Cristiano Ronaldo to submit DNA in Vegas rape case

Juventus striker, Cristiano Ronaldo is set to submit DNA as part of the police investigation into his Las Vegas rape case.

Cristiano Ronaldo to submit DNA in Vegas rape case lailasnews

As previously reported, the Las Vegas Metro PD has reopened the investigation into claims made by Kathryn Mayorga that CR7 sexually assaulted her in his hotel room back in 2009.

Kathryn Mayorga went to cops back in ’09 but didn’t identify Ronaldo by name out of fear of retaliation.

Just a few months ago, Mayorga filed a new lawsuit against the soccer star saying Ronaldo and his team coerced her into signing a settlement at the time and paid her $375k in exchange for her silence.

Police arrest fraudsters who hypnotised girl, raped and collected N1.4m from her

When that lawsuit went public, cops said they would reopen the case now that they had the name of the alleged assailant and, as part of the renewed investigation, they went to Ronaldo within the last week and asked for a DNA sample as part of standard sexual assault investigation protocol.

Ronaldo continues to deny all wrongdoing and plans on cooperating with investigators to prove his innocence.


  1. This will really settle the case and allow everybody to be at peace. The striker should not be afraid as DNA will tell if he is innocent.

  2. Biko the money has finished because he can nor give you anymore again you want police to arrest him . wicked woman

  3. An incident that happened since 2009… How sure she even recognized the person’s face… Let’s wait and see the end result of the investigation

  4. Good step in the right direction….the truth will eventually come out at last.stars with scandals….

  5. He don’t rape her but they both agree to have fun together and pay her..the lady just want to spoil his name

  6. This really disgraceful! A respected personality like Ronaldo shouldn’t have involved himself in this kind of heinous crime. Just hope he is innocent of it all.

  7. People sha knows how to tarnish image people.because his been known as world best player and philanthropist now, enemies wants to tarnish his image. God will vindicate u ororo

  8. They should do and end this matter self
    It’s taking much time and causing distractions for the player

  9. i wonder why women are like this, after settling this woman previously with $375k, what else did she wants?
    want to brings up case for the star…

  10. Could this be true. Would he actually rape someone with the numbers of ladies dieing for just a hug from him!

  11. Biko the money has finished because he can nor give you anymore again you want police to arrest him . wicked woman,I taya ooo

  12. Whenever a person is in the limelight, people will try to attack from all angles, that’s life for you. Let the medical experts do their part and then the jury also should do theirs.
    Ronaldo my man, Fear not. Except deep inside you you are aware of your guilt.

  13. all this just to tarnish his image… I believe he can have any girl he pleases so why would he rape some girl?


  15. They should just leave my christiano Ronaldo alone abeg.. I’m not a fan of these their metoo movement.. Its nothing personal though, trust me.

  16. This January is all about our stars anyways cr7 I wish you the very best in your rape case may God see you thru

  17. After she confessed that she has been paid $375k for her silence. Why is she still pursuing the case? That is a breach of agreement.

  18. She needs money o. It happened a long time ago and she’s coming out now. Her excuse is not even solid.

  19. I don’t think he actually raped her but if she insist then he should go ahead with the DNA

  20. I think this lady has an agenda, How can u collect such money and keep quite since 2009. it seems she needs more money.
    Ronaldo should go ahead and prove himself

  21. This is serious this woman should keep quite what is her problem, as she ever work for $375,000 in her life

  22. Mmmmm judge not DAT he may not be judge in not good to hear from one side and not give the other to explain his

  23. Its a very good thing thing that lawyers exist. Its best for him and his team to engage their legal team. This is because, sexual assault is not a minor claim. His name, prestige and character is at stake here.I pray he takes things carefully. If he really did it, its better he engages the lady in question in an out of court settlement buh if not, CR7 defend your name and make her pay for defamation.
    Nice post.
    Good job. Hope to get more interesting posts from u.

  24. She wants to cut short this guy reputation .God won’t allow you.You were given but didn’t reject it,now that you squandered the money you want to opt for another one right.foolish woman

  25. I thought this case has been closed.. Cristiano Ronaldo should just comply so that this case will be closed once and for all

  26. If he is found guilty then he should be made to face the law but if not, he should press charges against the accuser. Meanwhile what was she looking for in his hotel room?

