Davido breaks silence on Peruzzi’s loss at 2019 Soundcity MVP awards

Popular singer, Davido has broken silence on the 2019 Soundcity MVP awards during which Peruzzi was defeated by Teni.

Teniola on Tuesday last week beat Peruzzi, Odunsi to emerge as the best new artiste of 2019.

Davido breaks silence on Teni defeating Peruzzi at Soundcity MVP awards lailasnews
Davido breaks silence on Teni defeating Peruzzi at 2019 Soundcity MVP awards

However, Peruzzi was not pleased with the awards as he took to Twitter declaring that he worked harder than any new artiste in 2018, and also made more income than any other artiste in his category last year, 2018.

He wrote:

“Personally I’d say I worked the hardest last year than any other new act, same way I made more money last year than any other new act in the country.

“There’s a way I see myself, it’s my race, there’s a way I’m running it. Focus on yours. Facts over hype. It’s really simple.”

Davido, finally speaking on the award, said both artistes deserve to win best new artiste of 2018.

The ‘Assurance’ crooner disclosed this during a question and answer section on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

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A fan had asked him who deserved the award between Teni and Peruzzi:

“Do you think Peruzzi deserved that award over Teni?

Davido then replied that they both do;

“They both do!”


  1. God bless you, just because you know you work harder or think you do doesn’t the award should go to you. Thanks Peruzzi guy needs to grow up

  2. Two persons should not win an award just like that. One person will always be preferred above the other.

  3. I agree with Davido, they are both winners but one person got the trophy. This should not however deter Peruzzi from continue to put in his best.

  4. Just accept it and keep working more harder. Probably you might sweep that of next year. Congratulations to the winners.

  5. You should be happy for the winner. Develop a sportsman attitude. It could be yours next time who knows?

  6. Both of them can’t, only one person for the award, your turn to win await you so keep hope Mr Peruzzi.

  7. That you didn’t win an award last year shouldn’t make you give up your hard work.. It should motivate you to work more hard and make more money

  8. It not just hardworking but also acceptance, and popularity if won base on this, so just congratulate him instead of talking

  9. Davido spoke the truth . They both deserved the award . I am not taking side between Peruzzi or Teni . But they both of them surely deserved it

  10. Peruzzi should accept of what happened during the award and focus more on his career. Soon he will be tired of winning awards.

  11. Great answer there Davido, everyone is a winner but one has to be chosen as best. Keep working Peruzzi you might be next in line

  12. we may not do it the same way but surely we are all working, Teni and peruzzi worked hard and the award is just for one person, but he should not be discouraged.

  13. Perruzi you should not be angry with whosoever that won the award rather you take it as a challenge and trying harder next time.

  14. In every competition, there must always be a winner and not two winners, so perruzzi should take a chill pill and wait for the next award ,who knows,he might emerge the winner. Thanks Davido for that matured answer..

  15. This is not something that should be talked over or create misunderstanding, the awards has been given, all that matters is working hard.

  16. In all competitions they choose the best I think Teni was the best and deserved the award. Peruzzi shouldn’t be angry because the award was not given to him. He should strife much harder to win next time.

  17. They both do actually but it just has to be one, there only has to be one person to Crown first

  18. Thank you davido for not being biased, the both deserve it, the two really worked hard. May next year will be perruzi s turn.

  19. If it’s really your own race Peruzzi
    Why are you bothered?
    Like you said focus on your work, it might be your turn next time.
    Congrats to you both

  20. I think Davido didn’t side for anybody despite that Peruzzi is his boy
    Well I think both of them deserves the award

  21. Teni has won it, so Peruzzi should step up his game. Make the competition more tough for any other music artist within and outside Nigerian entertainment industry.

  22. Come on guy….. you still have many more awards to come by… keep working heard, moi re are yet to come.

  23. Like what Davido said, both artistes deserves the award but unfortunately only one has to be the winner. I think Teni’s your case single won her the award.

  24. What an answer!!! But davido hasn’t answer the question. You can’t ask to pick between and yet you are saying”they both deserve to win”

  25. Sometimes it’s not about the money, its the name, record and trophy that counts. Better luck next time

  26. Both worked harder for that but one person most carry the trophy Peruzzi there is still chance to make it next time, Davido spoke well.

  27. What an answer!!! But davido hasn’t answer the question. You can’t ask to pick between and yet you are saying”they both deserve to win”


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  30. Ah thought he was gonna talk about his lost anyways to burna boy but still he said the right thing

  31. In every competition, there must always be a winner and not two winners, so perruzzi should take a chill pill and wait for the next award ,who knows,he might emerge the winner. Thanks Davido for that mature answer.

