Daddy Freeze reveals he suffered depression from first marriage

Daddy Freeze reveals how he suffered depression from first marriage, he made this known while reacting to the death of DJ Xgee.

Daddy Freeze reveals how he suffered depression from first marriage lailasnews

DJ Xgee killed allegedly himself on Wednesday January 2nd and was buried on Thursday January 3rd.

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has now reacted to the incident. He said his first marriage put him in severe depression and it is a miracle he survived it. See what he wrote below;

”Rest in peace bro….🙏

Depression is indeed a killer, I’ve been down that road before. My first marriage made me terribly depressed and when my former pastor, told me to fix that marriage; the source of my depression, I realized Satan was truly his god.

In John Chapter 4, when Christ met the Samaritan woman who had 5 previous husbands and was living with the sixth at the well, he NEVER called her a sinner, or told her to go back to her first marriage, or move out of where she was living with the man she wasn’t married to, do you know why? Because unlike those untaught cutpurses you call pastors and GOs, Christ understood the dynamics of a relationship, so instead of condemning her like religion would do, he turned her into a harvester of souls for his kingdom.

If being in a toxic relationship is the source of your depression, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, file for a divorce, it’s the best decision I ever took. However, if you are in love with someone and that love is not being reciprocated, it’s a little bit more technical and such a person needs a very capable support system.

Your pastors would probably tell you he is going to hell, let me assure you that they would get there first.

Greed, lies, collecting tithes from widows and orphans, collecting the entire January salaries of people who can barely feed themselves and living in falsehood would get you to hell much faster than suicide ever can.

The human mind is a very fragile thing, be very careful how you handle people who are sad or depressed. The hierarchy of your value systems might not coincide with theirs, so be careful not to view their lives through your own eyes, instead try to show empathy.

People employ all sorts of coping mechanisms to deal with depression, don’t judge them, help them, if you can’t, be nice to them.

Money does NOT answer all things, once again, stop listening to those louts behind pulpits. When you are depressed money doesn’t always help, unless of course money is the source of the depression in the first place.

Don’t break hearts, some people NEVER really recover, try to be as truthful as you possibly can, if you only want sex, don’t promise marriage. ~FRZ

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  1. Hmm, you have say the really fact, but does it mean if we are not happy in relationship the best thing is to divorce?

  2. Very sorry it work out that way but now since you know where the problem is,it will not be like before because depression kills

  3. The best way to avoid depression in marriage is to seek God’s face for the partner and the grace, wisdom and divine leading to handle situations.

  4. Daddy Freeze at it again, but he cannot use his own experience in marriage to draw conclusions on others.

  5. Hmmmm! That was a nice one… But let me quickly say that the reason for depression in life is the absent of God in a mans life.. And of a truth i do not judge .. Settle your depression Man! There is no divorce in christendom.

  6. Depression is like a bondage when it comes upon any man, thank God you survived the depression you experienced from your first marriage

  7. Comment*
    depression can eat so deep that u feel nt to exist no more. kill depression, kill low self esteem n live ur life big

  8. Daddy freeze is so on point….
    I totally agree with him…

    We should fleee from sources of depression

  9. Daddy F are saying that is tithes, first fruit collection is part of what caused DJX Gee to killed himself

  10. avoid depression in marriage is to seek God’s face for the partner and the grace, wisdom and divine leading to handle situations.

  11. Daddy freeze and pastor’s sha…but the truth be told depression is one worse thing that can happen to anyone. I don’t blame those that love with their head rather than their heart to avoid stories that touch the heart.

  12. While there is an element of truth in what you have said remember that adultery is the only ground for divorce

  13. Indeed depression is a killer but that does not mean you should commit suicide. We find ways to solve our problems.

  14. Seriously sometimes we see people thinking hey are cool,happy.but they are actually dieing inside. But in life we should learn to take things the way tbey come and learn to move on with it

  15. What freeze has said really is true when people are depress they ahould know how to control themw selves

  16. yes depression kills Daddy F is right on that, but what I don’t understand is bringing men of God into this story again abeg this is not tithing issues.

