tell us that you were assaulted, I’ll do anything to fight for you. But going to rough events where anything can come up at anytime you don’t need to go shouting about it you brought it on yourself.

  117. I really don’t buy this story.. This is just someone trying to be famous overnight.. Couldn’t you scream if you were groped and assaulted? You were looking at Davido to do wetin?

  118. How are you sure his mind was with you when you said he was looking at you and continued with his concert, he might just be looking at you and his mind was not with you. Sorry anyway

  119. What are we not going to hear in front of a whole crowd how possible.. The matter should be looked into so as to ascertain the truthfulness of the story

  120. She is seeking attention from Davido. This girl should be careful and should stop night club bc of her life

  121. And who should we blame you wanted to see him at all coast that’s the result of what you need and who says davido saw you my dear it might be coincidental so brace up and treat tour self

  122. My dear are you sure he saw all that was happening bcoz Davido I know will stop the show or is there something else you want from him

  123. Judging from what said; You should have heed to the voice of your mother. It’s a pity you got robbed and raped.

  124. Don’t just judge direct how sure are u that he saw u and besides it might be that u are looking for attention in order to pay ur bills

  125. wow .. that was really her..look into your face and continued the show … not nice again davido am losing interest with all this post am reading today

  126. Maybe she went for the concert with a seducive dress, that’s why she was raped….. So did she now want davido should pay her back or what??? Some people are funny

  127. I really feel sympathetic towards you but next time you won’t do all these things just to see a celebrity. You should learn to cut your coat according to your cloth. I also feel that Davido should have done something if he really saw you as you said he did

  128. She wants to be noticed,how does she expect someone performing on the stage to notice everything happening to the ones watching him.

  129. A good girl would have listened to her mum and stayed home.Knowing fully well that shows like that will atract both normal people,thieves,miscreants and the likes. This is a lesson for you

  130. It can not be true, what about the other people at the concert,does it mean none of them care to come to her aid? Beside how does she expect musician to stop playing because something is happening to a person where we have alot of security operatives at work? I implore Davido to do proper investigation into the matter before compesating her if at all he want to.

  131. Obey your mother guyz
    If you obeyed your mother you would not have been assaulted and robbed so Davido now makes you a complete pauper and bankrupted you mean??

  132. First of all, where were you when all these were happening to you? You couldn’t have been in a crowd and that kind of thing happens and nobody around you does anything about it. Your story is a little out of whack. If you were in the crowd, why didn’t you cry out for help?. Go and incident the matter at the police station and have them investigate it.

  133. Isn’t this leg begging… And why accuse Davido, how is he supposed to know u were being robbed? Ain’t there security oersineel around? Where were u that nobody else amongst viewers came to your rescue? You are lying… Sense will not kill me

  134. In such concerts , something of such are mount to happened. Next time go with a guy or someone who can protect

  135. Firstly, if davido could see you from the stage were he was performing ,then how come, people didn’t see you…..but if somehow,this was true, those saying davido cant stop the show,why not? If someone is in trouble,why can’t a stupid show be stopped??? When prayers can’t even be paused if someone was in need….
    Lastly ,this lady should learn from this, she’s actually stupid and shameless…borrowing money to attend a concert,I now really think she deserves it

  136. Why can’t you cut your clothes according to your sieze, first your mum warn you not to go but you insist on going. 2) you have to lend money before you go don’t you seriously God did not want you to go.
    3) How can you expect him to pause his concert because of you are you among his family member thousands of people are out there enjoying his concert the highest he can do his for him to send his guys to help you.
    I’m sure your just looking for attention.

  137. This is a mere human being you are craving to see. How many times have you taken sure steps to know more of Jesus in your life?

  138. this is bad, who invited her to the concert, she should thank God she was not killed.davido should not be blamed.

  139. What a pitiable event for this lady, i wanna believe this is attention seeking ,nollywood performing act.

  140. Soo unfortunate that it happened to you but it wouldn’t make davido stop his show for you…… If he noticed he will see you.

  141. I don’t even believe this lady,how can you say he was looking at you and he continue the show without attending to u
    Out of the multitude there, and you believe he was looking at you, Abeg park well jhoor

  142. Davido is now in serious soup every where he goes, is this girl in search of attention or what,
    Forget it, Davido may be looking your direction and still not see you o. So go sidan

  143. This is why i usually don’t like going to those huge concert, Crime rate is ussually high,it gives bad people the opportunity to steal & do all sorts of terrible things.

