Cross dresser Jay Bugatti shares glimpse of his nether region as he reveals he has done ‘p*ssy surgery’

Nigerian crossdresser Jay Bugatti has claimed that he went under the knife to change his genital.

The cross-dresser shared photo of his new vagina as evidence of the gender reassignment surgery, as he revealed that he had done the surgery long time ago but decided to keep it a secret ahead of Xmas celebration.

He also said that his family was not aware that he went for a reassignment and that he kept it a secret in other to “serve” it to them as Xmas gift.

Sharing his photo on Instagram, He wrote;

”I have kept my p*ssy surgery away from you all and also my family as a secret and I promised fans said to myself I was gonna west s it to you’ll as my Xmas gift from me to you all”.

Earlier this year, Jay asked Nigerians to stop addressing him as “he”. He said “she” is now the pronoun he’ll like to be addressed because he was going for a reassignment surgery.

See the full photo on his official Instagram page.




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