  17. He have a proven testimony. He has passed through the same process. He knows the magnitude of what he passed through.
    Rest in peace

  18. Yes daddy freeze you have made a point there very strong one.
    If you are in a toxic relationship just leave before you are depressed and commit suicide.

    Thanks so much

  19. He suffered depression in marriage and he stil have the mind of firing some people statement on social media ..I only pick one this from his statement and I quote ” if you only want sex don’t promise marriage “,may God help him

  20. Seriously Speaking Depression is killing faster than diseases. Only God can make one survive it.

  21. I knew freezee must talk his own, but at least this time he used the samaritan woman to make sense of why its not good to condemn. But still no matter what suicide is bad and should not be encouraged.

  22. Must you bring pastors to your discussion each and everytime,you will regret all this nonsense one day I can promise you this with anything

  23. Depression, that word scares the hell out of me. I’ve been depressed too, I fought myself out of it but it left a scar on me. It’s a dark pit hole you can’t even wish your enemy fall into.

  24. I advise everyone on this platform.. Make God first in all you do, in marriage, in business, education e.t.c

  25. I don’t really think that is the reason why DJ killed him self, it might be depression but not because is wife left him

  26. Yes depression is a killer, but why attacking men of God now, do your sympathy and stop this reactions nobody is forcing you to pay tithe, we that are paying it are not complaining, you claim to know the Bible but you have never come across Malachi 3:10 that says bring all your tithe so that they might be food in my house.

  27. Depression is very real and a silent killer. I once suffered from it too two years ago. Nothing in life was really giving me joy then. We all need to be more than friends and relations to our loved ones. Only by being compassionate can we know what they’re going through

  28. Depression is a very bad thing people don’t even know when they are depressed. They just feel so worried and next thing is to feel like committing suicide it is so bad.

  29. Am starting to feel this man is more of a blogger than a pastor because he posts everything in his life.

  30. Depression indeed is a thing that kills one faster.. Sir you said it all as it is in my heart God bless you more with more wisdom.. And happy new year

  31. He as said the bitter truth here…..depression kills….don’t break heart some people might never Truly recover…It is even better to be single than to be in a miserable marriage.

  32. Daddy freeze is seeking for cheap popularity again, anyway depression is a silent killer

  33. Depression nowadays kills faster than heart attack nowadays.. people should try and go for therapy at times

  34. Daddy freeze is at it again, I call him the enlightened one among them all. You spoke the truth sir nothing but the honest truth. May God lead us to have the best person for us in marriage, not a partner that will make us regret knowing them.. May the soul of the dead rest in peace IJN

  35. Depression is a killer yes it is but in marriage if it is no longer sweet for you speak up and file for divorce rather than committing suicide or domestic violence will now lead to killing either the husband nor the wife. There are some marriages that don’t need the face of God to be fixed back if it will lead to either of them dieing

  36. Depression is a killer,if you’re depressed try to talk to someone in order to reduce the burden in your heart

  37. Some people enter marriage without knowing the definition of marriege all they tried to do is to course heart egg to there partners may God deliver us from such people.

  38. In as much I agree with Daddy Freeze that depression is a killer, one still need to handle it diligently for it not to go into our head, suicide is one of the sins God frown at so God will not take it lightly with whoever kill himself or herself

  39. May God see us through,its true dat depression is a killer so ppl should learn how to control it

  40. This is coming late coz the person in question can’t read. If he’s truly ur friend u would share ur story to him who knows he might not have killed himself

  41. Depression is indeed a killer
    I rather divorce any relationship than to die before my time comes

  42. Freeze must sha have something to talk. Are u a woman? Talk talk here and there and not minding your own business

  43. One thing I see in marriages today is to make ur wife or ur husband ur best friend and love each other equally

  44. If you are depressed, speak out, talk to someone close, you might be dying in silence and the next thing is to take your life. It is not easy but God will take control

  45. For him to have escape the death through depression is by the grace of God,may God help him take care of the areas he’s been lacking in his marriage

  46. If this man feels he knows a lot about the scriptures than those pastors he constantly abuses, wy not go ahead and show them the way. His bitterness towards pastors have consumed him so much that at any given chance he finds a way to attack them even if the subject of discussion does not concern them. Let God judge…. Mr man