  144. You can’t expect him to stop performing his concert to seek for your attention because definitely he will come back to pay for your lost

  145. The problem here is that we don’t know how true this incident is, but if it is true, then she really loved Davido and he has disappointed her.

  146. i feel your pain dear, but if you have ever had to stand before a crowd you would understand that at the same time you have two pairs of eyeballs multiplied by the number of heads present staring at you all at once… its hard to single out one person especially when you are in the crowd… lesson for you, next time when and if you must go to shows… don’t go alone. and like seriously, borrowing to see a concert is sheer foolishness… am sorry though, but that’s the truth!

  147. So sorry about your predicament but on the other hand….If Davido really saw you and did nothing….then he is a tick in the ass

  148. Well a lesson to learn from this incident to all young ladies who go to concert alone. Be careful where ever you go, there are hungry Lions every where. Or better still stay at home.

  149. Sorry dear…next time you won’t just get up and insist on going to someone’s show that doesn’t even know you…

  150. At least you have. Learnt your lessons. All these celebrities don’t actually live their lives the way we see them.

  151. Your ordeal may be one in a million because the atmosphere will be full of strong liquor and at that wee hour, the guy may not be able to help you

  152. Do u think he cares,all he knows is d fame he want ,person DAT slapped d manager of his colleague with no reason, wat do u expect, thank God am not a show freak,so sorry for urself

  153. Were there lack of security personnel in the show, this is bad, it isn’t davido’s fault, what would he have done.

  154. Hadn’t been you sleep in your parents house that night any of these wouldn’t have happened, i want to see Davido! I want to see Davido and finally you saw Davido and you are here crying foul..if I catch you.

  155. Hahahaha davido looked at you…see talk..and how is that his business that you borrowed money just to see him…you are very stupid…

  156. Only rapture can stop you from going to Davido’s concert and you even borrowed all in the name of attending a concert. All of a sudden she was robbed and start seeking davido’s attention. I think that’s her plan to get the attention of the artist

  157. Very bad to hear. But this is a concert why didn’t you shout for help. And how do you expect Davido to pause his show, when you were not in the crowd. I don’t think such a thing will happen to you if you are at the right place with others when the show is on.

  158. So painful, but you don’t have to blame davido for your incident, if you were to be in davido position, you would haven’t done anything.

  159. This is good news,I hope she is not trying to be popular, she should know concerts are full of theif, this is good news

  160. Someone that is busy performing and you think looking straight at you means he actually saw you, he might not, sorry for your loss

  161. Was she the only girl that came for the concert… Babe go and look for someone else that will give you money

  162. Next time, you will invest in meaningful things, instead of making the rich richer. Sorry about your lost anyway

  163. Are you the only one at the concert that you expect him to see all the things that happened to you? This one na elebi

  164. Did he really see her in that state, because I doubt in such a place like that will crowds, but sorry girl for your lost

  165. Why must you lie just to go for a show. Please learn your lessons in private. Davido has been in the news for bad reasons from pH to Lagos

  166. How can davido that was high on drugs and alcohol see you…. You are not serious… Mind you, Davido is not his song…his songs may be appealing but that is not him… Stop being gullible

  167. If davido can insult a man publicly who is old enough to be his father (ovation magazine owner). do you think he be able to save a little lady whose is noberody in the society?

  168. Where was everyone when this so called assault was taking place??
    Were you the only one at the concert?? And how can you be sure davido saw you

  169. My advice to this lady is to stay at home next time.It’s not compulsory she must go.Imagine she even said she borrowed money to attend the concert. Na by force?

  170. Davido did not come to your house and begged you to come to his show na and nice souvenir you got from the show and please start getting ready for his show next year

  171. Na wa o, but it’s not only Davido that did concert this period, but y all these bad news about his concert is wat I don’t understand. may God help him

  172. ”only rapture will stop me from going to see Davido”… She was too desperate but she got something bad. Sorry my sister.

