‘Daddy Freeze has issues with Fake Pastors, not Tithing’ – Singer turned Pastor Kas

Nigerian singer cum Producer turned Pastor, Kas, who brought us hits like ‘Fimile’, in a new interview with TVC, waded into the controversial tithing topic.

'Daddy Freeze has issues with Fake Pastors, not Tithing' – Singer turned Pastor Kas lailasnews

Kas who now owns a church called Praise God Ministry in London, disclosed that tithing is way of saying ‘thank you’ to God, further said that Cool FM OAP and leader of ‘Free the sheeple’ movement, Daddy Freeze, has no problem with tithing, but with fake pastors instead.

‘The problem Freeze has is with fake pastors. Let me explain what tithing means – Tithing means thank you! You give God 10% of what you find valuable. Let’s say you come to my church and you pay tithe of a hundred thousand, What I would do is; Take part of the money to look after myself and my family, take part of the money to look after the building and pay those that work in the church, take the third part of the money to help people inside the church and outside the church” he said.

On his welcome back concert scheduled to hold on the 25th of February, 2018, Kas disclosed that there is a line up of musicians from the secular music industry, because most people wouldn’t like to turn up for a gospel event.

As a minister for God, if I say I want to do a church event and I call people, they won’t really turn up. So I’m using the gift that God has already given me, which is music, to help people.
The singer turned Pastor also disclosed that he does music, but it doesn’t worldly lyrics in it;
The difference is this, my music is still the same and even better but its just that my lyrics would change a bit but the same kind of beat, Typical ‘Kasbeats’.”
Here’s the video below;



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