Davido reveals his plan for Chioma

Davido has revealed his plan for Chioma, though he continues to shower more love on his baby mamas, he is looking forward to getting married to Chioma.

Davido reveals his plan for Chioma lailasnews

Chioma recently deleted her Instagram account without giving any reasons, though we all know she is a very private person.

Her verified Instagram account, with the handle, @thechefchi was deleted off the photo sharing App.

The recent act was seen by many as a sign all wasn’t well between the pair, though that can be put to rest now, as Davido took to Twitter to reveal his plan for Chioma.

During a question and answer session with his fans on Twitter, Davido revealed he plans on getting married to Chioma.

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A fan asked him what plans he had for Chioma, and he didn’t take long to reply. The fan asked;

What are your plans for the future?… Are you going to marry Chioma our sister? 😊😊

Davido then replied;

That’s the plan

Davido also today hit 9 million followers on Instagram, becoming the first Nigerian celebrity to do so. The Nigerian singer who was previously the first Nigerian to get a million followers on Instagram, has gone steps further to become the first to hit 9 million on the platform.


  1. That will be a good news for you to marry Chioma we are waiting for the set date and I wish you best of luck in your plans

  2. Aunty kemi is on her way to react hahahaha, anyway my advise for you is to stay away from bitches if u want to keep Chioma

    • Jamb question.. Can that pussy nigga stay away from bitches.. Its like asking him to stay away from booze and drugs.. Its not possible, Chioma is just lusting over him and crazy for the money..

  3. Wow love Davido for this him trued love chioma him ever have good plan for her I pray that this relationship lead to marriage

  4. Better ,may it should be.And hope Davido would keep him self away from those bitches he’s chilling with.

  5. If God has destined it to be, it will definitely be, let’s cross our legs to see how things unfold

  6. This should better be true, you can’t take this celebrities by the word, good luck to them anyways.

  7. That’s is a very good plan for Chioma, but it should be very fast about it, because this year is Chioma year.

  8. This dude should just shut the hell up for once please, what does he even know about getting married, he thinks marriage is all about sex, booze, gifts and expensive travels and holidays.. Mumu money miss road, he will get married to chioma like she is at his mercy begging him to marry her, nonsense chioma herself that can not do anything for herself despite the doors and opportunities Davido has opened for her she is still lusting over him.. I pity her, she wants to get married to a father of all nation.. Na she go run by herself unless she has her own evil plans on marrying Davido then she will strike at him.. Women and money.. She is enjoying the money and booze nonsense people

  9. Davido really has a good plan for Chioma. Davido and Chioma are really meant to be together. I wish them well in all that they do. I wish them unending love. But Davido needs to reduce the rate at which he cares for the baby mamas.

  10. I like your straight forward answer bro. At least you have made it clear you don’t just want to toil with her and dumb her

  11. If you really love her and have this good intentions of marrying her, then go ahead and put thing right with her. Wish you good luck.

  12. I pray it comes to pass otherwise we show him that Amadioha is real in Igbo land, he can’t mess with our sister and go free

  13. I pray this plan will come to reality, celebrities are like weather, cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon and between Cold and Warmth in the evening.

  14. That is the best thing to do,after along relationship we all expect this to happen just like 2baba wish you all the best

  15. I thought he has nothing to do with her again well if you chose to marry her you should have done that since

  16. Must he run his mouth everytime, i advice he take a cue from Adekunle Gold and Simi.. He is now making it look like chioma is begging him to marry her, which is obvious tho.. Chioma you sef don’t have sense.. Enjoy the sex and become a baby mama let us hear word please.. If chairman HKN is still single, Shina rambo, B-red are still single na Davido that is still enjoying p*****sies everywhere will now get married.. Lol at you chioma na there you go old put

  17. Davido has a plan for chioma media should stop twisting message and davido hit 9 million followers that a great digit

  18. Good plan my OBO. But please make sure that another baby mama don’t come in. Looking forward to your wedding with Chioma

  19. It is good to plan towards marriage, but much more important is to prepare for marriage. I wish him well.

  20. Father of all nation getting to chioma.. Lolzz ma she go run. She has not seen anything yet. I thought igbo girls are wise. But chioma has something else going on.. Lusting after Davido. Honestly that is not Love. What kind of life does wants to be living.. Fighting woman, ladies,and girls allover the world cos of Davido someday.. I just feel pity for if Davido marries her.. There her own finish.

