Davido mocks boy he promised N1million but failed to deliver

Davido and his crew took to Insta stories to mock the boy he promised N1million but failed to deliver, which prompted the boy to call him out.

Davido mocks boy he promised N1million but failed to deliver lailasnews
Davido mocks boy he promised N1million but failed to deliver

If you recollect Davido promised N1million to the boy at his concert for fighting for ladies who were being rough handled, while other men scrambled to take their share of the money he prayed during his performance.

Few days after the event, the boy called out Davido for not making true his promise. He insisted that he called a certain Lati who was supposed to make the money transfer to him, but Lati asked him never to call him.

Wizkid is a legend - Davido says to follower

Davido and his crew could be seen in this video seemingly mocking the poor boy, who reportedly said ” I call Lati” while calling out the pop star.

See photos and video below:



  1. That’s nonsense na.. If you know you wouldn’t through with a promise, don’t even bother making the promise in the first bad.. Too bad.

  2. You see all this celebrities and their fake promises. They will never fulfill their promises well, that’s their business.

  3. I have never liked this boy called Davido for one day why will he be fooling his follow boy those he know tomorrow

  4. This are one of the people that spoil life if you know you cant fufill your promise then why did you promise at the first place and now mocking him

  5. That is rubish. What Davido did is very wrong. If you don’t have such amount, why making promise? Its not good for such personality.

  6. I’m really starting to hate Davido’s guts.. There’s a thin line between bragging and disrespect

  7. This is unfair na , if you won’t fulfill your promise then you shouldn’t bother to, it’s not good at all

  8. This absolutely nonsense if can give why promise at the end mocking the boy this a trash let him go to places with is money. I hate some celebrities because of this barbaric attitude toward there fans.

  9. This is not fair at all, since he knows he can’t fulfill his promise yet he still mock the boy.maybe he has forgotten dat nothing is permanent in dis life

  10. I do day it that Davido is childish, like what that lady said the other day money can’t buy everything, but Davido thinks money can buy anything so that why he is mannerless

  11. Why mocking the boy after Davido was the one that promise what he can not fulfill, that’s nonsense, Davido fall my hand.

  12. Promise is a debt that must be paid..but Davido’s pride has made him not to understand that.Rather he turned to mock the innocent boy he promised money

  13. Promise is a debt! You didn’t fulfill your promise and still went about mocking him. That’s not good enough!
    Davido I don’t seem to understand you one minute you are good and the next you go bad.

  14. Davido’s arrogance has taken another level, imagine first the boy didn’t beg him for money he made the promise why mock the boy now, be humble like 2face and falz if u can’t give don’t promise

  15. This absolutely nonsense if can give why promise at the end mocking the boy this a trash let him go to places with is money. I hate some celebrities you don’t have to believe in people and wait for people to help you

  16. This is ridiculous and somehow unfair, since you have such capacity why promise and there’s a word that says, ‘promise is a debit ‘ then why still Make jest of the boy?

  17. This is quite dishonourable.
    In the first place, the boy didn’t make a demand…you made the promise yourself and now you’re not keeping to your word, in addition, you’re mocking the young man who must see you as a role model, I’m sure. Too bad!

  18. Thats not really a nice thing to do, its a shame that they had to even make a video to humiliate the guy.

  19. I don’t think Davido was in his right mind when he said so you this guy’s take a lot of alcohol before stepping on stage.

  20. Every promise must be fulfill, but if is not fulfilled is not not call promise, don’t promise when you no u will not fulfill it.

  21. That so bad of Davido, shey he is claiming to be a big boy “#30billion for the account oo” if he has up to 30 billion then hw much is 1 million naria to give out, To much mouth don kill u David.

  22. Fake promises..why is he mocking the boy
    Nobody forced him to promise 1m,so why don’t he fulfill the promise since he has the money… Davido is unfair o

  23. The is not fair at all. Why would he promise the boy and fail to deliver then later come out to mock him. This is so irresponsible of Davido.

  24. That’s very bad of davido how could he make a promise he knows he won’t fulfill, it doesn’t make any sense at all

  25. Mr Davido you failed to understand we don’t make promise when we are happy, all promises must be fulfilled.

  26. There must be more to this story. Davido has history of fulfilling his promises, especially on social media.

  27. Such a rude person that davido is. Making promises he can’t keep and then mocking the person for calling him out. I’ve never liked that boy one bit

  28. When I said this davido is a bully can you imagine what he and his team mates are doing its not so good you should fulfil your promise and once you cant fulfil it you should not make a promise

  29. This is not good,,why will he mock someone he promised? Remember that promise is a debt,if you can’t fulfill your promise is better not to promise,,he is very arrogant.