  32. Peruzzi has a problem called PRIDE in him that’s why he didn’t win the award. He is not in a position to claim he works harder and earn more than any new artist. He can’t be a judge in his own case. Those that weigh him and Teni saw that Teni works harder than Peruzzi and she deserves the award, period.

  33. Thank you davido you spoke very well and you said it all God bless you and congratulations to the winners

  34. Peruzzi keep calm your time is coming too, don’t be angry nor jealous about what happened to Teni,you will be celebrated too

  35. Davido let you and your team not worry about trophy cause it will never determine that you are actually the best with a trophy . you and your team did well last year and hope this year the gbedu go big pass the last one

  36. Its not the end of the world, you still have 2019 to win it, sorry anyway, but being the best most times doesn’t really mean you are the best.

  37. Its said nd known DAT if two ppu are involved in competition, surely one must outgrow the other to make up,,
    Don’t be aggressive over who won it okay,just work harder ,
    Nd I love Davido for He has spoke well

  38. You might win next time grace singled her out congratulations to the winner Davido you are so right

  39. Yes you work hard last year, but now sure are you that you worked harder than any person? I think the challenge you have this year is to make things better and see what happened year.

  40. I think Davido reply is d best, d artist should jst no and have it in mind dat he needs to work harder…..

  41. Davido gudus to you ,you have poke well is left for Peruzzi to keep is music don’t let that depressed you from during ya music your time is coming your award is more than that

  42. One person must always emerge as the winner. That’s the reality of life. So try to check the areas you think you didn’t perform well and work on it

  43. Today your turn, tomorrow another person’s.. Its all about doing your best and leaving the rest

  44. Peruzzi may get it some other times, he should be happy and congratulate the winner, his own might come later

  45. There can be no two winners the award is just for one person, maybe teni won the awards because she released a hit single but perruzi is only making Waves on features.

  46. Everybody has their destined time for everything in this life maybe this is not Peruzzi’s time, when the time comes u will know, just patiently wait for your time. “He who laugh last laughs best” wish u d very best to come…

  47. Let DMW tell us the track Peruzzi released and we will take back the award from Madam Teni. Teni deserved the award truth be told

  48. They both are winners but certainly one deserves the award and to Teni, it goes. Perruzi accept the fact and move on.

  49. Well, Davido,,, you are the judge who decides the winner, nevertheless the best takes the crown.
    so leave it for another year of award.

  50. Seriously David u spoke well but I think teni deserves it ur boy tried also but teni is a winner

  51. It’s true that Peruzzi worked really hard to get to where he is at now but that doesn’t and shouldn’t let him understate or undermine teni’s victory over him. He should just let it slide. David was wise in his reply.

  52. Davido doesn’t want to offend anyone
    The award was given to the most qualified
    Perruzi should work harder

  53. This is what I called leader, Davido show the characteristics of a good leader. God bless you man

  54. The guy style may be different from what the organizer may be looking for Teni might be the to actually focus on the line sorry bro more money in your account.

  55. Perruzi should just accept it that way, you have really tried and also deserve the award but just accept defeat to make peace reign.

  56. Since both cannot be given at the same time and Tempni won it all he has to do was to be happy for her simple not bebeefing some1 success am sure the map crew had their criteria for picking Teni

  57. That’s what we called leader/senior he did the right thing by saying they both deserve the awards but the organizer of the event and those who vote made there choice Teni congrats and Peruzzi yours is coming don’t be disheartened

  58. It is not about what davido think but what we the public and feel deserves to win the best new artist,for all I know it was our vote that made her win

  59. Yes peruzzi deserve it than teni, you can see how peruzzi fixed that song amaka feet tuface and other music like Aje feat Dmw

  60. Well davido reply well if not people would have say ,is on one side and not on other side

  61. Yeah true he really did,he actually released alot of songs 2018.He has every reason not to be happy,but teni has Gods grace her sister started before her but her songs are always the most played songs.

    • Peruzi if you feel you worked so hard, why not just try again this year let’s see if they will deny you your award.

  62. If you didn’t receive the awards this year’s continue working hard and harded to get more awards

  63. Not getting an award doesn’t mean anything.
    You should work harder for the next one.
    You both did well but the award is meant for one.
    So work hard for the next one so it can be yours.

