Davido supports Chioma against his baby mama, Sophia Momodu

It appears there is a pending issue between Davido’s lover, Chioma and Sophia Momodu, his baby mama.

Sophia Momodu had earlier shared a cryptic message on her IG page wishing she could just be the father and mother of her daughter Imade Adeleke, Davido’s first child.

Chioma has been accused that she is preventing Davido from sending money to Sophia which has reportedly affected her new business which is undergoing low sales, hence, the reason she is pained and putting up such posts.

The discontentment has been connected to a fake account which has been attacking Chioma recently.

Davido in a cryptic post he shared to reply, the fake account is probably powered by Sophia Momodu.

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The singer has now threatened her to send the attacks from her own account if she got balls to face Chioma.

Chioma also replied with her account that she is not responsible for whatever loss Sophia Momodu might be facing and shouldn’t be condemned for it.




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  1. Is this entitlement I dont get. Is it why you refused to work and instead chose to get belle for person wey de work so you chop his hardwork money? You must be the new definition of smart cos I know the old meaning of the word. Dumb ass lazy bitch.

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