  30. Davido if true you promised him 1m please try to fulfill your promise because it will be a disgrace to your personality. Remember a promise is a debt.

  31. That’s rubbish, why making promise you can’t fulfill, and you people are making jest of him, no condition is permanent, he is poor today, nobody knows tomorrow, afterallche didn’t beg you for money in the first place

  32. Hmmmmm Davido Davido Davido how many times did I call you? Don’t plot your own down fall my brother.. Caution yourself.. You don’t mock just anybody or show disregard to just everybody or anybody..

  33. This arrant nonsense, when you know you not going to give him the money, why did you promised him and now you and your crew making fun of him,is not right at all

  34. This us rubbish. I don’t like Davido misbehaving sometimes. If you can’t fulfil your promise don’t mock him. Is bad.

  35. This same davido guy i think he is loosing senses just because he got some cash…wish he is Dangote we no for see road oh..mmmm God help him we see how it last…

  36. Davido is really becoming something else and I am getting tired of his irresponsible attitude. Why promise when you know you can’t adhere to it.

  37. Such a stupid idiot, he’s too proud and full of himself. You promised him and you failed to deliver instead of been remorse, You took to the media to be mocking him. Asshole

  38. That’s not good at all,if you know you can’t fulfil a promise don’t make it. Look at davido his a disgrace for this action of his, instead of him to apologize his mocking the poor boy. sorry my dear some day so will be better than him

  39. That is too bad for him, when he know that he we not fulfil his promise why did he made such promise to that boy

  40. I don’t think this was to mock the boy, I think he got a new song idea with the way the guy talked saying I called Lati so they all tried to make a song out of it

  41. What davido did wasnt good at all,even if knew he wasn’t going to fulfill his promise not to the extent of mocking him.

  42. Can you imagine that, he shouldn’t have made promise to the guy in the first place. That’s the reason I like Olamide and Wizkid

  43. David is being wicked and heartless, he thinks is mocking the boy because himself is rich, he is only receiving more curse.

  44. Davido,this is not good at all,when you know you wont give,why the promise.
    I don’t blame you,is because you have not tested poverty before,that’s why you feel you can mock somebody because of money.

  45. Haba me this didn’t make sense if u kwn u wouldn’t fulfill ur promise pls don’t make it instead of turnin of turnin it to something else

  46. Promise is promise, you can be ruled or making jester of other people because you are blessed over them, I don’t believe yet but if he did so that shows how full of ignorance he is.

  47. Rubbish when you know you cannot fulfill the promise why did you promise. You are mocking him the boy.

  48. Davido why are you acting like a kid
    Just because of ordinary one million naira
    You promised him that’s why you are mucking him mtchwwwww

  49. That’s so unfair of Davido for not keeping up to his promise… Fulfill your promise and stop making people painting you bad

  50. This is bad why is davido Always like this, this is why I’ve always preferred wizkid this boy called Davido

  51. I know vividly that Davido won’t keep to that promise.. Most of these artist perform on influence of alcohol etc.. I’m sure his eyes are cleared and the real Davido is out.. He’s so proud and arrogant..

  52. I will still repeat this… Davido ‘s arrogance will definitely payoff… It’s just time. Just listen to her you are mocking the young boy on instagram…

  53. This is nonsense, you weren’t supposed to make a promise when you know that you can’t fulfil it. There was no need of mocking the boy because he didn’t force you to make the promise. Davido is too arrogant.

  54. That’s why he said if no get money hide your face. How will someone be expecting 1million naira just like that

  55. This guy should be matured for once, why making a promise you can not fulfil? Even if you dont fulfill the promise, why making jest of the poor boy? Do you know what the boy will become tomorrow? May God bless the boy

  56. May God help the poor, why are you promising what you can’t fulfill. I think is just making such promise on stage to make people hype him more, fake life.

  57. David has pride… If u know u won’t give then don’t promise…. why mock him?
    After all it’s your money and he didn’t worked for it

  58. That’s nonsense. Davido really fucked up by not fulfilling his promise and still mocked the poor guy.
    To hell with your money

  59. This is pure witch craft.. Wickedness in the high place.. God still pass you David O.. Karma is coming..

  60. This Davido is something else. Why mock the boy? Since Davido knew that he was not going to give the boy the money he promised him,then why did he make a promise that he will. As if that wasn’t enough he is mocking the boy. My advice to the boy, he should just forget about the money Davido promised him. Davido has shown that he doesn’t care about his fans.

