Cynthia Morgan returns to Instagram with hot new photos

Nigerian female dance-hall singer, Cynthia Morgan has finally returned to Instagram after a long hiatus from the photo sharing app. It was a big surprise to most of her fans when he ceased to update on the platform and a lot of people wonder what could have gone wrong.

Cynthia Morgan is returns to Instagram with new hot photos lailasnews 4

Asides an absence from social media, Cynthia Morgan was also missing from the music scene with no new music from her. Her absence led many fans to conclude that she might be recuperating from sickness or probably pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know of it.

Cynthia Morgan is returns to Instagram with new hot photos lailasnews

However, a member of her team who spoke with NET revealed that her supposed hiatus from the music scene is as a result of managerial hiccups. He also revealed that the singer has parted ways with the Jude Okoye led North Side INC Label which she joined in 2013.

Well, the singer is back on social media with new pictures. And if her re-appearance is anything to go by, we can as well conclude that she’s sorted out whatever kept her away from public eye.

You can recollect back in 2016 when Cynthia Morgan had a spat with Davido. According to the singer, OBO had called her a cow and she had to respond by calling him a fuk boy among other names.

She later opened up in an interview on what transpired between the two of them

“I do not want to talk about my spat with Davido or shed more light on it because I do not really know what to say. People who actually care tried to find out what really transpired between us. Davido called me names on Snapchat and I retaliated. When you say something to me, I give it back to you if I do not like it.

Unfortunately, people did not hear my own side of the story before they reached their conclusions. I do not really have any problem or beef with Davido. He called me names and I called him names too. He started the whole episode by calling me a Malu, which means cow. I do not tolerate things like that from anybody” She said


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