  21. Acording to his response he says that’s the plan, then let pray that he will be able to execute his plans for Chioma.

  22. That’s a good plan been though you’ve baby mama that should not stop you from getting married that’s if you love chioma,getting married is not a child play it mean you’re man enough to settle down and plan your future ahead with someone by your side

  23. This their relationship i pray its works because most exposed relationship like this which i have seen doesn’t last

  24. I don’t know weather this plan is a good one or not ,,,but I just hope Davido don’t make chioma another one of his baby mama

  25. I pray his heart desires to fulfill…. And their marriage should be genuinely banned with true love

  26. Plan to marry her is good, but I hoped you have prayed well for it and that you won’t divorce like others

  27. I pray that the plans will work out for God of them because this guys i don’t understand all this celebrity they can marry and divorce at the same time

  28. I pray that the plans will work out for God of them because this guys i don’t understand all this celebrity they can marry and divorce at the same time God help them.

  29. I hope it goes as planned, start taking steps to execute the plans, time waits for no one my brother.

  30. Hope you keep to this your plan, I hope to see you married to her as Similar and Adekunle Gold did.

  31. she wants to get married to a father of all nation.. Na she go run by herself unless she has her own evil plans on marrying Davido then she will strike at him.. Women and money.. She is enjoying the money and booze nonsense people

  32. Good. But what will happen to the other baby mamas because it will still affect Chioma’s relationship with him

  33. That is a nice plan but I will advise him to make sure he is ready before embarking on it, because marriage is the only institution you will be awarded certificate before starting the course. Except he is planning on divorcing which is a very bad one that has been affecting my children today.

  34. you better get that done faster or maybe you want to turn chioma too to a baby mama 2. I just pitied girls down there

  35. You better do ooo not only assurance and showing her off. Please go and visit her people and do the needful.

  36. Comment*Celebrities with their kinda fake life, hope this be true. Davido weds Chioma lol! what a perfect wedding.

  37. Lets wait till when he will get married to him. And he shouldnt just rush into marriage or he will rush out of it

  38. Davido won’t just stop trending. Always given his fans and media something to wow about. Great move from davido.. Marriage is coco. That’s a bold move.. Time to tell your critics that chioma isn’t just going to end up like another baby mama but as a wife..

  39. Marriage is a beautiful thing thou is not a bed of roses but I pray for God to give u both the knowledge and understand I. This union

  40. Chioma shine your eye o, any player should not play you o….your life is in front of you. Shine your eye o!

  41. People just think whatever they like for other people that are living their lives. Please let these guys tell us what they’re up to, don’t just go out there and make up issues that are never there because you want to sell papers and make your money.

  42. It’s a good plan,he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the lord.congratulations in advance to you guys

  43. thats the plan we have heard you …get on to it already and dont allow the poor girl to be depressed always

  44. Wow.
    Can’t wait to you both your wedding day outfit.
    Great idea never to be called bachelor again.

  45. Hmmmm,this davido statement self ,OK we will all know when it will happen,, will he keep to his planned? Though congratulations to him if at all he will do what he said.

  46. Dunno why yhu guys are putting yourself on social media…. Can’t yhu just keep off and keep it on a lowkey

  47. That cool though. Good looking out to them, hoping not to hear the story that touches the heart from them soon. ChiDave2019 loading …. lol

  48. Getting married to Chioma win definitely put many people doubts to rest who never believed anything good could come out of their relationship

  49. You should learn from Adekunle Gold and Simi. Your personal life should be kept from the public.

  50. U know all this celebrities with their love… Today you love her tomorrow another. She becomes your enemy. David please treat her right because she is my sister.. Don’t let us detweet you to 0 follower

  51. I think the controversial journalist Kemi can put talks concerning Davido’s relationship at rest
    Cos on marrying Chioma!
    That’s the plan

  52. I pray you guys should match each other for better more life, but let see the billions ring as soon as possible. Ride on OBO.