  61. He is not suppose to,the boy was just scared because alot of celebrities make promises and don’t fulfill it.So i guess he taught that coming out make him give him the money.

  62. I see no reason why davido should mock that boy, if you were not planing on giving him the money fine!! But mocking him was totally wrong

  63. Under no condition should you promise what you can’t give, its not honorable.
    Under no circumstance should you mock someone who looks up to you, its not noble.
    Davido has that money, he just wants to be that way and that’s good for him.
    This should be a challenge to the guy and every Nigerian youth.

  64. This is really not good.. Why promise what you cannot fufill and upon your failure,you still mock the guy.

  65. when you promise and fail, all you have to do is apologize,this guy will be a successor on day too, so please take it easy Mr davido

  66. Why promise she you known you cannot fuffil the promise…. Abeg davido give that poor guy his money jor.

  67. This is good news,before he believed Davido will pay him one million,did he know if davido was drunk or high ?,Nigerians too like free things

  68. Why make promise you can’t fulfill, davido don’t treat his fans well, he is even mocking the boy, never forget where you are coming from and what you are today is because of your fans.

  69. Don’t him know that promised is a debt,why will he have to make a promise that he cannot fulfill

  70. Is not fair to promise something that you know you cannot fulfill. Just put your self in that boys shoe and you will understand

  71. That is rubbish , why will davido make empty promise to the boy, he should have done that , and he mocked the boy

  72. That’s sounds insanity, if he knows he won’t fulfil his promise y did he promised the guy rubbish

  73. This is why it is said that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. Now he finds it difficult to fulfill the promise he made and instead choose to mock the poor guy. This is totally unfair.

  74. I can’t believe this.that the so called billonaire Davido can promise money and failed and still mock the boy.Davido should remember that promise is a dept

  75. This is not cool at all….no need to mock him…you dnt know who this boy eill become 2moro.no need promising what you can’t fulfil I know Davido can give more than 1 million naira out.

  76. I like saying that Rick kids are arrogant why must he say something that he knew he couldn’t fulfill. I hate him mocking the poor boy

  77. It shows the level of decadence in our society, yet he could still mock the innocent boy, what a shame on him and his crew ?

  78. This is just senseless how can you make a promise then instead of redeeming it he now turns to mock the person

  79. Davido is known for arrogancy… promising and not fulfilling promise made is demoralizing to the person promised

  80. Isn’t davido not ashamed of himself? In fact he is full of pride and hatred. Y promising n failed to fulfill n then adding a mockery to the injury.

  81. If he promised and didn’t fulfill it, that’s his own, but no point to mock him, let the guy just forget about the money since he wasn’t given, life moves on

  82. The boy was really in a rush to have done the video . It was planned for him to get the money on Monday due the bush schedule of davido and his crew members . He fucked up big time

  83. Don’t make empty promise, it’s not for guys like Davido. And for the boy, he wants to make quick money.

  84. He should not have mocked him, if he doesn’t want to delivered as promise, he shouldn’t but he should remember promise ND Fail is a sin

  85. Why should he muck him, he shouldn’t have done that. If he can help him, he could have just told him.

  86. Why making promises when you don’t have the intention of fufiling them… This is a depreciation to your reputation

  87. This means they just make the promise in public and end up not fulfilling their promises. That’s wickedness if you ask me.

  88. Thats total rubbish, why promise something you won’t do, is he trying to tarnish his not-so-stella image.

  89. This if true is a slap on his face.it is not by force making promise. Why make a promise you cant keep to?. Nice people keep to their promise.

  90. I just pity people who hold up to the promises of this so called celebrities… Hustle ur hustle… Forget about people’s money

  91. This guy is gradually killing his career. He thinks money is everything. If you can’t honor your promise and make it. And he even have the guts to mock him.

  92. I thought u were wise till I came across this new and realised how childish u are
    If u can’t fulfill your promise then never u promise at all

  93. Chai this is serious, some Nigerian youth are too lazy in the sense that they don’t want to work they only want to beg people for money. OBO pls mock him more

  94. I don’t support davido on this, if he knew he can’t keep to his promise, he would have not promised the boy the money

  95. Davido shouldn’t have promised the boy N1m when he can’t fulfill his promise. He should be ashamed of himself. No need to mock the poor boy.

