Cultists pluck out 7-year-old boy’s eyes in Nasarawa

A family has been thrown into deep sorrow as cultist pluck out 7-year-old boy’s eye identified as Monday Ajeh, during an invasion of Agaza village in the Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

Narrating his son’s predicament on Tuesday, the 47-year-old father of the victim, Mr Agadi Ajeh, said he was sleeping at home with members of his family when he heard his son screaming for help.

Cultist pluck out 7-year-old boy's eyes in Nasarawa lailasnews 2
Cultist pluck out 7-year-old boy’s eyes in Nasarawa

According to him, he discovered that Monday had been abducted and taken away by his assailants around 1.00am on Thursday, Punch Metro reports.

He added that a search party was immediately raised to look for the boy, who was subsequently found in a pool of blood with his eyes missing from their sockets.

'If you be cultist and your motive na to attack another person like you, u be fool' - Vector

Agadi added that the kidnappers had blindfolded the victim, tied his two legs and hands and removed his eyes, leaving him lifeless on the ground.

The shocked father said:

“Who could have done this to my son at that time of the night? They kidnapped him from my residence, while I was sleeping, and took him about two kilometres away from the village.”

On sighting the attackers, Agadi explained that his son shouted for help, but he was abducted by the suspected cultists.

Confirming the incident in an interview in Lafia, the Nasarawa State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, ASP Samaila Usman, said the victim had earlier reported to his parents that some people threatened to kidnap and remove his eyes, but the parents ignored the complaint.

'If you be cultist and your motive na to attack another person like you, u be fool' - Vector

Usman said the command had already deployed its men in the scene of the incident to ensure that those behind the heinous act were arrested and prosecuted.

Usman stated,

“The parents ignored the complaint by their son; they did not show any concern or report the matter to the police on time. And some weeks later, while on their farm, some unknown persons kidnapped their son and took him away to a distance of about two kilometres before they removed his two eyes and left the body.

“It was the following day that the parents reported the matter to the police station in Keana Local Government Area of the state.”

The police spokesperson added that Ajeh was being treated at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital, Lafia.


  1. This is very terrible, how do God forgive this.
    Cultist pluck out 7 year old eye? were are we going.
    He should be dealt with, if he is not speared good for him.
    May the parents of the victim take heart and I pray God will grant the young boy quick recovery.

  2. What has the little boy done to them ,those cultists should be apprehended and prosecuted accordingly for their eveil act .

  3. See this moneybag talking rubbish.. It was under your watch Dasuki was busy sharing billions of naira…. Corruption was on a very high increase when you were in aso rock… But now because you conceded defeat, which was the normal thing though ; so many people have been praising you, for what exactly?
    Had it been this country is like China, God knows that you and so many members of your cabinet would be behind bars by now. Rubbish talk

  4. Oh my goodness…..what cld a 7 yr old have possibly done to Dem…..they culprits shld be apprehended and dealt witH severely

  5. What is this people turning world to what could have be offence of this little baby that they did him like this

  6. I am short of words…is this real.I am really so so not going to even say anything This is too much and unbearable.what has that little boy done to deserve this.

  7. Corruption was on a very high increase when you were in aso rock… But now because you conceded defeat, which was the normal thing though ; so many people have been praising you, for what exactly? I don’t know

  8. Parents need to be extra careful and always pay attention to details relating to their children.
    Our attitude to wealth is the cause of all these plus our leaders who are irresponsible
    Just recently a 1st class student’s life of my school was ended for no cause

  9. When the perpetrators begin to face torment, nobody will be there to rescue them until they must have finished paying the price

  10. What a terrible experience for the boy to loss his 2 eyes at the age of 7, l pray that those that has hand in it should not go unpunished and l pray that government should come to their aired .

  11. What a wicked world we are dwelling in, this is typical man’s inhumanity to human. I suspect that the people who did this to the little boy are enemies of his parents or ritualists. Look at the kind of excruciating pain they put the little boy in.

  12. I just have tears in my eyes right now . This is disheartening , an innocent boy . I pray whoever did this would be caught and made to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison

  13. A lot are happening in this our country Nigeria. But one thing i know for sure is that no sin will go unpunished. May God save your life boy

  14. What an innocent child! But Why? This is wickedness. .I pray he is made to face the law squarely..

  15. All these ritualists with their level of heartlessness. The parents should have been watchful. Imagine ignoring such a complaint from your child. It does not make sense.

