Cyber-crime giving Nigerians horrible image internationally – Falz

Falz who has never shown support for yahoo boys, has once again voiced out on how cyber-crime has been denting the image of Nigerians in the international community.

He said even though he gets a lot of backlash condemning the vice, he will continue to speak out against it.

Cyber-crime giving Nigerians horrible image internationally – Falz

“I’ve always said it from the beginning and maybe I was the first person to get a backlash on this. I’ve never been a fan of celebrating cyber-crime. When I said it in an interview, it got me a lot of backlash. I will say it again and again; cyber-crime is wrong, cyber- crime is giving us a horrible name especially outside Nigeria” he said.

Falz added that:

‘It’s destroying our youths and a lot of people are feeling it’s the only option. I understand the sentiment of people being not privileged and feeling like they don’t have the opportunity and they feel this is the fastest way to get money. But people are out there actually putting in efforts, toiling, struggling to make it by doing legitimate stuff and not just taking from someone else.

One thing I believe in is that live your life, let others live theirs as long as you living your life does not affect another person negatively. So long as you are taking from someone else, that is an offense even against humanity and it’s bad. I’ve never subscribed to it and I’ve never been a fan of celebrating it”.

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