Daddy Freeze reacts to photos of Bishop Oyedepo’s $40million Bombardier Challenger Private jet

Bishop David Oyedepo’s $40million Bombardier Challenger Private jet in his Dominion Hangar at Lagos Airport, surfaced yesterday. Bishop Oyedepo is reported to be the richest pastor in Africa.

Daddy Freeze reacts to photos of Bishop Oyedepos 40million Private jet Lailasnews

You all know reports like this don’t pass Daddy Freeze by. The controversial OAP has taken to his Instagram to react.

He wrote;

“Nigeria just overthrew India, according to by having the largest number of people living in extreme poverty. India, despite her population at 1.3billion still has less poor people than we have and we are only 194 million. If this private jet spirituality makes sense to you, It doesn’t make sense to me!

The greatest commandment Jesus gave us was to love our neighbors as ourselves..

How can you claim to love your neighbor as yourself when you send a bus to pick your neigbor, while you ride a $40million dollar jet?

They tell us to obey Malachi…. how can you obey Malachi and disobey Jesus? Are you a Malachian or a Christian? ~FRZ

◄ Romans 13:9 ►
New Living Translation
For the commandments say, “You must not commit adultery. You must not murder. You must not steal. You must not covet.” These–and other such commandments–are summed up in this one commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

◄ Matthew 22 ►
[37] Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’c [38] This is the first and greatest commandment. [39] And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’d [40] All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.””

Daddy Freeze reacts to photos of Bishop Oyedepo's $40million Private jet Lailasnews 1 Daddy Freeze reacts to photos of Bishop Oyedepo's $40million Private jet Lailasnews 3 Daddy Freeze reacts to photos of Bishop Oyedepo's $40million Private jet Lailasnews2

Recall that Bishop Oyedepo recounted how his wife, Pastor Faith Oyedepo, almost died in 2004.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, he was in 27 nations while his wife who turned 60 today Monday, February 5 was dying.

Here’s what was written on the church’s Facebook page;

“My wife is here today celebrating her 60th birthday. Death came to seize her in 2004. But Jesus stepped in to destroy the devil…In the midst of that attack, I was in 27 nations, blasting the head of the devil, with a wife dying!
Seek ye first the interest of My kingdom and leave the rest to Me…
She’s on her feet today…

I said to Jesus, ‘that you heal her is not what makes you my God. Whether you heal her or not, you are my God.’
I’m sure He must have said, ‘My son, make you no vex, I will heal her now’.”



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    Beloved is time you know the difference between our God and their gods.. Even a blind man can feel the environment of our God and their gods. Without you knowing the difference of those environment you will hardly be on the right side.
    Men of gods are long will you continue in deceiving the people of God? When will you allow this people to know the truth? When will you stop eating up what is meant for them? Originally God called you but you have now made yourself an instrument for gods. Dont be deceive,speaking in tongues is a never a sign that you are a candidate of heaven. When you pray people are heal,deliverance take place and signs and wonders everywhere is still not a sign you are a candidate of heaven. You can be the president of all Christian association in the world yet you are not of God.
    Will you allow the worldly things to take away God’s throne from you?
    You says, you are a man of God yet people fill form before they can see you…. You have no time for low class people,you feel too big that even in the church you have a special place where you can step on.
    When i look at this generation i always weep,,a generation where some so call men of God can not clap hands for God,they feel too big even to stand up in time of worship. Some time i wonder if they are now bigger than God but never can it be.
    If you think you are a man of God and you have more than two million in your account you are a thief. That money is meant for the poor in the church and not for you. You have more than two cars for your personal use yet people under you can not afford a motorcycle and you call yourself a man of God.
    During donation for church project,you always start from the grassroot but when the project is completed,the same people that donated for it can not have access to it,what a wicked world with witchcraft men of gods.
    Members it is time you find out where you are before it will be too late.

  2. allow God to fight is fight, go mend your ways before you point your fingers, each time you point a finger at a man of God, remember the rest of the fingers is facing you.

  3. What about the northern political leaders who have jets? This freeze abi freezer I pity you o. Satan has been cooking fio fio on your head and you know it will never done. The wealth of the gentiles is being transferred to the church #wealthisshifting

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