Dad forced to pay N3.6million after daughter scratched 10 new cars

A dad has been sued by a car dealership and made to pay the sum of N3.6million after his daughter scratched pictures into the body of ten new Audis cars at the dealership.

Dad forced to pay N3.6million after daughter scratched 10 new cars

The family had been visiting the posh showroom in Guilin in southern China with a friend when their three-year-old daughter wandered off from the group.

The dealership initially sued the father – known as Mr Zhao – for the sum of ¥200,000 ($28,643 / ₦10.4 million), saying the estimated figure could increase after further evaluation of the damage done.

The dealership argued that the 10 scratched Audis, which includes models like A8 and Q3, could not be sold as new cars once they had repainted them.

According to the dealership, they could be sued and be made to compensate three times the purchase price if found guilty of selling a damaged or used vehicle as new.

Since the repainted cars would have to sold as used one, the dealership asked the father to pay ¥200,000 ($28,643 / ₦10.4 million).

But the court, in a statement on December 3, said the father rejected the 200,000 RMB demand. The two sides eventually settled on ¥70,000 ($10,025 / ₦3.6 million).

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