  96. Kemi olunloyo is right that money is guiding and controlling davido and he is being decieved by his colleague who tend to make him feel righteous with his disgusting habit

  97. Ah haha thats too bad. He shouldn’t have promised what he won’t do. He could have just find a genuine excuse to tell him rather than mockery

  98. Don’t know if he’s aware that this could spoil his image. Promises are meant to be kept, but then, he won’t be forced to fulfill it.

  99. According to news now,Davido insisted he called a certain Lati who told him never to call him again. But only God knows the truth sha..

  100. Some celebrities are so full of themselves, you promised someone and you are still mocking that person, is not good at all.

  101. David didn’t act matured naa…this is the person he promised one million naira ,it’s just not unfair

  102. Why mock the boy he promised cash on his free will ,if he knew he would no fulfill his promise why promised, na wa for DAVIDO o.

  103. Why promise the boy when you knew it was just for fun? I’m sure the boy’s hope has been raised when he heard the promise but dashed when it wasn’t fulfilled

  104. That’s not good of him, after making a promise you didn’t fulfill now you ate mocking at him, that’s so awful

  105. Davido stop behaving like a kid..
    Why must do promise and fail
    If you know you won’t fulfill the promise why then did you made the promise
    OBO u don pass that level

  106. This davido self, why did he promised the boy when he knows that he won’t fulfill it and even making mockry of the boy on social media that’s not fair please grow up

  107. Not because u re a celebrity u jxt do nd say anything if u know u would not do it why jxt look for another way to compensate him

  108. this is really funny, celebrity without integrity. You make promise in public, you don’t fulfil it and make fun of the person. God help us all

  109. This not what I expected from Davido how can you behave in that manner, the boy should just let him be. You did not show any atom of maturity at all.

  110. Davido sha.. That’s why people will keep bad mouthing and snitching him… He promised, fail and still yet mocked the person, some celeb ehhn

  111. Its unfair why will you promise what you know you won’t fulfill if you dont have such amount give him the amount you have no matter how small its OK for him.

  112. Davido didn’t well for mocking the boy because he was the one who promised him N1m. Instead of him to be ashamed of himself for not fulfilling his promise, he is mocking the poor boy.

  113. Davido, I use to know you as a man of his words.i’m really disappointed at this kind of childish behaviour of yours

  114. Some people prefer this fool to wizkid because they feel he is truly giving out the money and favours he promises publicly….shame unto him

  115. I think devido is getting worst day by day. is it because he has money.? O boy nothing last for ever. Even Machal Jackson could not last forever. So is everyone.

  116. if you couldn’t Fullfill your promise fine but don’t be mocking the boy because he didn’t ask you for money in the first place

  117. Davido might be wrong for failing to fulfil his promise but the boy is an even bigger fool for making dat video…..many of us have been promised different things but never received any and no one heard our voice….he shld have waited a little longer, not going online the very next day after the show to lambast him

  118. No condition is permanent. Life is turn by turn. He may not have money today but tomorrow, he will. If he knows he will not give him the money why did he promised. The worst is mocking him. God should help the boy.

  119. it a good thing to fulfill your promise now haha don’t you know the boy Don they sketch plan on money he never get but know that soon he will get it from u, abeg do well for him and stop making jest

  120. Totally foolish doings
    Why GI back on your promise and foolishly
    Stoop low to mock someone you promised and not that he begged you

    Davido’s doing just made him a fool for DEC 2018

  121. This Davido of a guy is Jux too full of himself… They don’t know that one good turn deserves another…

  122. Davido God de o.. This thing u did is not fair at all. U would have just ignored him if u didn’t want to give

  123. I sorry for the boy self how can someone you know that does not keep promise we ask you to come and collect one million naira and you agree and for davido be very careful with life you may not go feel free one day

  124. These celebrities and their ways. When you know u didn’t mean it why make empty promises. Go and hide ur face in shame

  125. This is very bad, why did you promised him when you know you would not fulfill your promise and you are still mocking him. It is unfair

  126. He think all this act is right.
    Just remember God that give can take.
    Pray your attitude will not lead you to shame.

  127. These davido is turning something sElse
    He his so rude and full of himself
    Why mocking the boy u promised since you failed to deliver

  128. That’s bad. Even though he won’t fulfil the promise, it’s not enough reason to mock the poor guy. Nobody knows tomorrow

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