Dad builds exoskeleton to help his physically-disabled son walk

A young lad fulfilled his dream of walking again after his father, Jean-Louis Constanza, spent some time building an exoskeleton to make the dream a reality.

His 16-year-old son was able to wall on his feet and dump his wheelchair.

The boy has a genetic neurological condition that means his nerves do not send enough signals to his legs – to walk across the room and turn around.

A video which surfaced online showed the young boy testing the machine while his father watched and guided him.

“Before, I needed someone to help me walk … this makes me feel independent,” said Oscar, as his father, one of the co-founders of the company that makes the exoskeleton, looks on.

Speaking at the the company Wandercraft’s headquarters in Paris, Jean said; “One day Oscar said to me: ‘dad, you’re a robotic engineer, why don’t you make a robot that would allow us to walk?’

“Ten years from now, there will be no, or far fewer, wheelchairs.”

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