  27. Why would ronaldo do such thing, hope it is not gonna be true. They are so many girls out there who would give u what u want free why go for raping.

  28. Am supporting that idea, because I think this case should have ended by now, he should prove his innocence

  29. Ronaldo why will you do such a thing upon all the respect people have for you I filled this deep inside me

  30. Since 2009 what do they want from him they just want tarnish his image or they are after money

  31. The lady might be right in all the accusations labelled against him but they should settle for peace to reign

  32. It is better to clear ur conscience. If u really assaulted her, own up and settle d matter once and for all.

  33. This is funny oo… After paying her to keep silence, she still went ahead to mention his name again… People sef

  34. Why did she collect the money back then? But now want reopen the case again Abi she need another money

  35. I believe this will help to prove if he is innocent or committed the said crime labeled against him. Time will tell and we are all waiting for the next episode of this drama.

  36. Wow, not so great but I think Ronaldo can get any girl he wants to have. This is just to tarnish his image

  37. I swear… Not all glitters are gold but at the same time I can’t believe Christiano Ronaldo committed this offence. Investigations must be done properly

  38. Its good that she has filed a suit against CR7. Rape is not a good thing. Let the court administer justice to the one who deserves it

  39. They have started on him again, though he might have committed the act or not, that’s doesn’t mean they should try to tarnish his image, so bad they are picking up his past against him

  40. since 2009,this Is 2019 and they are just reopening the case, while did the woman keep mute since 2009,im sure he wants to extort money from CR7

  41. Please they should clear his name because i dont think he is like that,so the case should be properly investigated.

  42. Good name is better than silver and gold so what ever they are doing they should consider his image.

  43. Is possible for ronado to rape Her
    Since 2009
    You people should not spoil a good name that ronado av build now

  44. The police should do a proper investigation on the matter ,because I believe Ronaldo can’t do such a thing.

  45. this better not be true so that he will cripple his carrier an why would he be involved in such a thing

  46. Am very sure this info is a fake scam, the girl was trying to term termage christiano Ronaldo image, she wanna spoilt his reputation, Ronaldo can never rape, he’s a star, he has a lot of girls who fall for him…how will he do such, I strongly disagreed about it.

  47. Oyinbo people like wahala sha, it more than 10 years already and they are still investigating I trust Nigeria, 6 months and the case is dead

  48. I think that girl is insane when she know she can’t y did she collected the money at first time foolish lady she wants to turn him to ATM

  49. let me get this since 2009 and you are just waking up? People are funny.. 10years after collecting money and keeping mute.. What made her talk now? Equity doesn’t indulge the indolent, because you slept on your right
    But anyways if you have evidence to corroborate your claim, then good luck

  50. White people are whole lot of joke. A case of 2009! Though I don’t why it’s only people of high profile that become victim of such.

  51. They should allow this guy to rest about this rape case na. It’s like they are just waiting for him to become famous so they go back and dig up bad things about him.

  52. If that will prove his innocency let him submit the DNA, at least his allegations has gone viral, let him just clear himself.

  53. That is good and that is where there is system in place. Such case if its my country, the police will tell you they don’t have the record. Let them investigate and the truth shall come through

  54. This case is a very serious one. Although let him go ahead and present the DNA test just to prove if it is true or not

  55. This is serious I thought this case has been closed, what’s happening to the great celebrities of our time

  56. I think this will help to prove if he is innocent or committed the said crime labeled against him. Time will tell and we are all waiting for the next episode of this dramas..

  57. Truly speaking CR7 love girls alot but I don’t think he will go to that extent of raping a ladies. Since he corporate then let wait for the result.

  58. If submitting the DNA result would make be happy, Ronaldo is right to submit. But this lady should forget about this case.

  59. Nawao once someone is succeeding, bad Belle people will start digging up trouble here and there. So even if the assault happened, since 2009, it’s now you want to dig it up

  60. This case is not a small case o, the case that will involve DNA. Hmm! The truth will come out at the end of the day

  61. Am man like Ronaldo A respected personality like Ronaldo shouldn’t have involved himself in this kind of heinous crime. Just hope he is innocent of it all.

  62. Yes Ronaldo that will prove you know nothing about the issue they are claiming on you I think they just want to use mouth to spoil your career

  63. Every evil done in the dark will be brought to light in the future
    you and R Kelly are in the same shoe

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