Davido stops police from harassing Taxify passenger

Davido reportedly stopped the police from harassing a Taxify passenger and his driver, as confirmed by the man who shared the story on Twitter.

Davido stops police from harassing Taxify passenger lailasnews

According to the Taxify passenger, he was left alone almost immediately and it was just like a movie. Taking to Twitter thank Davido for stopping the police from harassing him, the Taxify passenger wrote;

So the police stopped my taxify ride a few minutes ago trying to question mans. @iam_Davido drove by and told the police to free me  it was a movie. Too much love and respect for you man  God bless you.

Davido stops police from harassing Taxify passenger lailasnews 1

This is coming few months after Dr Sid was also harassed by SARS officers who thought he was a yahoo boy.


  1. Thanks davido for looking out for him, is just painful that even the so called security personnel do more damage to the people they are supposed to protect

  2. The police are drifting away from their core job to illegal jobs cause of money. May God help us all

  3. Thank God for using David,we need people like this in the community to put law in order were law enforcement agents are trying or abusing the law with their uniform

  4. That is very nice of him, but this issue should be addressed by federal government, force people should not be arrasinng the citizens anymore with their uniform.

  5. Thanks to you Davido for saving that man from police officers. Some times they can cross their limits in the name of doing their duties.

  6. Why is police running away from their own job and continue harassing people on in the name of yahoo and criminal…. Plz something got to be done about this

  7. Lolllllzzzzz.. Naija ehh Nawa ooo.you for done settle dem nw with the small money you get.all tnks to Davido

  8. Can you imagine all because of money,fame and personality now he his proud of that silly act some nigeria police act stupid at checkpoints

  9. That’s interesting. Thank God Davido used his influence as a celebrity to save the man, if not who knows, the police would have taken the man too far.

  10. Thank God for his prompt arrival on your case, of not the officers would lied and turned the case around all because of money.

  11. Haaaaa that means davido, pls be standing at all dis police check point to ensure tins dnt go the wrong way abeg

  12. Davido is really a good man. I don’t know what is wrong with Nigerian police, they will just be stopping vehicles for no reason

  13. All thanks to davido but better get your papers ready if they are not because there might not be any davido to save you if you are at fault

  14. It’s good to see that more citizens are wakening up to demand a better society and defend of the right of fellow citizens

  15. Other influential men in the society should emulate Davido’s kindheartedness upon the less privileged fellows.

  16. It appears the police do not know their job description anymore. They can stop you for anything on the road. They can be very annoying.

  17. Thank God that the police didn’t harass you and thanks to Davido that saved the situation. Is good to be very popular positively.

  18. So the police man left him because a celebrity said so ..what if there is a real and genuine reason for stopping him

  19. I dont know why police will not do the job they are suppose to do.They will just be harassing people up and down.Thank God for David that God used for you.

  20. I dont know why police will leave the job they are suppose to do and be harassing people up and down.Thank God for using Davido to save you.

  21. He did well,police won’t concentrate on their job,when its armed robbery now dey will delay before coming but good in harassing.

  22. That’s good of him my brother….at least he saved you from their embarrassment. Also thank you for letting the world know of it cos he will definitely be happy.

  23. That’s so good of him to show concern for a man like him, Nigerian police should learn to respect innocent citizens

  24. Thank your God, Thats police For you Some times they cross their limits in the name of doing their duties.

  25. Imaging police man harassing a taxi driver what if Davido did not pass by at that particular moment who knows what would have happened

  26. The police should concentrate on the core job n stop harassing innocent citizens. Tanks Davido for interceding on d guys behalf

  27. Power pass power, noting like connect atleast God have use Davido to save you for the hand of police,happy for you man.

  28. You’re damn lucky oh else you would have been another scape goat. Police experience is terrible. Thank God sha

  29. This force people should stop Harrasing people. Anyway it’s like that even with people in government office. Once they are on seat. They will now be like king of the world. Treating people the way they like.

  30. Why is police running away from their own job and continue harassing people on in the name of yahoo and criminal Plead something got to be done about this

  31. May God help us in this country, so our security agents have nah turn their self to other things we can’t go to police station to go and report u have to pay some amount b4 they help u out u will nah regret of report to them because u will spend than ur expectations. Really thanks u Ò. B.O for ur actions on that issue

  32. Thank you Davido! The harassment is 2much.they are supose to protect the citizens of this great country, instead they do otherwise.

  33. That’s good of Davido, in our country Nigeria, if u have money u have respect but if u don’t have money ur name na sorry.

  34. I pray God help us in this country,is it necessary to pay in the police station before they could hep you out of problem.

  35. The Nigeria Police has been terror to the citizens of this country. It’s a pity. Thanks to Davido for saving the man from them.

  36. Davido…no wonder someone called him the Jesus of our time…i pray God sees him through…my dear luck has just shun on you

  37. Yeah
    Money worth respect especially when fame is attached or power like in the military
    You can say to any mountain (police, vigilante, custom, soldier, etc) uproot yourself and bury yourself there and they’ll just obey you

  38. Way to go Davido .The average Nigerian policemen is a thorn in the flesh of road users. It’s high time people stood up to them

  39. Omobabaolowo you did well bro for freeing the young man from our supposed friends called police who do nothing but make life hard for its citizenry.

  40. This is the time that police officers ask for more money. Have you forgotten that next week is Christmas, be careful not to fall in their net.

  41. Good work OBO, this police men and their troubles. They will leave who they are suppose to check and be harassing innocent people. Thank good a voice came to your rescue

  42. Thank God he passed by at the right time to save you, part of the money you made would have been used to settle them.. Lol.. Nigerians police I hail thee..

  43. Police is your friend. Here comes the irony of it . Nigeria should do something about the security bodies and how they Harrass people especially the police

  44. A good and loving act of davido making him outstanding because the police who are meant to guide the conduct of the society are now doing it the other way around.

  45. You know our security worship big men and stars. If you are not rich and you are not a star in this country. You are doomed.

  46. The news of Nigerian police harassment is becoming too much oh…government should do something abt them…tnx to Davido.

  47. Thumbs up Davido. This harassment issue is really getting out of hand and our government is doing mostly nothing about it.

  48. Well I don’t think its an harassment they are only doing their job, though they most at times over do. Well thanks to Davido for looking out for him.

  49. That’s call influence. This is where every Nigerian should come into so as to stop the nonsense happening around.

  50. he is lucky David came by, all thanks to David, nd this police men should learn to take it easy on us o

  51. The police men are always looking for a way to extort money from motorist,it’s good that he was able to stop them.

  52. the police own is too much but because of what is happening around us that is why they are taking such actions.

  53. I’m just loving the Davido by the day, well done, our Nigerian police can be really insensitive always harassing people.

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