Davido’s alleged babymama says she doesn’t want to be his wife

Ayotomide Labinjo, the woman who claimed that Davido is the father of her 4 year old child, has said she doesn’t want to become his wife.

Davido’s alleged babymama says she doesn't want to be his wife lailasnews

Ayotomide called out the singer and his family to carry out a new DNA test, saying the result of the test carried out by Adeleke’s family in Lagos State was not correct.

At a press conference organised by Kemi Olunloyo, on Friday, she recalled that her relationship with the artiste started in a club in Ibadan, in 2013.

According to her, they later hooked up at a hotel and also met a few months after.

She claimed that their relationship got sour when she informed Davido of her pregnancy. She said;

“My family and I had made efforts to handle this case amicably. All efforts to reach him proved abortive, because he had blocked all access to him. Until recently, when his cousin, BRed connected with me and asked me to download Imo App in order to do video chat. He had a video chat with me, asking me if I still liked him (Davido) and asked for my age.

We have also been to Osun State to meet with his family, but all our efforts did not yield a positive result.

I am not interested in being his wife. All I want him to do is to take up his responsibility as the father of our child,”

Also speaking at the briefing, the daughter, Anuoluwapo, who will clock five on November 19, said:

“David Adeleke is my father and he is from Osun State. I want to see him, because I have missed him so much. My favourite songs are Assurance: Chioma my lover.”

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  1. That’s your own problem please, either Davido is your baby’s father or not. Go and do what is right for you.

  2. The lady said truth from not ready anymore to become her wife, and he should collect his child and take good care of her

  3. What is she after hence the dna has proven otherwise and she is insisting on doing another dna and yet doesnt want to be a wive to davido

  4. She should try to contact Davido, but if he refuses the child she should live her life and train her child, there are single mother’s who bring up there children better than those that have paternal presence

  5. She should take up the responsibility and train her child, if the supposed father refuses to accept the child

  6. I don’t know why people cannot read to understand… She’s insisting they run another DNA test because the first was sabotaged by davidos family…who says its easy to be a single mother especially when you know the baby’s father is a philanthropist to thousands out there…I am sure she wouldnt have made any noise if she rich to do it alone.

  7. Davido, man up now and put an end to this drama. If people queue up for money at your residence and you give them, how much more your own child. Guy, rise up to your responsibility

  8. The allegations is true . Davido and his family sabotaged the First DNA test and he is yet to even talk about the child . Davido is the richest artiste in Nigeria I am sure he can father more kids . He should just take up the responsibilities and move on

  9. Please stop telling us what we Dont want to hear, I don’t think he is interested in marring you either

  10. Davido should go ahead and do the DNA so as to know if the child is truly his own, if it turns out true he should take responsibility with immediate effect

  11. Even if you are not going marry each other again settled things amicably and he should take care of the child

  12. Since this Lady is not interested in any marriage with you pls Davido go for the DNA and take up your responsibility on the child

  13. David should go ahead and take good care of the baby some the baby mama has made it clear that she is not interested in becoming his wife

  14. David should go ahead and take good care of the baby and the baby mama has made it clear that she is not interested in becoming his wife so why is he behaving that way…

  15. I know how painful it can be to raise a child alone. i want to appeal to you, as wait for him to claim responsibility, work hard and take care of her,who knows some day he come looking for her.

  16. Use condom they will not hear…he should be ready to be a responsible father as he is to others.

  17. Please Davido man up and take care of your responsibility and end this matter. Come to think of it you are the one prolonging this matter.

  18. Celebrity life style Mehn anything can happen… Maybe he did it unknownly,because na them the rush him now…

  19. So.why is davido shying away from he’s responsibilities. Let a dna test b.done to prove he’s the real father

  20. Since this lady is insisting that Davido is the father of her daughter, I suggest he goes for another paternity test to clearify this issue.

  21. Davido should do another DNA test in a reputable hospital and confirm if he is really the father of the girl.

  22. Does it mean she doesn’t know who got her pregnant imposing the pregnancy on Davido even when DNA test proven her lie.

  23. Why is davido denying it ,since the text proves that he is the father of the child he should take care of the child,and he has money too so what is his problem na

  24. DNA or no DNA every woman know the true father to their child. So if she said is Davido than that is it.

  25. Please you people should settle it amicably, the he Davido will step & take the responsibilities of his child

  26. The baby has a little resemblance with Davido. All our musicians have baby mama why? Anyway is ur choice if u don’t want to marry him.

  27. Celebrities and their lifestyles are terrible for proper growth of the family. This affects the society in the long run.

  28. Since the first DNA was sabotaged then they should go far to another hospital ,,then If the child is his he should be man enough please, his a big boy

  29. In this modern age where technology is everywhere to solve situations like this, why all the wahala? DNA….is a goal

  30. Comment*Well my guy its easy to alter DNA result mostly when you have the cash, so I’ll suggests you move on with your responsibility if you know she is yours. Good luck

  31. There is no two ways to this, DNA should be carried out. And if confirmed, Davido should take his responsibility. Fathering a child should not be a problem if sleeping with lady is not.

  32. Use condom ooo all these our superstars…
    Please stop adding babies you don’t want to this already broken nigeria

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