  47. Some people be making excuses over failed marriages in the name of depression.
    We are here watching.marriage is not for the faint hearted

  48. I understand what you felt, but marriage is for better for worse.. Bible doesn’t encourage divorce.

  49. God is the bed rock of marriage. Once you send him out of your marriage it will begin to experience cracks. When you are depressed the best remedy is submitting to your maker. Just as you take your faulty stuffs for repair

  50. opinions well analysed. but the truth is I don’t believe in generalisation. each problem has its own peculiarities which must be attended to accordingly. your issue with pastors and tithing is a different ball game.

  51. The country economic is even a major source of depression these days buy committing is not the solution to depression. To I think Satan himself is the one behind this depression thing ooo

  52. Freeze l agree with you in some case where one has to leave the marriage or
    relationship if you are depressed than to stay and die

  53. I feel no apologies when i say that Daddy freeze is a stupid man. So you call this a tribute to someone who passed on?? Or this is you taking yet another opportunity to insult and rain curses on men of God. Rest assured that God would hold all these words against you.
    You are blaming a pastor for asking you to work on the marriage. Was he the one who got the lady for you in the first place??? You chose the depression for yourself and as a spiritual leader he only adviced you the way he thought best so don’t pin your bad judgement on a man of God. Rubbish!!

  54. Advice looks good, but freeze matter sef. The fact that a pastor told you to work on ur marriage does not mean he is the devil. He only wants the best for ur family.

  55. honestly, that’s one of the things about marriage that scares me. God help me to find my soulmate

  56. I learnt a lot from your speech Daddy Freeze. You just taught me something I need to add up to my present life.

  57. Am just so fed up with this guy and criticizing Men of God, he cant just say a word with mentioning them

  58. “If being in a toxic relationship is the source of your depression, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY”
    Best advice ever

  59. You try on this depression is a very bad thing and funny aspect of it is that it won’t let the victim communicate what or how they feels with their close friends and family, may we never be in that stat where only the option is suicide ijn

  60. If being in a toxic relationship is the source of your depression, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, file for a divorce..i so much love this part. I believe that is the beat thing instead of killing yourself

  61. Marriage is simple and marriage is difficult , all depends on the two people involved in that marriage

  62. Daddy freeze issue with Pastors is just that, but for him supporting a suicide is one idea I don’t buy from him.

  63. sometimes people suffered depression in first marriage, especially when one finds the unrighteous spouse

  64. A toxic relationship is not good for one’s health and sanity. May God help us in the journey of marriage.

  65. Depression can lead to evil but we just have to fix it before it kills, sir just fix your marriage

  66. Everybody is talking about depression…..don’t let it weigh u down cos it’s a killer decease.
    I thank God u were able to get over it.

  67. Depression kills,its only by the grace of God and presence of those who cares can make one over come it

  68. Depression is a killer. learnt a lot from your speech Daddy Freeze. The fact that a pastor told you to work on your marriage does not mean he is the devil.

  69. Who is this freeze of a man? This post are always negative, who told him that depression is the cause of the DJ death? Anyway everyone is entitle to his opinion

  70. Yes! Depression is a silent killer and is nt good at all.. Bt that was nt the best way to handle it, by killing himself while another woman is some where waiting to embrace u? Good bye to him

  71. For the first time I support you in something. You are actually right in most of the quote you posted.

  72. Psychologist need to intervene in our day to day activities because depression is killing people too much this days

  73. Na depression dey reign this days, may God deliver us all from the spirit of depression. Its not a good thing

  74. For the first time u are making sense
    That was truth in its entirety
    Food for thought and pounder

  75. I dont know how he understood his own bible but Jesus told her the man she is living with is not her husband. And the bible didnt mention anything about the depressed state of the woman

  76. He is always attacking pastors…though there is a lot of sense to what he is saying..depression is a serious poison…if anyone makes u depressed…let them go…sincerely let them go

  77. Many people claim of depression in marriage…well that’s there business..that’s is we’re been advised to kw the person you are married to

  78. Like seriously depression is a faster killer than anything e kills slowly thank God u are safe for the first marriage

  79. Thank God you survived yours
    It is only by the grace of God someone can survive depression

  80. Depressions is for life time, everyone have to pass through it , we all pray to over come it, dj XGee to continue rest in peace

  81. You have spoke very well when it comes to depression but in tithes and others I disagree let’s just decist from what will cause depression because its really deadly

  82. It is not an easy task to overcome depression,some people don’t have the courage….nice speech daddy freeze

  83. the truth be told depression is one worse thing that can happen to anyone. This post are always negative.

