Davido wanted in Gambia for allegedly breaking photographer’s head

Multi award-winning Nigerian artiste, Davido wanted in Gambia for allegedly assaulting a celebrity photographer, Kenny Egbuke in the country.
Davido wanted in Gambia for allegedly breaking photographer's head lailasnews 4
Davido wanted in Gambia for allegedly breaking photographer’s head

According to a report by the Enquirer, the photographer had filed a complaint against the singer at the Kololi Police station in the country.
It was gathered that drama allegedly started after a lady fan approached Davido for a selfie and he ‘shouted’ at her, prompting the photographer to step in.
“He then tried to talk to Davido to take it easy with the lady, since some star-struck ladies can be exuberantly aggressive, especially when they see a big star like him,” a source revealed, according to @Instablog9ja, but this went downhill from there because the singer threw “his very thick and heavy cognac glass directly at Egbuke, shattering his lips and skull.”
“It was also learnt that he even attempted to break the Hennessey bottle on his head, but his bouncers saved the day,” the Enquirer report added.
As at the time of filing this report, Davido is yet to respond to the allegations.


  1. Inhuman attitude, I think that guy lives in drug,wondering what Chioma will be passing through and keep.mum bcos of money,he is rude.

  2. Davido has gained polarity
    So his in and out actions should be calculated
    Because any inhuman attitude could ruin in his reputation

  3. I think Davido is embarrassing himself this days, why should he assault somebody in the first place,even the way he talks so rudely as if he is everything all because of money

  4. What is the big deal of taking picture with his fans and he went too far by heating the guy that’s unfair

  5. Davido this, Davido that, is he the only superstar? He should learn to take things easy and appreciate everyone who comes his way. However, ladies who flaunt themselves around seeking attention up and down, have they written themselves off, why will ladies think less of themselves? It’s well, may God open the insight of ladies.

  6. SometImes too much wealth and fame and make people be behave stupidly as if they don’t have common sense. Too bad of him. Just disgracing himself

  7. All these super stars should learn how to behave themselves in public. Just because you are a super star does not mean you should misbehave

  8. Davido always remember you are nothing without you fans. They made u, so you should know how to deal with dem. That was kinda extreme.

  9. shameful act by Davido. As a celebrity, he should learn to control his temper no matter what. i advice him to go to gambia and apologize to the photographer. and probably seek an out of court settlement

  10. Did he go there to perform or to fight? If he is now a boxer, he should let us know so that we’ll grant him permission to represent this country in the championship.

  11. Lol… David should kwn he is bigger than all this things he should clam down b4 he drags his name to the mud

  12. I guess Davido’s side of the story should be heard before any rumours will be started….. Life of a celebrity

  13. Davido of all people, celebrity for that matter, he should be careful because of his personality. Davido behavior to that fan is soo bad. Be careful

  14. Davido Should be arrested. Reading the replies here is annoying. I watch you guys sentence other normal individual if they did something like this so why change talk in this one..because it’s Davido? Am diasapointed at the hypocrites in this group

  15. That can’t be all that resulted into that ? There is something else hidden . Someone can’t just break your head for trying to calm things down . The matter should be investigated really well

  16. Davido is known to be aggressive dou, but you can’t justify the action of the photographer or the lady in concern they must have done something to prompt the big fish Davido to react in such manner this is my stake

  17. I don’t know what is wrong with some of our celebs.. Imagine embarrassing himself in the public and in Gambia at that.. It’s shameful

  18. Davido should come out and defend the allegations placed on him if is true or not and tell us wat really happened.

  19. Being a celebrity isn’t easy he must have been overwhelmed and angry thereby throwing such fits now he has to bear the consequence of his action

  20. Could this be true if yes Davido should be more carful next time and control himself so such won’t happen again

  21. If he really does that then he’s a fool…he thinks he is in Nigeria where he can do rubbish and get away with it cause he’s a celeb…he should go n face the law…nonsense.

  22. This is an allegation and must be investigated to know what actually happened. Nobody can on who’s telling the truth right now until findings are brought to light. But I can tell from my observation on davido and his past actions action’s that he’s short tempered and proud too. I suggest he goes for anger management and try to be humble more also too.

  23. Why can’t him control his anger, he don’t know that you are a celebrity, they don’t behave like that in a public

  24. * Being rude won’t help the situation , he needs to apologize to the victim there’s a lot an apology can doto someone’s soul.

  25. This is just a report… let the gambian police investigate and if he is found culpable.. let him be sentenced. No body is above the law.

  26. That’s really not a good idea for Davido to do such thing, but he really needs to avoid such act as he’s more than that.

  27. Davido shouldn’t have done that at least this is not the first time a fan will want to take selfie with him

  28. Why is it that davido is always like this, even outside the country you always like to show him self as a rude person. I’m just sorry for him

  29. Being popular doesn’t mean one should be rude. Without the fans there will be no celebrity, so the fans should be treated with respect

  30. i said it before that guy called davido doesn’t have manner, he is so rude.. he even want to break aA bottle of henessy on the guy head? rude boy!

  31. I love Davido’s songs, I’m a die hard fan but truth be told, He is so arrogant and proud, He thinks he is next to God, Rubbish!!!!!, He should be cool and friendly like 2baba and Jubril

  32. I have always known davido to have anger issues, as good as he may seem, he still has stupid attitude like a teenager.

