Daddy Freeze reacts to Akpororo attack on him during #TheExperience13

Daddy Freeze has reacted to Akpororo’s attack on him during his performance at #TheExperience13, which held yesterday in Lagos.

Daddy Freeze reacts to Akpororo attack on him during #TheExperience13 lailasnews

Akpororo said if had an anointing like Elijah, he would have turned Daddy Freeze to ‘wall gecko’. Sayingnobody can tell him to stop paying tithe because it works for him. According to the comedian, Daddy Freeze never wrote the Bible and so can’t tell anyone to stop paying tithe.

Daddy Freeze has now hit back in his response. Read below;

Wow, “in fact I no wan see your bible, it’s working for me” really got me… Is #TheExperience now used to advertise the fact that bible study is no longer essential?

This public rejection of scriptural evidence, can only serve to highlight Apororo’s nescience of the subject matter, which sadly is in symphony with the untaught stance of most Pentecostal pastors, who subscribe to subjectivism in contradistinction to intellectualism.

However, my disappointment does not lie in Apororo, but moreso in Paul Adefarasin, who could allow someone so uncultivated in scriptural matters, address such a delicate issue as tithing on his platform, before the public.

Apororo’s paedolalia on stage brought to light an absurd level of benightedness that perhaps would have otherwise remained veiled.

Even Paul Adefarasin himself, despite more than 2 decades as a pastor, is still visibly struggling to acquire a more comprehensive understanding and as a result, offer a more punctilious thesis on the topic, without lending his endorsement, like most of his counterparts are, to emotional and sentimental assertions.

This resplendent display of utter ignorance could have been avoided, should the church have chosen not to employ the services of what would be regarded in civilized climes as a circus clown, to minister on the pulpit, which remains one of the huge demerits of mixing secular comedy with secular concert style events to attract a larger crowd.

Also, lest I forget, Apororo, it wasn’t a lion but a bear that attacked the boys in that Elisha story, read that bible bruv, it won’t bite you!

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  1. He might be using it as a comedy,apkororo is a comedian… He don’t have to take it serious like that.

  2. Daddy freeze himself also knows how to attack people,so he ought not to take it personal wen they are doing the same to him.

  3. Who cares if akpororo was serious with the comment or not? If he don’t believe What Daddy freeze said, he should just keep calm and not to make fun or doubt of it. Everyone has his or her beliefs

  4. This man with all is grammar can not seem to comprehend that spiritual matter does not require eloquence to pass it across

  5. Daddy freeze should take it easy with akpororo,he is only doing his job ,he doesn’t mean it anyway

  6. Freeze was the one who turned himself a laughing stock the moment he started attacking other men of God

  7. this man like talking a lot he should go and sleep and stop putting mouth in other people’s matter

  8. He’s a comedian and he can use anything he like to make people happy, and see all the grammar he’s blowing

  9. He is just a comedian, Daddy Freeze shouldn’t take it personal because Akpororo is just making name and money

  10. Faddy freeze u took it too far because akporo is a comedy and can make fool of anybody including the president

  11. Daddy freeze should keep his grammar to himself so he knows that its painful to attack pple, apkopororo was only doing his job.

  12. Akpororo only doing his job as a comedian and nothing much also Daddy Freeze also doing his job as a journalist. Simple.

  13. Freeze don’t know anything, The Experience is a global program to give God praise. He should do what he likes and stop discouraging young believers.

  14. Comedy or no comedy, we should joking with spiritual things. It would have been better for him to go in there and perform as a comedian and leave the pulpit for those that are learned in spiritual things to talk about tithing.

  15. most of these comedians are stupid let him learn his lesson so that others will do and also learn the lesson

  16. I think it was so childish of akpororo to attack daddy freeze on public like that . It was so unprofessional of him but at the same time daddy freeze sure will talk always

  17. Welcome sir with all the grammatical, but I agree with your ideas, the Bible does not support paying of tithe again because it dissent serve the purpose anymore..

  18. when two elephant fight the ground will suffer it o. two big men quarreling who will settle them hahahhahhahahahhaahh

  19. This issue of tithe is becoming a major issue…. Because Nigerian are gullible.. They prefer s social media pastor to the word of God.

  20. don’t know if it a curse on all this comedians cux i seems not to understand why they must insult or attack someone before they make their money

  21. I wonder at some people’s comment , is paying tithe a sin? I see no reason why some people will argue on this , if you want to pay tithe as an individual pay, if u don’t nt want to pay you rest

  22. Daddy freeze should stop react, to any bad comments made against, how many can he react to,he should try and always make constructive criticism, it just criticising anything he come across to,even if it did not concers him

  23. Daddy Freeze has time to reply to anything posted about .he can’t ignore ..i like him…

  24. I we advice you to settle the matter between both of you and continue showing love to each other

  25. Daddy freeze is always after and against the things of God… Akpororo is a comedian, comedians attack any body they like just for fun… Daddy freeze should have a sense of humor

  26. Social media fight. Well the argument has a good topic, which I know many will in the end learn from..

  27. Wow! Thats really something. Hitting it back on each other. Waiting for akpororo’s response because it’s surely going to come.

  28. What do you expect from him being called to the church? Do you expect him to tell the congregation not to pay tithes?

  29. Apororo is a comedian he makes joke with different things just to make people laugh…so I see no reason in counting is words

  30. Lolz, grammar don full everywhere. But sincerely I see no sense in these war of words going on social media.

  31. Daddy freeze himself also knows how to attack people,so he ought not to take it personal wen they are doing the same to him.

  32. Every one of them is doing their work, so why will I drink panadol for them. As for me, I pay tithes. I have seen a witch who confess that her several attempts to take her mom Business to their dark-kindom was unsuccessful because her mum pay tithes always from it.