  64. If he didn’t get the award doesn’t mean he isn’t a good singer, they both did well and the other was given, he should keep up the positive mind, his own is coming

  65. Yes well said David they both deserve it….everybody is a winner if you don’t win today u will tumao. ..perruzi ur time is coming

  66. I love the way he answered that question both of them really deserve the award both unfortunately it’s only one person that can emerge winner so teni won

  67. That is just the fact , they both do deserve it. both the judges know what they are doing to consider Teni than Peruzzi

  68. Davido answered well. In any contest only one person will take the prize bc of dedication and favour from God. It is God that shows mercy.

  69. One thing I will want you to know is to know your worth…. Where Award or not know you are good

  70. Davido answered the question well.You don’t need to give people the answer they expect.I know that Perruzi really worked so hard last year and also deserved to win

  71. Guy no need for the ange, just believe as you have said that you worked hard than any other artist. Hard works pays?

  72. Davido is very diplomatic in answering the question. Hard work dedication and favour from God pay in a contest. For the word of God says “It is no he that runneth nor willeth but God that shows mercy “

  73. It doesn’t mean cos Tend tootook the award shaded alone is the winner for as long as you all were on that list definitely you all won but the people chose who they love best

  74. Peruzzi spoke like a novice when he said he made more money than every young artists last year.. Is that the criteria used for winning New act. It was based on votes and at that how many songs does he have in the airwaves as Teni has. For his info it’s not about following Davido up and down that will make him think he is fans favorite.. Abi because he did a song with 2face then he will believe he has landed.. MUMU Guy

  75. In every game there must be a winner and a looser we have to accept any one that comes, whether lost or win

  76. If you didn’t win the award this year
    That one should not deprived you from working harder
    I wish guys best of luck

  77. How would you know that some other people are not working hard enough that you tag yourself the most hard worker? just asking.

  78. That was a good response from Davido. Teniola got the award and we should live with that. Peruzzi keep the hard work, another award is coming.

  79. Peruzzi is good but obviously Teni won so he should stay for one side. It’s an award show not a popularity contest

  80. Good response from David’s. everybody can’t be winners same time. there’s always another time.

  81. Life they say its turn by turn don’t worry Peruzzi when its your turn no body can deny you from it..work hard because hard works pays

  82. Matured comment from Davido. They both actually deserve the award, but if it goes to one of them fine, there is always that time for you to be awarded and even better if you don’t loss focus.

  83. If you want to become successful in life. Learn to celebrate others. While doing that, your time will definitely come and others will do the same.

  84. I love Davido’s reply. He doesn’t want it to look as if he is supporting one person. But actually, it’s only one person that can be awarded. Peruzzi shouldn’t worry, he should just work harder so that he can win the next award.

  85. Peruzzi should put in more effort he try last year and this year God’s willing it will be a good year

  86. Davido won’t support any, because Their has written a lot of songs for him which made hit, and peruzzi is signed to his label.

  87. Everyone deserves an award but if Peruzzi doesn’t have award now doesn’t mean he won’t have another…he should just be patient.

  88. Anyway that should not be a problem because being nominated for an award doesn’t make the other less better than u

  89. Go Teni Go Teni Go…she deserves it, i will vote for her over and over again.muah for u jare

  90. Davido showed maturity and class in his answer. As for Perruzi, work more and focus more, don’t be obbessed with theses things, they will come naturally. Just look at Lionel Andrews Messi. God bless Nigeria

  91. He spoke well, he didn’t want to take sides but in my own opinion I think teni deserves the award

  92. Well answered by Davido. Whatdo you guys expect him to say. But both did very well. Only one person should win but we know both are all winners.

  93. Though they both deserve the award only one person could have won the award. Hardwork and money made in a year are not the only factors considered before giving the award. So Peruzzi should just accept defeat.

  94. In a raise there is always a winner one person just won for davido you have sponke well

  95. I personally believe davido is just trying to seat on the fence not to annoy anyone or be picky. But truth is Teni deserved the award more than anyone including Peruzzi.. Peruzzi is talking about him working the hardest and all that. Making music isn’t about working hardest alone, its about the talent and the quality of music you produce not quantity. Teni’s song has more quality than Peruzzi’s and her song is till banging. Peruzzi should chill.. Teni is in town.

  96. One thing is sure only one person will surely win peruzzi your time is coming David you did well

  97. Peruzzy is good, but it depends on what they judges are looking for, I think his own time will come, , so peruzzi celebrate with the winner

  98. Pride has been the problem of Peruzzi right from time, that’s why he didn’t win the award. He is not in a position to claim; because he do works harder and earn more than any new artist. He can’t be a judge in his own case. Those that weigh him and Teni saw that Teni works harder than Peruzzi and she deserves the award, period.