  53. His just talking he made a mistake bringing her into his music life, and if he marries her , she will have so much issues with his baby mamas but if he can fight for her its fine.

  54. Yes he should go ahead and marry her cos he has spent a lot of money her , so its not and won’t be a big deal

  55. Good plan!We are waiting for the marriage to take place….good developement.congrat in advance.

  56. Hey I think is high time you both get married time is running out guys before the music changes to ragga

  57. Davido is really in love… you remember his song, ‘Chioma my lover’ if that is his heart desire we are looking forward to it cos i love that.

  58. Men know who they will marry and who they will not. They are logical beings. If he says he is marrying her. Then he will, all things being equal

  59. David has a good plan for Chioma. It’s audible to the deaf and clearer enough even to the blind that davidos loves Chioma and will definitely marry her

  60. Davido you should do the right thing by taking chioma to the alter and make her your wife.you guys have gone a long way to be separated.

  61. If it is really his plan, then it is a very good plan. I don’t see what he is waiting for, let them go ahead with the marriage.

  62. Talk is cheap, I hope he makes good his plan to marry chioma and not make her one of his baby mamas

  63. Go ahead with the plan of getting married to Chioma, you guys are good together. And do that fast before some other guy wey get sweet mouth pass you go come carry am oh.

  64. We hope he keep to his promise, because celebrities they are unpredictable he can change the story at any time..

  65. Davido you have everything is this World. do you still need a woman ? what makes chioma different from all those baby mamas you fell in love with before . I hope you find happiness better don’t come here and be complaining again. wish you all the best.

  66. That’s a goof plan. I will be glad if Davido can fulfill his plan by getting married to Chioma at last. But Davido should still continues to shower more love on his baby mamas


  68. I pray for your plans to come true and I also pray that when you finally get married to Chioma, that you guys marriage will last

  69. Action speaks louder than words, if davido really mean what he said concerning chioma then he should go ahead and prove it and stop talking.

  70. Rusbbish, make him stay there they deceive the girl sey him won marry her… See Adekunle of yesterday don they marry simi, I pity for them both

  71. Congratulations in advance. #chidavido20…..#. We are there already,no story. My Igbo sisters, what color and material are we using?

  72. That’s a good plan o but no hope Chioma would be able to coup o marrying a celebrity is never an easy marriage o it takes total patients ,blind eyes and understanding and crowning it all with prayers

  73. The plan sounds good I wish he would not change his mind later. We are eager to see the marriage.

  74. That is very good of really he means what he said they should settle down this year and forget about all this his baby mama because this is their year

  75. Wow chioma gat that big lucky from Davido because all this star outside there where not ready to marry oooo

  76. Wow that’s a good plan
    Only if he will keep to his words…
    I like that…. Work towards that bro

  77. That’s the best plan Davido has ever made in his life. I pray you don’t get injected by enemies of progress.

  78. Even if you don’t want to marry her u will surely say yes because no one can see ur inner mind and ur plans.

  79. Hope things wunt change between them not when chioma gives him a baby he then turn her to a baby mama.

  80. That’s a good plan for someone one loved,
    i wish them good luck together. Congratulations and happy marriage life in advance to them.

  81. But i still dont believe that he would,maybe he would just make her a baby mama just like others,why would she delete her account if she is not going through depression.

  82. Nice…you better marry her not after all the assurance and Porsche drama then you will dump her. It’s a good step to show you are getting matured and no longer a baby boy you used to be when it comes to dating.

