Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend sues him for defamation

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Lennard, is suing him for defamation, weeks after claiming he’d threatened a revenge porn leak.

Cristiano Ronaldo's ex-girlfriend sues him for defamation lailasnews

She has outlined her legal threat on Twitter, boasting that her “lawyer hasn’t lost a case in his entire career”.

The Celebrity Big Brother star alleged on Twitter:

“My legal team decided we were going to sue for defamation, for lying about not knowing me as well as serving the harassment order which is why it has taken longer.

“There has been a massive amount of work to do.”

Last month the reality TV star insisted that she repeatedly told Ronaldo to leave her alone, but claims he failed to do so.

Lennard, who dated the footballer a decade ago, said she had been in contact with him for the past 18 months.

She has offered to help the lawyers of US model Kathryn Mayorga who claims he raped her nine years ago in Las Vegas.

It is a claim that former Manchester United and Real Madrid ace Ronaldo, 33, vigorously denies.


  1. All she want is to be collecting money from him from time to time but in as much that man has understand her she taught going to court would solve it

  2. Why bring such problem on him, when he is already a happily married man with children. This is called wickedness

  3. Even if you guys are no more, but then there were times you must have cherished together…..why all these now…

  4. I don’t even knw who to believe now is it his ex or him by d way he is already married so wat up wit him and his ex and d lady shud nt take d issue to far as taking it to court u guys shud resolve d issue like matured adults

  5. Ronaldo is always involved in some nonsense Sexual allegations, it’s high time they started taking him serious.

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