Cultists who allegedly killed 100L NDU student over iPhone, arrested

The cultists who reportedly killed a 100L NDU student over iPhone, have been nabbed by the Bayelsa State Vigilante Service.

Cultists who allegedly killed 100L NDU student over iPhone, arrested lailasnews

The cultists who allegedly killed Miss Seiyefa Fred last Thursday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital, were apprehended at Amarata area of the state by 5am this morning. The arrested suspects have been identified as Junior Danumunabo from Nembe Ogbolomabiri, a 20-year-old boy, who resides at Gwe Gwe street in Yenagoa and one Ezeagi who is allegedly the boss that have the cultists guns.

Cultists who allegedly killed 100L NDU student over iPhone, arrested lailasnews 1

It has further been gathered that suspects have agreed to cooperate with the Nigeria police force to arrest everyone involved in the murder of the 100L NDU student, who was attacked on Thursday, November 8, by suspected cultists who asked for her new iPhone which she reportedly gave to them after hesitating.

Recall that we reported that Miss Seiyefa Fred was shot dead at close range, near her compound in Amarata area.


  1. Look at how they wasted the life of the young lady just because of iPhone, honestly I commend the security agents for a job well done and I really hope they will arrest everyone involved in the crime and I pray they all end in jail.

  2. It is will punish them,inspire of the fact that she gave them her iPhone, they still killed her thank God they have been apprehended,they will pay for the death of all the people they killed

  3. That is good for him. Why do you have to take law into your hands just because of phone. You must be punish.

  4. Thank God. Finally, the long hand of the law has caught up with him. He who kills will as well be killed.

  5. Nice work there, he should be dealt with for killing a student over iPhone , all those cultist all they do is to steal

  6. Can you imagine just because of iPhone you killed, now you are in the police net, what have you achieved by doing that,nothing.

  7. How can someone kill because of iPhone is the iPhone made of gold or is it worth killing for well this is murder and the victim should Severely dealt with sinners can never go unpunished for me I think he should be handed

  8. Good they were apprehended. They should be wasted in like manner. So sorry for the family of the deceased..

  9. justice must prevail,you have to kill someone because of cellphone,this cultist don’t even have human feelings

  10. This is the disadvantage of young girls carrying very expensive phones. Nevertheless the cultist and his boss should be sentenced to death tooo

  11. I was shock when I heard that my girl had gone down by dis cultist. It’s a painful exit n I pray the gov make more security move bcos this collecting phones is very common in yenagoa

  12. Why not jungle justice… How could he be so heartless because iPhone putting the parents of the young girl in ever lasting pains…. My God give Her family The fortitude to bear the loss

  13. The world is certainly coming to an end, how can one think of murder for iphone? Is the phone more valuable than the life of this young girl they wasted? Kai!

  14. Had to kill because of iPhone. Isn’t he a cult member. I thought those people are suppose to be rich.

  15. This is a very bad act for a small boy of his age taking life of ur fellow human being. Thank God he was caught to avoid more killing of innocent students.

  16. All this cultists activity is becoming serious in this country.. The security should really punish them.

  17. Since they know could kill the lady because of iPhone and not think twice, they should also be killed without bail.

  18. Just for the sake of iphone the young woman lost her life, what evil and barbaric act. Pray the culprits were brought to justice

  19. May God help us for many are after material things.
    Guy if you are given second Chance then it’s time for change of lifestyle.

  20. Comment* that is good for he because parents are suffering because of they.parents send they to school to study come out with niece GP but they are their doing curtis

  21. Nice work the officers have done . I’m so impressed so unlike them I’m happy they are Beginning to change . these guys need to be dealt with seriously

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