Cristiano Ronaldo gives update on rape allegation

Cristiano Ronaldo has given an update on his rape allegation, the Juventus star said he expects to be cleared of in the new year.

He is alleged to have sexually assaulted Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo gives update on rape allegation lailasnews

Ronaldo has repeatedly denied the claims and expects a resolution in the coming months.

“It hurt me to see my family upset about the news, but they know I would never be able to do that,” he told Portuguese newspaper Record . “I was completely calm and very confident that soon everything will be clear.”

Ronaldo joined the Serie A champions from Real Madrid in the summer.

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He has helped his new side to the top of the league and into the last 16 of the Champions League.

In the process he returned to Old Trafford to face his former club Manchester United.

And he would welcome a trip to Real Madrid with his new side in 2019.

Ronaldo added:

“It was fantastic how Manchester supporters always welcomed me when I played at Old Trafford. “The Santiago Bernabeu has also been my home for many years and will always be a very special stadium for me.

“I do not hide that I have and I will always have a great affection for that club and those fans. We live together unforgettable moments and it does not go away. “I will return with great pleasure to that stadium and I expect to be well received.”


  1. Government official knows how to bring someone reputation down, rape in a hotel what was the lady doing there.

  2. Although people can’t be trusted but the whole world knows the rape allegation against Christiano Ronaldo is not true.

  3. Once u re sure that didn’t involved urself in a dirty scene going back to ur people is not a problem because they will definitely accept u

  4. Sort yourself out in order to remove all negative vibes around you so that your career won’t be affected

  5. Hope the news of the rape allegation will be cleared soon. You are always loved by your former club Manchester united, it is a remarkable thing.

  6. If Ronaldo is innocent of the rape accusation am sure court will decrea him innocent but since he is married he should lea girls alone

  7. Thank you for being so honest Ronaldo, you are already a stay and there’s nothing enemies can do about it.

  8. I knew this right from ground that it’s just a fake allegation, so please end this quickly this year cos it’s part of what affected you from scoring 50goals last year

  9. I believe such a star who could have girls at his beck and call would do no such thing I pray u get cleared soon. Best of luck

  10. All these allegations should be checked and handled well. She should be settled and allowed to leave cos i think she just wants to make trouble

  11. 2009, that’s a long time ago. But why bringing it up now if he actually committed the crime. White and their mentality.

  12. We are talking about case of rape that probably took place 10years ago?.. Kathryn is accusing, Ronaldo is denying, then who is actually right..?? They should come to resolution please..

  13. Why wait after many years before bringing the issue of rape, just to spoil people’s reputation

  14. The truth will surely if you’re innocent like you claim, you have nothing to worry about

  15. They only want to bring you down at all cost and I wonder why she is just voicing out now and didn’t say anything about it when it happened then. Like you said, truth will prevail

  16. I believe everything will be cleared. As a professional many will like to accuse them unnecessary.

  17. I knew he was innocent of the allegations. Some girls want to blackmail guys for money, since Ronaldo is quite rich. She wants to take the opportunity.

  18. There are certain stories I do no believe. Maybe the person set him up just to get money from him

  19. To be on a safer side, do not invite any woman to a hotel. You might be get more than you bargained for by doing that

  20. This is not funny but atleast a responsible Man should be able to have wife at home because of all this allegation.

  21. All this European countries and their bad governance, why will someone wait for a long time before bringing up a rape allegation and it will be accepted.

  22. Sometimes old stories are being dugged up maybe to call for an attention or to ruin someone’s reputation… I hope CR7 clear his name.

  23. Well only if he is a beast will he descend that low to rape someone, whats the lady doing in his hotel room. I think its a set up, they want to ruin his reputation

  24. This story looks fabricated, he raped to about eight (8) years ago and your just speaking up now ..this case should be well looked into

  25. I just hope he is innocent bcos this could ruin his career and may also cause family dispute. it is another way of tarnishing your image.

  26. I hope the guy is really innocent.. He’s a player I respect so much.. Hope its just a gal trying to be famous

  27. I pray it should be cleared oo this year
    Let him be free so that people won’t be judging him

  28. All these people that will wait for year before speaking up about an assult na God go deal with you all

  29. When will married men leave young girls alone. If Ronaldo feels he is not guilty then the court should drop the case.

  30. Right from the first day I heard about this… I was never in acceptance that Cristiano Rinaldo could be involved in such an act… I pray he would be vendicated soonest.

  31. “I do not hide that I have and I will always have a great affection for that club and those fans. We live together unforgettable moments and it does not go away. “I will return with great pleasure to that stadium and I expect to be well received.”

  32. Am not sure what they said about the rape thing is correct. Please do all you can to clear is name from this

  33. I pray he will be cleared of all this allegations very soon, the lady might just be looking for cheap popularity

  34. Once you are a public figure and role model things like this usually happen,once you are cleared just move on and continue to excel in life.

