Davido hits 9 million followers on Instagram

Davido just hit 9 million followers on Instagram, becoming the first Nigerian celebrity to do so.

Davido hits 9 million followers on Instagram lailasnews

The Nigerian singer who was previously the first Nigerian to get a million followers on Instagram, has gone steps further to become the first to hit 9 million on the platform.

This was noticed during a recent check on his page by LailasNews. Checkout a snapshot of his page below;

Davido hits 9 million followers on Instagram lailasnews 1
Snapshot of Davido’s Instagram page at 9 million follows

Just as you suspected, he is the most followed Nigerian celebrity on the platform.

Star Boy Wizkid trails Davido in terms of follows on the platform and is currently on 6.9 million, while Tiwa Savage is on 6.5 million followers.

It would surely take a lot for Wizkid of Tiwa Savage to take on Davido.

Why I decided to assist Cynthia Morgan - Davido

Recall that Davido used to be the first Nigerian celebrity to rack up Five hundred thousand views for a post on Instagram.

He has now broken that record of his by amassing One million views for a post on Instagram. The post is a video showing him during the video shoot of a song he did with label mate Zlatan Ibile. It shows them doing the new trendy dance Zanku.

Safe to say, Davido is the Nigerian King of Instagram.


  1. That is good, allot of peoples really show love for his music, including me, i really love his music

  2. Davido is doing really well for himself kudos to him , its an easy feet to achieve such even wizkid has not been able to

  3. Wow!! OBO is very humble and hard working despite he came from a rich family.. Congratulations bro

  4. Wow that a nice one their , congratulations davido,more success more money nd more followers

  5. He is doing tremendously well and I am not surprised that he is the most followed on instagram. Well done bro

  6. Good work actually pays, kudos to him, Davido is really good at what he does. And that’s always the result when you find joyin what u do. Anything worth doing is what doing well. More wins my man. Am one of ur fans

  7. Good job, at this rate he’s fast becoming the most popular artist in Africa. Hope to see him at the very top of the world.

  8. Wow… Its really an achievement and I wish yhu more success and accomplishments in life
    The sky is yhur limit

  9. Wow, a whooping 9 million followers? That’s a good way to start the year. Congratulations to him!

  10. Thumbs up to Davido. He’s done very well for him self.. Breaking records from every side.. Hardwork pays… I think the up coming artists should learn from davido’s rise to stardom

  11. If he can get 9million followers on instagram, I think he should go contest for President of the country.

  12. Davido my man I love you so much! You motivate me to hustle do you know why….. with all your fathers money you still hustle hard to make money! You did not care about fathers money so humble and nice.You help people a lot my prayer for you this year is you will never die APC can’t do nothing to you keep soaring my man! I cover you with the blood of Jesus!

  13. Davido is one of the biggest celebrities in Nigeria. He is a household name so I’m not too surprised. Thumbs up

  14. I think OBO deserves it because he has been working very hard. All his songs last year were hits, so both Nigerians and the foreigners will want to follow him. Well-done bro keep doing the great work.

  15. 9 million followers no be joke OK. Davido really hit on this one. More grace to him. Omo baba olowo.

  16. Congrats to him but just wondering if there is an award or a cash reward for that..are the followers active too

  17. Congrats to Davido, he had broken record. Having 9 million followers is not a small thing. This shows that he is loved by many and has many fans. Davido is really doing well in the music industry, I just love all his songs.

  18. Davido is going higher, instagram did well by recognizing this. He’s loved by his fans, more recognitions on the way.

  19. Davido have been the best musician in Nigeria ,if not Africa, for some years now,,, so it’s not a surprise he hv hit 9million followers

  20. Wow Davido I wish to be like you and send me money here ooo because my follower is inclined the 9M ooo

  21. Congratulations to omo baba olowo as he usually called himself and also to his fans out there for standing by him and always their for him, you just have to trend gently being a star is not a child play congrats OBO

  22. Davido is doing really well for him fun and am not surprised that he is the most followd on Instagram

  23. For David mind oo, big name, he is a celebrity that was why he was able to have nine million friends.

  24. He us one musician whose story is interesting and dramatic so he gets a follow up on that since many want to witness his life as it goes on his wall. He is fun so fans follow him. Nice one Davido

  25. Is good ..9m followers in insta
    Make sure they follow u in real life..anyways congratulations

  26. Very impressive and remarkable. His popularity increases every now and then and his we rise by helping others slogan has also helped to increase his followers

  27. I was in shock when I saw this and am still in shock right now I cant even believe what am seeing it so amazing

  28. Good one DMW boss davido. My one follow is inclusive too. Wish you more followers like never before

  29. Congratulations to Nigeria king of Instagram. Baddoo one of Nigeria. It a great achievement. Nice one

  30. Wow, congratulations to you Davido, his music is really nice, and his controversial way of life earned him more followers. People really wants to know what happens in life. Na your Time.

  31. Davido hits 9million likes…and so how does that help us..there is more to life than celebrating likes in social network.

  32. and so how does that help us..there is more to life than celebrating likes in social network.

  33. Am not surprise. Omo Baba Olowo is someone who motivates and carries his fans along so every music lover and young persons will want to follow him na

  34. That’s fantastic!!! he’s doing better in his music and people love his music. congratulations to him.

  35. Do Instagram pay people for number of followers, because I don’t know why it’s making headline. Moreover I’m not on Instagram, I hope I’m not missing any payments??? For celebrity and popularity sake I say congrats to him.