  83. Davido’s plan is a very nice plan, and it will be a great thing if he fulfills it and stand by his words

  84. That is a good plan. For now we just have to wait and watch what will happen. until he tied the nut.

  85. And what are they waiting for, they should go ahead with the preparation..I hope he is saying the truth

  86. That is a good plan. But since you have plan to marry chioma why are you still moving with your baby mamas?

  87. Davido please real men don’t revel their plan instead they always surprise their girl and other people

  88. That’s a lovely plan but the main thing is to sick to what he said because celebrities don’t stick to their words

  89. Wow…this is a good news and so nice to know. I hope this manifests and lasts. Chioma is indeed the lucky one.

  90. That is a good plan. For now we just have to wait and watch what will happen. until he ties the nut. But will happen to the two baby mama’s

  91. Good plan. Please be fast about it so that you can be more focus and be free from the hands of baby mamas

  92. Following God is still the best… Will you say they have not been have sex together? That is it, he is already getting what they get from women so he will not want to marry

  93. His action is what we will believe not just plan. He should take a step towards the marriage then.

  94. Davido should go ahead and marry her if God has destined them to be together and he should put an end to all the baby mama’s stuffs so he would concentrate on Chioma.

  95. I think is a good to take that decision because it will not be good after showing her this kind of love and another person will marry her.

  96. If that is the plan, he should hurry up and finalise everything instead of having several babymamas.

  97. Davido plz if u don’t want to marry Chioma our sister.. Plz leave her.. Is still early.. You have all the money in the world and everything yet.. You don’t want to settle down with any woman.

  98. It is not just saying it, I hope what he has said come to reality. He should not just use and dump her.

  99. thank God he did revealed his plan. because this days relationship don’t have head again o.

  100. I pray he actualizes his plan, most of these celebrities are not ready to settle down, I just hope Davido’s case is different, wishing them both happy married life in anticipation. Congratulations in advance…

  101. It is not a matter of all sayings, it is a matter of action. Let him marry her or let her be. The lady herself is confused

  102. Would be a good thing if Davido marries Chioma and with Davido having 9M followers on instagram is a great feat. I believe 2019 will be a great year for the musician.

  103. Good for him and her if he does that as plans are totally different from realities!let him put a finger on it if he truly wants her by his side

  104. Davido must really be happy today for gaining 9 million followers.We hope you keep to your words on marrying Chioma . Don’t dissappoint her as you did to others.And he must have had lots of free time to be doing that question and answer session

  105. That is a good one u can’t bring her this far and leave her alone, so start the marriage plan fast

  106. Let them marry jare, I think they are good to go, work on your plans bro and you shall succeed

  107. It is not just to say by mouth but he should be committed to it and do it fast…i wish the two lover best of luck

  108. Somehow I get to find joy in seeing them happy… I’m glad to hear the new about his marriage plan.. I can’t wait to see them married.

  109. How has his response confirm that he will marry ‘Chioma’ your sister. Who is fooling who??? Chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!!! How many time have I called you? Borrow yourself brain!!!

  110. Hope the plan is not a scam o
    Because i don’t trust this your thats the plan
    God help you with your plan

  111. That’s a good plan but the whole plan shouldn’t be about marrying her alone but also staying faithful

  112. If that’s the plan, then he should make it snappy to avoid story on the long run and also to avoid distractions from his baby Mama’s and admirers. Wishing them best of luck.

  113. If what he said is true, a big congratulation to both of them in advance, and we are looking forward to the time when they we get marry

  114. that’s what he has to say, let’s see if it happens… It’s a celebrity kind of lifestyle to answer questions in such ways… He didn’t say yes he only says that’s the plan

  115. we cant wait for that day to come. Congratulations to them in advance. Davido Oya start doing the needful asap.

  116. I pray you keep to your promise but chioma if you are wise don’t marry davido o, chop money and clean mouth.

  117. ‘that’s the plan’, I hope that plan work early enough, Adekunle Gold has done it now, no need to be given assurance to her all the time, the real assurance is to get marry to her sharply

  118. I don’t really trust all this celebrities and the marriage thing, their marriage don’t just last

  119. It’s easier said than done. I pray he will do according what he has said because it’s not in the talking but in the action. I wish him well.

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