Valentine’s day: Dabota Lawson shares advice for people with broken relationship

Beauty entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson has advised people with broken relationships not force it because of the pressures which comes with Valentine’s day.

Dabota Lawson shares advice for people with broken relationship

The mother of one wrote:

“You will not heal by going back to what broke you . Don’t send that text and don’t make that call ,Love yourself and Ignore the pressure of today. Happy Valentine’s day”

In a post she shared two months ago, Dabota Lawson advised people going through pains in their relationship to speak up and not die in silence.

“DON’T BRING YOUR MATTER TO ?NSTAGRAM “ . Please go and sit down somewhere . Gone are the days where the media will give you a false identity and you can’t do anything about it .
If you’re hurt , in pain or going through hard times . SPEAK UP, PLEASE SHOUT LET THE WORLD HEAR !!! Don’t go and die for nothing in silence in the name of “ how will it look?” MY ANSWER: It will look how you want it to look or how ‘they’ want it to look if you don’t do something about it …. “
what will people say? “ MY ANSWER : ‘They ‘ will say whatever they want to say regardless, most times not in your favor, so say your own ,…. “ what about tomorrow “ , well honey ,tomorrow is Saturday.. It’s not easy to keep up with each and every person in our lives these days.”



  1. Hmmmnnn….is that so,its for you,i’d rather keep quiet before the tides turn against me with the woman&her friends

  2. For those who can not handle a broken relationship they better keep off but for those who can amend let them do.

  3. Love this piece…have realized that one thing that kills faster than aids is once inability to open up to someone, when you have issues. It leads to bitterness if not properly managed can bring about depression or untold evil desires.

  4. Love can’t be force, it comes naturally so if you are not okay with your relationship don’t force it o

  5. Love comes naturally. There’s no perfect relationship, it takes two people who are determined to work it out

  6. My dear your words are wise and appreciated is to to celebrate yourself if no one is to celebrate you

  7. Its not easy forgetting about ur past relationship but she got a point, you still have to move on and love urself

  8. There is something am noticing here is like this woman is heart broke and for that reason she saying to free herself from the pain.

  9. Nice one, great advice, so inspirational but it sound as if she’s speaking from experience. Well all still good

  10. Pls tell them ooo….every little thing…..Instagram will hear first even before the person that of ended you……

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