  36. Yes.OBO the baddest keep making them go gaga.I knew he was made for greatness.His own is always a bang . Congratulations Davido on being the king of instagram

  37. That’s a good one. I need to join the followers to make it 9.1. Congratulations to you Davido

  38. Congratulations to him but I don’t think that’s a goal one should celebrate it has no economical impact to the society

  39. He is focus and he works towards it. He is given his fans what their want to see and hear.

  40. Its not surprising , because his video was also the viewed last year that was a sign he is becoming more popular. He should keep up the good work.

  41. Yes he is,i love Davido he always make things happen to keep his followers busy on the net

  42. Congratulations king of Instagram
    May you hit 10million next month to complete it 2 digits..amen

  43. That is great… It will take many years for other celebrity to reach that kind of followers…

  44. OBO…Good for you.this shows you are really appreciated by people.keep the good work going

  45. Well that is good for him and he may likely continue tonhave such fellowership but What is he using it form is the most important thing

  46. He’s fame is getting wider and his followers increasing in the social media platform instagram. Kudos to you Davido.

  47. Does he know this followers or even interact with them? If 9m followers is an achievement, then congratulations to him

  48. wow, first Nigerian, he will get popular the more. Davido is the Nigerian King of Instagram.
    he truly is

  49. Is this one too an achievement, hitting 9 million followers including the ones they buy. Is not an achievement to me.

  50. That’s nothing to be proud of na. If he dies will he take his followers with him to the grave? We should be more concerned towards heavenly things

  51. That is good for him,it shows he is loved by a lot of people.congratulations to him, wishing him the best

  52. He should make sure he impact good vibes unto the people who are following him, help them raise a course in their lives

  53. Davido is doing really well for himself kudos to him , its an easy feet to achieve such even wizkid has not been able to

  54. Congratulations O.B.O, remember though that more followers also means more haters, more enemies and more fake friends.

  55. Who Instagram help if he like let him reach 20million followers since it Add nothing to his account then it worthless

  56. what the hell 9 million followers this guy will get to 24m by 2019 December …well he worth it congratulation bro

  57. Him try shy to get 9million following him not too bad. With him badigood behaviour that means him still dey move market

  58. Mesef follow join…so if i unfollow naw it will be minus one..hahhahahha lol..anywaz congratulations

  59. Davido is a very lousy person so he needs media attention to boost is popularity. Congrats and more blessings

  60. Congratulations to him, am very certain he is going to be the most happiest person on earth because that is one of his desires. He should please live and lead by example and not bully people all around.

  61. Congratulations to Davido, though numbers of followers on ista doesn’t guarantee success. This call for more man up.

  62. Congratulations to ObO . Breaking of another record just to start a new year . 2019 is definitely his year

  63. Congrat to you for having a lot of fans. But are u making good use of your time by making them to know God through your songs and life. You may be a king of Instagram but do you ask your self am I a king in Heaven. Please do so no time. God loves you. Cheers. thank you.

  64. Though am not a follower but Davido keeps springing like a rose growing in between thorns…. Its you against the World, Davido keep going forward

  65. Not surprised, the guy has been soo hot for 2 years consecutively. Keep up the hotness in 2019, we want more.

  66. What a figure! To have 9 million followers on Instagram is no joke. He is indeed the Nigerian King of Instagram.

  67. Wow 9million followers he is a super star and a good one at that so am not too surprise to see this

  68. Those 9million followers are made up of evil spirit, mad people, clowns, olosho and even correct people…..nice attainment.

  69. He has been working hard to earn such number of followers. Good for his career. He just need to consolidate on his present achievement.

  70. Good one dear.. That’s show how people love you and want to see new things from you… Kudos

  71. ObO is the talk of town in the country now tho, everyone wants to know what is going on with him and now since Chioma is off Instagram the whole fame falls back to him. Deserves it

  72. 9 what?
    How many people do we have in the world
    Ok I believe I and those not using android phones are the ones not following you

  73. This is really mind blowing with 9 million followers on Instagram alone. This guy no doubt has fans and he is pulling crowd daily.

  74. He is now the gram king. He should better keep cool or else this huge followers will hate him someday with his character lately

  75. Congratulations on the new mileage achievement of Instagram followers… ”More people go follow you”

  76. hmm good what will be the archievement let me start instagraming and see how many followers I Wii get

  77. I am so happy for him, the grace of God did justice in his life and journey regardless od few side attractions like anger issues, baby drama saga and all, what a good way for him to start a new year, congratulations obo.

  78. Congratulations Davido! You are waxing stronger and stronger. Ride on Nigerian King on instagram.

  79. How will this benefit the common man. Davido has to start paying attention to the grassroots and try to help the needy.

  80. Davido is doing really well for himself. Your good works paying way… More achievement. But people can follow sha

  81. Kudos to him and a big congratulations to him and his music career. His actually doing well for himself

  82. Davido is a generous person, it might contributed to his large followership coupled with his increasing popularity abroad

  83. Good one for him. God has really blessed him. But my question is, why is he followed this much more than other celebrities?

  84. Congratulations davido on breaking his own record. I don’t see that as an achievement though but I guess it means a lot to celebrities.

  85. That’s a good one. This shows that he is doing well and everybody wants to follow him to get the latest about him. I wish him the best in this new year.

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