Daddy Freeze’ fiance mourns sister who died due to doctor’s incompetence

Popular and controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze’s fiance, Benedicta Elechi has taken to her Instagram page to mourn her sister who died 10 years ago due to a doctor’s incompetence.

Daddy Freeze' fiance mourns sister who died due to doctor's incompetence lailasnews 3

The obviously bereaved lady wrote a heart touching tribute to her sister and revealed how much she has missed her presence in her life.

She wrote;

“My very first mentor”
Today marks the last day of the 10th April (10 years) that I have had to live with a very heavy heart since my lovely sister Uche-Chukwu Elechi passed on.
Time they say, heals all wounds. But I can tell you that it is only a saying, in reality it doesn’t.
You can only learn over the years to inhale and exhale when you need to choke back on a tear from the constant reminder that a dearly loved one is gone forever.
I remember how extremely worried and in tears that i was, when I was told that she was admitted in a hospital in Lagos for a mild case of pneumonia and that with the right dose of antibiotics, that she will be discharged in about 3days. l was so disturbed that I discussed with my mum to travel to Lagos to be with her. I had a 7 months old daughter that was ill at that time, and I was torn between travelling with my sick child to be with her.Every one thought I was over reacting. Pneumonia wasn’t beyond what a competent doctor can handle. So my mum traveled in my place.
Four days later, we were over joyed to hear that she had been discharged and will be leaving the hospital after one last chest X-ray test.
My mum was ascending the stair case of the hospital with the meal she had requested for when she heard my sister calling out her name.
The nurse obviously had just returned with my sister from the x-ray room and my sister was gasping for breath, and it was discovered that the oxygen cylinder had run out.
How do you deal with the fact that you lost a loved one as a result of medical malpractice.
How do you deal with the fact that you didn’t have closure and your loved one is gone for ever.
My Uche, my dear sister, always cheerful, always optimistic no matter the situation. Meticulous and Charitable almost to a fault. You taught me how to give my time and treasure to humanity, irrespective of how many times they may fail you.
The shoes you left behind are simply too big for any one to fit in.We can only continue to try.
I take solace in knowing that the 32 years you spent on earth was extremely impactful. You touched many lives

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