Davido sends death threat to man after he scammed him of £10K

Pop star Davido sends death threat to man who allegedly scammed him of £10,000 and he has placed an unusual kind of bounty on his head.

He posted the man’s photo and used slur words on him.

Davido sends death threat to man after he scammed him of £10k lailasnews 4
Davido sends death threat to man after he scammed him of £10k

In one of his posts he wrote that men are already on the alleged scammer and he has messed with the wrong person:

Ole Buruku!!! Thief!! All men are on you Bastard!! U fucked with the wrong one

He then made another post sending death threats to the man.

This nigga a fraud..Change your ways before men fall you. Bastard!!! 10K pounds a shit to me. Enjoy the money fuck boiii…Open

He later posted a video saying:

‘Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it’.

So Davido is not yet a billionaire? Read what he wrote


  1. It is well,he will surely b found he can’t go scotfree!!!! Anoda man sweat cant turn to happiness for d other

  2. He truly mess with the wrong person, how did he think he can scam a well known celeb and go scote free?

  3. The man has heart to scam Davido,well he should just live him,let God fight for you instead of killing somebody.

  4. It feels bad to be scammed, Davido must be angry even though he said the money didn’t mean anything to him so the death threat.

  5. Lol! That Statement actually burst my brain “anyone who find him should collect the money and keep it”

    • Everybody is a mugu for something so long as he or she has desire. Some are mugu for the woman they married. Dome are mugu for the men they married. Some for their kids and relatives and sometimes even government can mugu the citizens like APC did to poor, long suffering Nigerians. Only few situations one can escape con men and women and children, do everything yourself or have no desire, move to the cave and stay there. Ikeja Electric has been conning me for years now with estimated bills. The palm oil seller conned me with adulterated oil for years before I wised up. Pray to be conned few times only.

  6. Business deal gone bad. Has Davido settled with the jeweler and their N60 million business deal? Or is Davido still laughing at the guy? They will be alright, las las.

  7. Davido go and sit down because he scams you of £10k that you’re sending death treat to him, go and there is nothing that rat can do to one bag of rice

    • Haha. The one rat will go and invite more of his friend rats and buy then let’s see what happens to the bag of rice

  8. Wow sorry davido,God will punish the guy but that money plenty sha.chai I wish you dash me even half

  9. Good morning how can it be easy to scammed the God father of scammer Davido is also Scammer everybody na thief so don’t blame anyone cuss if this decision is true davido we track him down and get back his money instead saying for anyone who are him to collect the money hell lies. I’m nor stupid as anyone for this words to fool me online, davido cant give him the money and threat him with death…

  10. OBO nawa oo while people justb decide to be lazy…
    Onemans sweat want 2 turn 2 anoda man happiness
    i Pray he got cutted

  11. Though the money may be shit to you but all the same to take law into your hands. Just take a necessary step to ensure that u are not found guilty.

  12. davido just sue the good for nothing fellow,he cannot work for money what hes busy doing is robbing people of their hard earn money

  13. well there are frudsters every where and honestly sthey really need to change. I pray he be caught and taught a lesson

  14. So celebrities are also scammed. I wish i knew how you were scammed. Well i wish u best of luck finding the scammer

  15. Who be David wey person nor go scam? His head is full of shit and cultism. Na small boy. He’s a scammer , why is he upset.

  16. We should stop fraud because its not helping anyone, then one you defrauded wilmcry and you will not have peace yourself, so why the fraud

  17. What were you doing when he duped you off £10,000. Where you sleeping or thinking of chioma ?. Any way give me the address make I go look for am.

  18. So Davido also fell for scammers. I wish I can get my hands on the scammer, I would be #5 million naira richer.

  19. Davido, I don’t think that’s wise for you to bring this matter to the media. Do you think you’ll go free if this man dies?

  20. “Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it”. With this? All man is now a hunter. The guy is in a deep shit

  21. Why should he do such all this scammers you fucked with OBO well enjoy the threat you deserved to be jailed for this act

  22. Scamming Davido of all people / strong Man?
    That was not true.
    I believe my Lord’s, we all bam finish…….7×7

  23. Davido be very careful because you might not mean this threat but if anything should happen to the man you will be number suspect. I will suggest you sue him and do things the right way

  24. Nawa this guy must be wise n brave to have the heart to scammer our celeb . Pls I will like to be among the squared that will go get that Mani.

  25. Na so dem de fall people? U should had been wiser not to fall for scammers. That na drink money let go and stop making the young dude famous by posting his pic. U should be clear enuff to explain what transactions u engaged into with him.

  26. No body is excluded. Once u fall mugu they chop u and clean mouth. Be wise next time OK. Who knows when all this shit will stop

  27. How sure are u that the guy that u post his picture is the one man that scam u may be the real guy post another guys pix u think he is the real guy.that is how they penetrate

  28. Davido a whole you na dey scam so. You nor dey shame at all.
    Even the idiot. Na only 10k pounds u fit scam from davido?

  29. Make davido no make noise, this thing nah chicken change to him. He can make that in just a show. But nigga messed with the wrong person ooo.

  30. You guy’s are saying davido was scammed all because you heard is own part of the story which is not vivid cause he’s not mentioning what he fell for or scammed 4, he’s just making treats of bin scammed of €10k. Funniest part; someone who’s saying is change 4him and sending death threat ….. E get as e be o

  31. Small gini, please do all you can to take back your money, i really need it since its a small money for you. Meanwhile the guy face really looks like ole

  32. Let me start searching maybe I will find d scammer, since OBO said whoever finds him can keep the money!

  33. Not the best way of making a living,they are everywhere and don’t have feeling,why not work like a young man as devido

  34. Wow, dint believe that davido could get scammed like that, all these scammers should repent of their ways

  35. Ehya, he is supposed to be more careful in his dealing o. All the best to the guy who did the good job

  36. I have never seen were a scammer is been scrammed before In my life.Davido wer u drunk wen it happened

  37. Can’t believe Davido can be easily scammed. Well, the guy will be found and he will face the consequences of his act.

  38. Men….this dude bad, he scammed full davido.
    But, how did he think he can scam a well known celeb and go scote free?
    That dude a gooner

  39. Davido you fall my hands well everyone needs to be smart because scams are very smart and wise so my dear open your eyes wide

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