Crowd screams as lady heals crippled man on the road in Akure (Video)

A video footage that has gone viral shows a woman heal a crippled man in the middle of the road in Akure, Ondo state.

lady heals crippled man in akure - lailasnews

In a video that appeared to have been taken on a crowded road in Akure, Ondo state, a lady is seen holding the hands of a man as he gets healed. The man who is said to be a cripple had his crutches on the floor as the lady holds up his hands while he tries standing on his feet.

Crowd were gathered at the scene watching in amazement as the lady performs the healing. A by stander made the video and the crowd were screaming in shock, excitement and bewilderment. The man who is visibly happy has been healed was all smiles as crowd gather around to celebrate with him.

The lady who healed the crippled man is yet unidentified but there are claims that she is a Christian who performed the miracle in the name of Jesus. Watch the video below.

Some Nigerians tag it as scam that it was staged while a number of others were thankful to God for the healing, arguing he might be a known destitute contrary to the believe it was staged.

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