  173. Like it was Davido that forced you to attend his show. Would the person you claimed assaulted you if you were right in your house? How sure are you that he saw when you were being assailed in the crowd and if your claim is true then the person around you should have helped and not the person on stage

  174. My dear am so sorry for all you have to go through only to see David on stage. Take it easy some celebrities are like that. Some are humble and kind while some are so full of there selves.

  175. Everything she said is fake from borrowing money to attend a concert to being robbed of your phone and ATM… Now to being fingered. Make she tell Davido she wants giveaway.

  176. It’s not davido’s fault .He can’t stop the show because of anything,they are lot of people in the show that are interested in davido song so he can’t stop the show

  177. I feel sorry for her..some people just like to seize every opporyunity to unleased sorrow into other human lives.it is wellnwith you..i pray that Davido will do somthing for her

  178. Will seeing Davido put food on your table? please little girl s I advise you to go get something better doing with your life.

  179. Look at the assault you brought upon urself all in the name of davido concert
    If you where in church
    I don’t think such would have happened to you

  180. It takes wisdom to know what is actually vanity a time shall come when the world should know the fullness of christ

  181. Oh please! Madam ‘standingFan” what is the distance between @davido’s eyes contact with yours then divide it by the number of people at the concert…. My dear He was looking at the crowd except your name is Croud. Your nature has catch up with you. Nonsensical!!!!!

  182. It is not possible for him to stop the shown, their are security men in charge , they are supposed to handle it, so sorry you were hurt.

  183. He can’t stop the show when the incident happen he can only send his boys, but sorry for that it will be a lesson for the rest.

  184. Nonsense
    What does she want Davido to do
    And I’ll bet he may have looked that direction but still didn’t see you or get a grip of what was happening
    Com on, there are a thousand persons out there and he has his mind set on achieving a goal
    So stop the crucification
    And I guess what happened happened to teach you a lesson
    Which is
    Live within your means to avoid coming out in public to tell us your disease

  185. Being in Davido’s show isn’t by force, you didn’t have to live above your means just so you could see Davido, now you saw him you are complaining of this and that, sorry for your loss

  186. My sister, please take it easy. Maybe he thought you were trying to get his attention… I’m sorry about your predicament but in a matter of time you’ll be okay.

  187. .am i actually reading this ? Am sorry for her experience buh then, how did she expect Davido to analyze what was happening to her in the middle of a concert

  188. Abeg keep d guy aside he did not send the rapist to rape.thank God you are alive to tell the story. Next time stay at home

  189. Sorry for being robbed and assaulted at the concert. Am also sorry for the bruises inflicted on you but you don’t expect Davido to stop his show because he may not even be aware of what you were going through.

  190. Did davido forced you to come? Go and thank your stars that they didn’t rape you…your mum told you not to go but you insisted… Z davido Jesus?

  191. Sorry for what happened to you, but next time you should either go with ur boyfriend or ur brother.

  192. This is so stupid like she is only trying to seek attention. All these happened, And… Very crazy story

  193. Well I hope Davido sees this and reacts passionately since it concerns his fan and it’s making headlines. Meanwhile hard luck to you lady

  194. Like they say nearly can’t kill a bird. I’m sure Davido did not see her and ignore knowingfully well she was attacked. She just assumed he saw her and didn’t make any attempt. It’s lesson to some people.

  195. Sorry for the assault dear. I believe u learnt your lessons well. U borrowed some money to see just a concert? I’m not judging you but u were wrong to have done that.

  196. Well i will say that unfair of davido to have acted that way…. The did has already been done you cant undo it so take heart.

  197. It could be because u are a little bit stubborn to your mum about Davido’s concert. That’s what people get when they try to put their trust on man more than God

  198. I think that girl needs help…imagine this: I had to borrow money to come for your show….how does that concern davido….tell me to..okay, u got assaulted while he was watching,how did u know you were the one he was looking at with such a crowd…come on we are not babies

  199. How are u sure he saw what happened or were u on stage with him? Even he saw u he coukdnt had paused the show becos of u there should have been adeqyate security. Sorry abiut ur broken arms

  200. I feel so much for this lady. So sorry that you were robbed and assaulted, and even sustained injury in your body and your eye too. Is so unfortunate but I don’t think Davido may see you but may not have had the slighted knowledge of what you went through at the concert. So is not right for you to judge him.

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Tayo Sobola celebrates birthday with Mermaid costume

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