  16. They are ritualists, why should they do such a thing to such an innocent little boy,he will now grew up blind, it is only God that will punish them for what they did to this little boy

  17. I guess the little boys eyes is their ticket to heaven…wicked world….destroyingvthe little boy life..Nemesis must surely catch up with u all

  18. what manner of wickedness is that, how can a group of cultist attack a little boy only to pluck out his eye, they must all face the law and be severely punished and jailed

  19. Sometimes when children tell us things we just shun them and tell them to stop that joke yet it’s no joke. This is a warning to all parents to always listen to their children’s cry. Those suspect should be caught immediately

  20. The boys father was careless. What would make people treating a seven year old boy and actually carry out the act. The father has some explaining to do. This looks like an act of retribution.

  21. Parents nd negligence…How can a child report that some persons threatened to kidnapp him nd pluck out his eyes nd you did nothing about it….its high time some parents begin to pay dearly for the negligent act towards their children.see what i don’t care attitude of the parents has caused the poor boy.i pray he recovers soon by God’s grace.

  22. Jehovah, this people don’t have human conscience this is very wicked act, this cultists will not go unpunished.

  23. Oh my God! What can the innocent boy do ?Anyway, let the culprits be brought to book and jailed for life.

  24. This people are heartless,the body really need deliverance,i just pray they don’t use him For something else

  25. innocent boy, i pray the culprits will be arrested and dealt with.the parents were very careless look at the out come now.

  26. God will punish those hoodlums that this this inhuman act on that boy, and their purpose of removing that eyes will not stand in Jesus name Amen

  27. The parents should have done something about the threat when their son told them about it.Those cultists are wicked.

  28. We have to be security conscious all time,make sure before going to bed every where is locked up,go and pray on there head ,God will blind them entirely ,the pains they left this innocent boy will come back double to them

  29. Ha! This so serious, what is the world tuning to, why is man heart full of wickedness, may God strengthen the little child and to those that did this God will expose you all

  30. What could this little boy have possibly done to these cultists to deserve such a terrible thing? And why did his parents casually brush off their child’s complaints knowing that they live in a dangerous region? God save the little boy and help him get over this trauma.

  31. What did the boy do to deserve this kind of treatment from them, God must surely expose those behind this wicked act

  32. What a world we live in, what could a seven year old boy do to anybody to warrant this wickedness I pray God saves the innocent boy

  33. A popular word says “what goes around,comes around”. They are gonna meet up with the law someday…..the parents should still say thanks to God for son life…is pretty better than not finding him.

  34. Hmmmm this people are very wicked,God will blind them one by one just as they left this little boy in pain,so sorry

  35. 7years old child for crying out loud haba, God will surely deal with the wicked in his own way, God please help us to serve you daily and in a right way

  36. this is poorly evil,but how did they know he’s a cultist…. This are kidnappers .parents should always pay attention to their kids not matter the rubbish they are saying

  37. Chai its a pity, for q very young boy like that, why would someone with a heart cultist or not just decide to pluck out a childs eye and leave him chai

  38. The evil that man do shall kill them this little boy is now a blind man for no reason God will judge that cultist.

  39. Haba what has the innocent boy does to warrant such wicked act from rhem, except they are taking revenge on his father or mother this is bad

  40. Nothing is hidden under the sun, when they will be killed we all will start crying, I believe no act of the wicked shall go unpunished

  41. The world is polluted with evil dust, people are heartless and mean. What on earth will they do with the innocent boys eyes leaving in this lifetime of sorrow, o God where is thine eyes?, shine your light upon us.

  42. Am so sorry for the little boy who has been put to forever blindness…and the patent who also has been put to sorrow…may God continue to visit those that has said man will know no peace….

  43. This Is indeed a heinous act. What have a little child of this age could have done for them to have melted this kind of thing to. God have mercy!!! Wicked world. Save your children lord

  44. Jesus!!!
    cultist should be punnished and prohibited from nigeria,
    hope the government do something about the boy situation

  45. Due to the nonchalant attitude of the parents the child ended up like this,, parents should always listen to the complaint of their children
    Those cultists are wicked and they should not be left scout free

  46. Parents should be watchful because perilous act is seriously going on…report any matter,don’t say,its a small matter. The bit could have been saved if early report was made to the police.

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