“Crypto trader supposed to be regularized “ – Adam Garba backs CBN

Presidential aspirant Adam Garba has backed the decision of Central Bank of Nigeria following the ban of cryptocurrency exchange.

According Garba, crypto trading needs to be regulate by the government in other to protect Nigerians from fraudsters.

He tweeted; “With the banning of Crypto transactions, I believe The CBN is taking proactive measures to protect Nigerians from fraudsters who deceive ordinary citizens & rid them of their earnings.

Crypto traders supposed to be regularized so that they can be tracked in the event of cheats.”

I’ve had encounters with many Nigerians who claimed to have invested fortunes in Crypto Business without understanding the basic principles of Blockchain

Some people even call Crypto ritual money due to its alleged profitability, it is hard to separate those thinkers from MMM.

We must learn our lessons from fraudsters who also guise on the platform of more & deprive you of your little.We’ve had MMM, Binomo, etc, all these ended up badly for some of us.

We must learn to value our earnings through hard work, not some dubious shortcuts.God save us.”

See some of the reactions from his tweets.


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