  84. Daddy freeze for the first time, I give it to u, he is absolutely correct. Anyone encouraging u to stay back in an abusive marriage doesn’t have ur interest at heart.. Depression is real guys.

  85. Depression is indeed a killer no doubt about it.This doesn’t mean that some marriages can’t be fixed

  86. Its an amazing experience to actually survive depression.. We Africans believe it’s a white man’s problem

  87. But daddy – freeze does not killed him self like dj-xgee did, that is too bad for dj-xgee for what he had done

  88. Cutpurses. You are right, that is what some pastors are really. They are adding more to the problem of their congregation and making life hard for them while they live in affluence.

  89. So he isnindirectly saying DJ-xgee killed improve out of depression? Any was if it is so hmm depression is a very bad thing and everybody has their way of fighting it for those that cannot fight it they end up taking their own lives.RIP Dj

  90. Being depressed in your first marriage doesn’t mean you can fix things except if your partner has refused then you walk away. Freeze should mind his statement about Gos and pastors.

  91. Daddy Freeze, you were depressed doesn’t mean you should call your pastor name and said his god is Satan because of the counsel he gave you. Is either you accept his counsel or reject it and that doesn’t give you the right to insult any man of God. Telling a man that willingly destroy the image to rest in peace is a fallacy and not a sincere statement.

  92. Depression doesn’t mean taking your own life, try taking a break visit your favorite country view, go for for shopping spend time with friends and stop committing suicide please think about your family members

  93. Depression kills. What easily kill man is when he don’t find happiness at home. That is deadly to man. So if trying to amend to problem couldn’t come true, divorce is the best option.

  94. Freez or whatever you call yourself. Be careful the way you condemn men of God. You don’t want to commit a sin that has no forgiveness – blasphemy the spirit of God. The bible says What God joined together let no man separate them. You can’t expect a man of God to separate a marriage or encourage couple to go for divorce just because their marriage is being torment by a force. Let me tell you, Obedience is a key to success when you are going into marriage. Before you blame pastor or God for your broken marriage did you consult God before you embark on the marriage journey? Dr Freez go and learn more and stop talking like little boy.

  95. In marriage life complete total submission to God is very Paramount. I believed going by the bounden of God love in marriage one will have a smooth one.

  96. the same way pastors get their relvations if we are faithful and sincere God too will reveal things to us so dont blame pastor ,,and depressed so from hell

  97. I smell the pain, I sense the anger and agony you do feel for men on the pulpit… You are to judge non and condemn non…. Work on yourself and keep telling the right way you killed your depression…

  98. Sorry it work out that way but now since you know where the problem is, that means you know what next to do.

  99. Whaoo. It is now in know the cause of your attitudinal problem. The depression has really affected a part of your brain

  100. I agree with you on the depression part daddy freeze but I strongly disagree with you on the divorce part, married is ment to be forever that why we are advised to know pur partners well before going into marriages…and on the case of suicide no man has the right to take his own life its a sin weather you are depressed or not

  101. Daddy Freeze spoke reality. Depression kills if not handled appropriately. No matter the problem one see himself in, find a solution for it, get the right counseling for the problem because suicide is not an option.

  102. Depression is a Joy killer and peace of mind,As daddy freeze said if you are not happy in your marriage or relationship is better you leave than to be sorry later.

  103. Must Daddy freeze replies to everything that happen in Nigeria?You give advice and you have a broken home.

  104. Depression really kills from within that’s why we all encouraged to always talk to someone when.depressed, we all gonna miss him

  105. I believe depression is a killer. But I beg to differ on your take of divorce, if your partner is your source of depression, I strongly believe they are other ways to go about it other than divorce. Divorce is a sin, the Holy Bible only advises divorce on the basis of infidelity.