  33. Honestly i doubt this and what does this man want in return? Money?
    Is he not a man? He should have fought him rightright cm na

  34. Davido you must be very stupid,is it you have fame and wealth that’s why you can do anything you want?Please apprehend him and let him pay oo

  35. Davido just keep misbehaving lately. Only God knows what he is going through l. Well he should respond to the allegation, so he can be set free from all kinds of bad talks

  36. This is bad, how can he engage in violence so easily, people are not happy at anyone who doesn’t organize peace, he must learn to stay at peace with people and control his temper

  37. Davido act maturely, don’t use ur hand to spoil ur name because good name is better than money.

  38. At times he act and behaves like an educated illiterate why must he behave that way not different from a touts public embarrassment

  39. i hope this boy who calls himself a music star is not going gaga,i hope he has parents who should perform their responsibilities

  40. Davido should quickly step out and settle this case , so haters wont have any thing to say against him

  41. Davido should learn to comport himself when he is in public especially when he is angry. He is a celebrity and definitely a role model to people. He should just apologize to the guy for peace to reign

  42. I think Davido should come out and apologize to the Gambia government and the photographer in himself probably settle the hospital bill, really the man most have provoke him but is not enough of David to break his head

  43. He shouldn’t have done that. He should know who he is and learn to behave himself especially in the public.

  44. If that is the case i don’t think is a thing of violence, well let’s not conclude yet till we hear from Davido.

  45. Davido should always learn to respect himself n stop public embarrassment to himself, u are a star and many people like u so learn to respect them too .

  46. Is rude of him shouting at d girl…is it the girl’s fault that he is a star….as for the case…since he thinks that he too rich to do anyhow…y is he hiding?…

  47. Hmmmm so Davido is an aggressive person. Does he feel that because he’s a celebrity he can get away with things

  48. Someone famous like davido should not suppose to involved in all this kind trash now…why will he do that to photographer.

  49. Davido show yourself and resolve this issue. It is wrong for you to have done that if you actually dis because this story is one sided

  50. We need to hear Davido side of the story before judging him, but no matter what he is a big boy he should learn to act like one

  51. Shey this your papa money dey case you like drink mumu anywhere you reach you must disgrace yourself small pikin sense

  52. These celebrities should at least add some curtesy to their behavior now. Easy ooooo, jeje, take it slow slow

  53. Being a celebrity its not easy, Davido should becareful with his temper, I don’t know him with such behavior.

  54. Hmmmm,all this celebrity should know how to maintain their reputation, davido in particular you are disgracing yourself,continue it will help you.

  55. Some girls too like selfie sef. Must you snap with a celebrity to show off. Bcos of this girl, davido is now needed in Gambia to answer questions.

  56. If indeed Davido did that type of thing, then he went to far. I think as a big celebrity, he should add patience and meekness to his virtue so as to avoid trouble.

  57. Well I hope he doesn’t use money to bribe them. Is high time all these super stars learn how to control their anger, rude attitudes and also the way they handle simple issues, I mean he doesn’t need all this embrassment and he also knows that he is a public figure he shouldn’t have gone that far

  58. Goooooooood, im fedup with celebrities. davido need to caution himself. criusly not only did he threaten but he also injured someone. for christsake try and be responsible.

  59. What davido has done to that man is not good at all, he must apologise to him and also pay his hospital bill

  60. Why is David attacking his fans nowadays.This just an embarrassment for him,he don’t need all these his doing.

  61. With the type of public figure you are, this is a big embarrassment to you,go and settle with them

  62. Pls just send them your apology message especially the guy in paticular just for peace to rein. Then u need to go there by urself..if u receive any message from them

  63. We all know NJ of this is rude but wait for this news till next week, money stop nonsense, do you know what I mean?

  64. Davido try to be mannered every where you meet yourself, don’t behave because you are a celebrity, please for God sake

  65. Well if you ask me, I will say it’s a lie, but I cos this is not the Davido we know. But if na true!
    Oya come out and defend yasef lemme see.

  66. O.B.O since u are a celebrity that will be occur, so u have to control ur emotions no matter be the case

  67. Davido really needs to calm down with his youthful exuberance. He’s a role model for many up and coming artiste. He’s not expected to be found in such illicit act.

  68. He always was a very rude and disrespectful celebrity so I’m not even surprised. The guy should serve some jail time so that he can learn respect

  69. This is unexpected of him, how can a celebrity be doing this openly. I hope he sends a compensation money to the photographer.

  70. This case should be properly investigated and should he be found guilty,he should be punished for bad behaviour!

  71. Till we hear from davido, that is when we will know whether it is a rumour or not, but for now i don’t believe this

  72. Seriously Davido is a spoilt child coupled with the fact that he’s a celebrity. That’s a bad behaviour.

  73. sometimes too much wealth and fame and make people be behave stupidly as if they don’t have common sense. Too bad of him. Just disgracing himself

  74. Davido should take things easy…no need to be aggressive.so sorry for the injury..go and answer them at Gambia…

  75. He do get angry easily, taking selfie with him supposed not to be a big thing that will turn to quarrel for him

  76. Davido doesn’t need to act like that in public since he will be encountering his fans… Am sure we all want to hear his response

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