  99. Teni boosted her fans with her voice.. And the more she humble the more fans grows
    She deserve it

  100. I feel peruzzi would have just taken the defeat in good faith and celebrated the winner rather than speak out on how he is better. Very sensible and reasonable response that was from davido.

  101. Being angry shows u are weak,u worked hard u said,do u how hard she have worked on her own part,so be happy for u might win next time

  102. They are both good and who ever win the award between them is OK by me just like Davido said.

  103. Maybe not yet your divine turn of winning the award…like you said you made more money so maybe get consoled with that fact.Thumbs up to davido for his matured response

  104. Nice response from davido, cos they are both unique with their different style when it comes to music

  105. Yea, I love davido response
    They both deserve the award but pilot cannot sail a boat

  106. Mr. Man as you were busy practicing Teni too was also busy practicing, so therefore do not say you did more than others, Davido you tried, kudos to your reply

  107. That a very good answer they both deserve this but their must be winner so I guess teni deserve it more

  108. He should work smarter and better next time and note you may win an award don’t mean you sold millions. I celebrate the winner

  109. It is a natural feeling. Guy You should not be angry with who ever won it also, Davido you haven spoken well.

  110. That is a wise answer they both do, but hard work should be able to pay too. Its discouraging when one works so hard and not win.

  111. You winning is not because of your Hard work Mr. Man I know you are a Christian, the Bible says the battle is not for the swift but of the Lord that show mercy

  112. You didn’t get it kno doesn’t mean u are lazy or you didn’t try…just keep going a better award awaits you

  113. You both deserved it as David has said.But don’t worry there always a next time,you will be crowned.

  114. You should be happy for the winner. Develop a sportsman attitude. It could be yours next time who knows?

  115. That’s not the last day for not trying keep it up the more.
    Keep alive and track something big next.

  116. Actually they both do but i prefer Teni cause i don’t know Peruzzi. Teni impacted me with her song ”Baba mi ko lowo”. Everybody got a race wait for your time man…!

  117. You taught it was your time to win but God knows better than you do, so wait patiently for your set time will surely come.

  118. That was an intelligent answer from davido..
    The two artist practically did well last year…
    I pray you both go higher..
    Continue to prosper

  119. I love davido’s speech, peruzzi’s time will surely come too because I believe he’s an amazing musician too

  120. Despite their individual hard work one person must win in place of the other
    Peruzzi should accept the situation

  121. For the fact that u work so hard and achieved so much does not mean spmeone else cant win
    That is what i call grace

  122. In a competition where only one can win Boy learn how to be a galaxy loose, you win some and lose some is the sport man’s spirit.

  123. I love you Davido for answering right. The both deserve to win. But just one person need to be honoured

  124. Between 2 people that are best, one must still emerge as the best amongst best and so I think Temi happened to be the best.

  125. Don’t rush it turn by turn it will soon be your turn to win more award than you will imagine just be patience

  126. I think from the stand point of the judges, Teni came out to be the best amongst the 2 of them.

  127. I agree with Davido,they both deserves it, maybe its was because of his past scandal that deprive him from receiving award

  128. Davido spoke well. Also i love as teni wpn the award. they ate both good singers. But one person has to take the cup

  129. I’m sure her votes came higher than peruzzi
    But guy ur song has gone viral too
    In my heart, u are the first

  130. They ate both good singers. But one person has to take the cup, certainly one deserves the award.

  131. That’s a ‘safety precaution’ answer. Davido is playing safe… He doesn’t want to annoy any of the two… Left to me, there’s always a winner and Teni deserved it.

  132. For my own opinion, they have give the award to the right person, so all what davido is saying now is rubbish

  133. Thumbs up to Davido for being fair in his response and not taking sides. Indeed, they both deserve the award

  134. Just like davido said.. The both of them deserved the award but its only one person that will win and I guess teni had a better single than him.. He did well in collaborations though..

  135. The guy that asked the question wants to put Davido in the corner ,but Davido was smart in his response.

  136. The two artists, i.e, Teni and Perruzi both deserve the award. I prefer Teniola though. Davido spoke wisely so as to avoid problems between himself and any of the duo.

  137. I live the answer he gave, they both do he didn’t support his artist either, these things are done by votes and it seems teni got more votes

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