  106. I have said it before that depression kills more than cancer i am still saying it again it is very bad to stay in an marry or relationship that is not working out good

  107. Actually depression is a bad thing, whatever has a beginning will definitely have an end, the patience to wait is what is killing us.

  108. Depression really is a silent killer…i will say whatever makes u sad leads 2 depression nd so u should take step to avoid it

  109. Depression is really a bad thing but no matter how tough it is, we are not supposed to take our lives. Once again, may his gentle soul rest in peace.

  110. I bless God for this message.i was almost a victim of suicide because of depression.nothing was working, all sorts of problem surrounding me and I was like there’s no point living. But God intervened

  111. Hmm..mist times, thus guy should be listened to as he makes sense most times. He’s speaking reality from the Bible. I get why most pastors and people following pastors don’t support him.

  112. that is why you need to pray for God to help you in search of a wife. cos the blessings of the Lord added no sorrow.

  113. This man is just blabbing..

    He is of no use to the society,so he failed to also read the part that said its only on the account of adultery you must divorce your wife or husband..?

  114. Yeah depression do come at times in marriage, one have to look for good way to get out from it

  115. This daddy freeze can not do without hitting people with his words,so you mean God support divorce abi.It is well with you

  116. Depression its very common,so even daddy freeze too please anyone suffering from it,should always speak out thats how solution would come.Must he always drag the pastors into every issue.

  117. Another depression story once again.. Seems this is a season of depression for those that wants it to be.. I refuse to be depressed in Jesus Name.

  118. I don’t understand dis guy so your pastor was servicing Satan and was till ur pastor guy find ur bearing

  119. Anyway u are right depression kill very fast buh once u apply ur sense thats wer u will realize that it’s is not a good idea to commit suicide y depressed by other people

  120. What is going on with today’s marriage, young people please marry for love and not for personal benefits

  121. That’s true depression kills in seconds. Managing a toxic relationship/ marriage hoping it will get better someday is a no go area

  122. once you are married to someone just be expecting divorce anytime, which means it will not affect you so much.

  123. God does not support divorce. What god has join together, let no man separate them

  124. Depression is a killer it only takes the grace of God for someone to overcome it,thank God for your life.

  125. Indeed depression is a killer if it’s not managed well. Let us be careful in choosing our spouses.

  126. Now I understand were your sudden hate for men of God is coming from. As Christians I tell you. Its not adviceable to devorce, the bible warns against it. Get this.

  127. I follow him..
    Any marriage that will bring about your death, make it stop and may God keep it away from you.

  128. Na your own depression don’t always call the men of God in your statement they’re not your mate’s

  129. I never knew that Daddy Freeze suffered depression in his marriage, depression is a very bad thing.

  130. Thanks to God you better now shine on daddy freeze and continue with your good talks about those fake ass pastor in the country God be with your…

  131. I agree with him regarding leaving toxic relationships as they leave you worse than before. Other than that, he said nonsense.

  132. I totally agree with you and may God put us through all. It was very unfortunate this guy took such decision, may his soul rest in peace

  133. If only people can understand the really meaning of marriage and with God as their back bone they won’t be room for depression.

  134. If d daddy freeze is right by thinking he died from depression then he DJ x gee would ave sort for help rather than kill himself

  135. Why will marriage that is supposed to be a source of Joy becomes a tool for depression…its quite unfortunate.

  136. Though I don’t like the man but I think he has just said the truth. Depression is a very dangerous killer, one should try as much as possible t avoid it

  137. No pastor will tell u to divorce ur wife or ur husband in respective of wat happened btw u because, it is not in d Bible yo divorce, so u hating pastors for DAT is ur headache , DJ DAT died has no right to take his own life cos of depression, cos he was not d one who gave himself life and he his not d only one passing through depression, dere are lot of people outdere that dere situation is worse than his own and dey get over it with time.