  33. Apororo went too far by saying he would turn Daddy Freeze into a wall gecko. I like daddy Freeze response to him. He showed him maturity and seniority

  34. All these comedians their mouth are running like water. Daddy Freeze forget about him . He need money from the pastors supporters.

  35. Is it because of this jarb that Akpororo threw at Daddy Freeze that’s making him speak English with annoyance like this? lolzz.Na wa o.

  36. Enough of all these critics from D. Freeze, Akpororo is just a comedian who can just get something to say on stage to make people laugh, he has no right to refer to a man of God in an unfair manner

  37. You shouldn’t have responded, you so called knowledge of the bible doesn’t make you a better Christian than any one, and why bring Pastor Paul into this.

  38. Daddy freeze reaction doesn’t show maturity, why would you condemn tithe paying first of all?

  39. May God have mercy on us. Please all these are signs of end time,people no longer have respect for the word and men of God. Repent for the kingdom of is at hand.

  40. Aporor was too emotional about it he should learn how to be professional he can do comedians without been abusive

  41. Freeze can be angry to all I care, because he has been saying a lot of things against men of God too.

  42. Oyinbo too much oo. E don give me headache self. Person whe dey blow grammar for in-law place na him go explain am ooo.

  43. Akpororo is right, freeze get lost you are no their when the word of God is written so stop attacking people with your false word.

  44. Hahahahaha, was waiting for this. Yes Apororo is comedian but he was also trying to drive some points in his comedy.

  45. This man with all is grammar can not seem to comprehend that spiritual matter does not require eloquence to pass it across

  46. Bia! Uncle Freeze abi na sister freeze,
    Wots ur own sef?
    ALL this Grammer bcos of your own personal beliefs of tithe is giving us headache abeg!
    Put ur tithe where u like, let us put our own where we like. Case closed!
    If I hia u again eh

  47. What is the meaning of all this talk about tithing? If the so called daddy Freeze doesn’t believe in tithing, let him not use his beliefs to discourage that are doing it and enjoying the bessing.

  48. Daddy Freeze gave a nice response. Akpororo isn’t the problem here, allowing Comedians on the pulpit is the problem and its a big NO for me. Pastor Paul shouldn’t have allowed that or stop him when the comedian was going that way.

  49. Daddy freeze and tithing…..saying 100,000 seating capacity church is a waste is soo very wrong….yah you can give your tithe to the orphanage but Mr..don’t sag church building is a waste

  50. The comedian Apkororo shouldn’t have attacked clergy man that way, instead he should kept his believed on what works for him.

  51. He might be using it as a comedy,apkororo is a comedian… He don’t have to take it serious like that.because he may be joking

  52. Oga the thing pain you abi
    I don’t really know ur work oo
    Only to react to people’s comments..
    Nawa o

  53. This isn’t a comedy to a point clear directly to tell him what is written and can’t be change..,biblically it is wise to pay one third of your income…so how would someone from the new age try to change that…right ✔️…

  54. This Daddy freeze will not mind his business, always speaking against someone here or there

  55. It’s a pity that the church should bring someone like Akproro on stage. But this daddy freeze rest for Naija matter na? Is it your country or do you want to switch?

  56. I don’t understand why daddy freeze problem is d church. Please can you let the church be. God is not looking for who will fight for him

  57. Welcome sir with all the grammatical, but I agree with your ideas, the Bible does not support paying of tithe again because it dissent serve the purpose anymore..

  58. Daddy Freeze and this tithe of a thing sef…
    Look at the kinda grammar he is blowing..
    Allow who ever pays tithe continue so long it works for them

  59. Mr man you can’t confuse us with your big grammar. You are not God that said to bring tithes into his house

  60. Lol
    What freeze just did is what we refer to as banality + fatality in mortal kombat
    I can see blood splashed everywhere
    Akpororo for just keep quiet
    I tire to use dictionary for all the texts Freeze put down
    I just start cry. For Roro

  61. Am just not comfortable with this pastor freeze. I don’t know why a pastor should be talking too much

  62. Daddy freeze, this guy is just a comedian, he just doing his work, to entertain people, all this penty grammar is not needed,

  63. Mhen!!, Daddy freeze u gat mouth oo, u reacted to one persons post but u ended up blasting two people

  64. Before all comedies I think they should be telling the crowds on what it takes to listen to comedy so that they won’t get angry

  65. If one is not careful daddy freeze can blow ones head with all these vocabularies… Is he the only one, his problem is becoming too much abeg.

  66. I so much love daddy freeze response. Those who practiced what the Bible says paid their tithe without compulsion.

  67. Akpororo or so just do your comedy no dey find trouble
    Btw…..i love this daddy freeze …lol

  68. How does that concerns me if he is serious or not, most of this comedian don’t really understand them.

  69. Akpororo may be doing his job as a comedian but not on the church pulpit because in a way you are defending the pastor whom was attacked by daddy freeze before. So if u reason it from where akpororo is speaking from, he can’t say anything bad. Moreover, I don’t see it as a joke because he said paying tithe works for him that means he’s serious about what he said. But all the same, they both are celebrities and will still settle behind our back. Every body is entitled to there own opinion anyway. I rest my case.

  70. Well I like the part he said the church should not invite secular comedians to talk on pulpits. But in all daddy freeze should stop criticizing people.

  71. This fsddy freeze just carries everything on his head like Dada. This was meant as a joke why take it personal?

  72. Daddy freeze shouldn’t bother exchanging words with Apkororo. He is just a comedian who I guess was just trying to make a joke.

  73. I think daddy freeze should reduce the rate of quality grammars which he uses inorder to carry all his followers along

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