  138. Depression kills even before you comit suicide…its not an easy thing..only God can save at that time…

  139. Indeed depression is a killer, but that doesn’t mean one should kill himself, life is full of ups and downs if u find itself down pick itself up and move on. And don’t condemn someone because u don’t really know what makes them live a different life

  140. Is only Gods grace can sustain u from depression not pastors pls
    Dont involve pastors in your doings..
    Is your life..if you dont pay tithe ,leave others that pay

  141. Depression truly is a killer bit suicide isn’t the way out.
    He said good things but I don’t support all
    If truly anyone is depressed in anything in life ,leave it or try to avoid it

  142. Yes.. Depression kills but daddy freeze should leave the pastors and stop condemning them. Judge not so you won’t be judged too. Let God judge Everyman according to his works… Nobody holy pass.

  143. Depression kills faster than poison. To me, if the relationship is not working out well, abeg let’s divorce. Because there is no marriage in heaven or hell.

  144. I am personally sorry for the things that I have been saying to you,I can naw understand why you hate pastor

  145. Truly depression is a killer but committing suicide is not the solution to depression. If a relationship is not going on well, is better for the couple to divorce

  146. It is a bad thing ooo, depression is not good at all but is not to the level where u now commit suicide

  147. Now I understand marriage is not manage,when it don’t work out please quite.
    In the other hand I want to correct an impression from the writer,Tithe,seed and offering is never a sin,especially tithe no pastor says it is a must,but is written in the scripture,do ur own part and live the rest..

  148. Best way to avoid depression in marriage is to lay your foundation on Christ… He makes all things beautiful

  149. Yes depression is a very fast killing disease only God can save us from control some one to do what they are not willing to do

  150. Daddy freeze will as always make everything controversial….he should grow up and leave this fake life of drawing tracks.

  151. I agree with all what he said here he is just saying it in a common sense depression is caused by people’s wickedness they will just look for a way to destroy you with their mouth it’s better you don’t take then serious instead move on with your life

  152. Am happy you survive it but where am still confused is what instigate your bitterness with pastors……

  153. depression is a killer. not till in marriage. let open up to close pals for breather to help out. its well and above all surrender to God he knows all our situations

  154. If you want Sex don’t promise marriage says by Daddy Freeze… You are correct sir.. Depression is dengerious a day its kills. Marriage shouldn’t be rushed into because it takes a mature mind, patient and tolerance to stay married

  155. depression can can so be bad and make you feel like not to exist anymore. I believe that’s in the past and bless God.

  156. This is good news,Thank God,Daddy freeze speak out on DJ Xgee death,money don’t solve depression, if your marriage is not based on trust,you have a right to divorce, don’t feel bad,just take that chances, nice,I hope we a learn from this,this is good news

  157. Daddy freeze, I now understand why you never cease to run your mouth on pastors. Better you fix it !!!!

  158. This is really bad and depressing and is death really affected a lot of people may is soul rest in peace

  159. I glorify God for emancipating you from the bad spirit called depression which normally end up with suicide.

  160. My first marriage made me terribly depressed and when my former pastor, told me to fix that marriage; the source of my depression, I realized Satan was truly his god.

  161. As much as there is sense in what u have said, pls be careful not to insult or judge pastors, they are God’s servant leave them to Him to judge them. God bless Nigeria

  162. All I can say is depression is a disastrous killer. I lost a friend to depression too I’m 2018 which made it clear to me that when you’re depressed, it’s very important you talk out to someone and you can be helped out. Depression doesn’t necessarily need to show up on someone’s face, it starts from within. God will help us all.

  163. Though daddy freeze might be called controversial, there is always sense in what he says. Our religious leader are not helping at all. Am sure they must have noticed issues between the DJ and his wife even with him when his wife left bit they will hide it all under the umbrella of keep praying instead of them to be practical about it.

  164. Daddy freeze must you always involve pastors in everything you say?? I just pray it not too late before you repent

  165. I don’t see any sence in what this man is saying… It takes the grace of God to come out of that….

  166. Is better to speak out , speaking out have solve the problem half way…no need to die in a relationship that is not giving you happiness..Daddy Freeze is making sense…may God help us .

  167. Depression is a killer it take the grace of God to survive it but one thing that’s very sure its that when you have God in your marriage and apply the bible principles in your marriage there will definitely be peace in your home

  168. Depression will kill you . you see how that dj took is life because he was tired of the relationship he had . omo self love is important i no go die if i no marry . At least make babies its okay it doesn’t make you a perfect man if you get married make una hear lol

  169. Daddy freeze survived depression becos he has a very strong heart, we should learn to have strong heart as it what helps us get past crisis

  170. Relationship is as deep as the human mind, and more.

    Ifmyou are depressed, try at least to talk to someone about it. Get all the help!you can. Killing yourself isn’t worth it.

  171. I think as a human being you are born to suffer depression but over coming depression makes life worth living . Daddy freeze is a winner not a loser

  172. In as much as the case may be, I agree with Daddy Freeze that depression is a killer, one still need to handle it diligently for it not to go into our head, suicide is one of the sins God frown at so God will not take it lightly with whoever kill himself or herself.

  173. Well its not really easy to come out of depression it takes only the grace of God for one to survive through with depression and come out strong.

  174. Daddy freeze made good and bad points here……he is obviously supporting divorce and quoting a bible verse wrongly forgetting that God changed the commandments of moses

  175. Depression is deadly, there should be an awareness concerning it. Freeze thank God you came over it.

  176. I agree with you on the depression part but I strongly disagree with you on the divorce part, married is ment to be forever that why we are advised to know pur partners well before going into marriages…and on the case of suicide no man has the right to take his own life its a sin weather you are depressed or not

  177. Depression is deadly but Daddy Freeze should stop criticizing pastors before it becomes too late for him.

  178. This Freeze guy will use just any opportunity to play down pastors. I think he’s just a frustrated soul, who asked him all these things he just typed. Rubbish!!!

  179. Bitter truth – ”if it’s sex you want don’t promise marriage to him/her”- Depression can only be cured by yourself

  180. Depression is really a bad thing it kills gradually…but also still stop criticising pastors plsss

  181. Depression is truly an evil
    But all depressions are surmountable
    So they shouldn’t end in suicide
    A little effort makes the difference

  182. You have said your fact….buh you can use what happened to you to judge someone else especially those men of God

  183. Depression is a bad killer ooo
    It makes you do what you suppose not to do…
    anything that will lead to depression
    Will should just try to avoid it

  184. Everyone suffers depression, but it all depends on how you manage yours. He should thank God he survived it.

  185. My main man this a nice piece people should learn how to control there self when in depression.

  186. If you cannot handle your marriage and make it work then stop advising others to leave their marriage… Though some parts if ur advice is good sha.

  187. The power of grammar has delivered this two .. It makes even the judge to marvel.. Let justice prevaile according to law!

  188. Depression is very bad but attacking men of God is not good, if you don’t like what they are preaching you leave, you don’t need to be shouting about it on social media Oga.

  189. Daddy Freeze, or what do you call yourself, your argument is baseless. Are you now justifying the DJ for committing suicide? You never saw anything bad that tbis guy did to his ex-girl friend.

  190. Sorry sir for ur depression most times this pastors hide behind the pulpit to commit all sorts of crimes

  191. I think is better we get our facts straight before we begin to conclude, there’s also a cause for depression, I believe before thinking of suicide no matter what find a way to solve the problem, talk to someone who can help, think outside the box, because his death will also cause much pays to his love ones which can also lead to another form of depression.
    Thanks for your message daddy freeze

  192. I’m surprised you didn’t even like them because a very big problem to the body of christ maybe God saved you for a reason so that you correct your stupidity

  193. Are you actually a man of God?I doubt it because a man of God won’t make all those statements you are making,i just pity those who listens to your words are follow them.truely you are a servant of the devil sent to lure people to hell fire.May God touch you to repent before is too late

  194. Gratitude to God for sparing ur life till now, you would have equally be a victim of suicide as a result of depression..

  195. Depression kills you even before you die. Please, let’s reach out to anyone we feel is depressed. You might be saving a soul.

DJ XGee suicide_ Ex-girlfriend reveals shocking details about him lailasnews

DJ XGee suicide: Ex-girlfriend reveals shocking details about him

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Drug dealers spared from jail after impressing judge with grammar