  35. Don’t worry dear you will soon be cleared they just want to bring down your career but they can’t succeed

  36. If he’s not guilty, he’ll be vindicated very soon. This could as well be an act to smash his reputation.

  37. It’s very painful when one is accused of something he or she didn’t do. Ronaldo has said that he is innocent and hopes to be cleared of the said crime this year. The truth will never be hidden for too long, and the truth regarding this rape allegations against Ronaldo will soon come out and it is that truth that will vindicate Ronaldo.

  38. I know that Ronaldo didn’t commit the crime. I don’t know why people derive joy from bringing celebrities down. They just want to bring down his reputation but God will not allow it. Very soon his name will be cleared.

  39. I think the courts should just drop the cases as they hold no water at all. We wish Ronaldo all the best.

  40. I think he is innocent, people just want to get fame by associating with but blackmailing him is not good.

  41. There supposed to be a law to this issue, any rape case of more than 5 years should be dismissed. I just hope he rectify all his problems this year

  42. I doubt Ronaldo can do that too..because he is for sure a world star… And any girl will want to have him instead of him raping

  43. I never knew they are still on this case something need to be done if truly he his innocent he will be vindicated,sorry for going through all this shit

  44. I know roNaldo can not do such a thing
    They just want to distablize this young man
    But their plans will fail
    Shine on bro
    You are in did a good player

  45. My dear it’s only God that can help you to come out if that mess
    Clear conscience fears no accusation

  46. This girl just wants to tarnish the image of oir football legend C. RONALDO
    God will see you through bro

  47. Ronaldo better stop those irrelevant issues this 2019 if he don’t want to kill his career on football. just concentrate

  48. Mostly I thank God he is calm ,it does not effect his career or the love people have for him. We love you

  49. whenever someone is making it in life, the enemies will always look for a way to end the progress… Thank God its been settled

  50. God be with you man sincerely if you are innocent never mind it will all end in praise soon am pretty much sure about that

  51. I don’t know who is wrong and who is right pertaining to the rape allegations but I just hope that the truth will be out

  52. We all know the allegation on Christiano Ronaldo is not true. she just want to extort money from him and run him down. I hope he get cleared soon

  53. Base on Ronaldo personality I don’t think he can involve himself in a rape scandal, he is upright and a great player

  54. All these rape cases should be thoroughly investigated because it’s becoming frequent among the celebrities.

  55. One thing i like Ronaldo for is that he doesnt forget his foundation been Manchester, he still gat lot love and regards for them

  56. I don’t know why people are always after celebrities to drag their name in the mud, C7 you will be cleared and Santiago will receive you with joy.

  57. I don’t think a situation where a lady accepted to go to hotel with a man that rape should come in. Abi na dodo dem they chop for hotel room?

  58. This is good news,Cristiano Rolando is nice,I hope he will win the case,people just want to bring him down,this is good news

  59. Yes that is a word from a leader. His attitude towards the situation is positive and it explains the exalt truth.

  60. Such stories should be well observed before bringing it out to the media, all these people claiming assault sometimes are just looking for fame

  61. Rape nonsense everywhere and it’s not even a recent thing o, something that happened when pikin still dey inside Belle, what’s she even doing in d hotel? If it’s not to laid

  62. They sure know how spoil someone reputation, what was she doing in a hotel in the first place and I wish you a wonderful year ahead… Just stay focus on your career, the truth will surely comes out soon.

  63. What would a responsible girl be doing in a hotel with that kind of dress. Only God knows the truth. I don’t truth man

  64. When people are succeeding people all bring all kind of stories to stop their shine,well am not surprised that’s the world we leave in.

  65. I pray everything should be clear and settled as soon as possible, we will always show you love,cr7 the best

  66. whats the lady doing in his hotel room. I think its a set up to condemn his career or to collect money from him.

  67. There is just enough evidence to show ronaldo’s Innocence. The rape case happened on 2009 and the rape victim had enough years to report such a case , why take so long . It’s all lies

  68. I believe he’s innocent they used that to tarnish his image or what was that girl doing in the hotel is she a staff of the hotel

  69. Thank God he has been vindicated,and his name cleared from the bad name that tge lady wanted to give him.

  70. your wonderful in your career we know that, I wonder why you will be accused wit such when alot of successful ladies are dying to touch your suit.

  71. I think it would be better if rape cases are reported immediately after it is done to wait for scores or donkey of years before raising the dust.

  72. Enemies on the line…. Bro if you are saying the truth, just be Clam God will fight for you.

  73. Some people are just there to ruin people’s career. Ronaldo should just pray to God for mercy on his career

  74. No matter how nice you are people will still try to tarnish one’s image,he shouldn’t worry the case shall be resolved.

  75. I believed him, he can never involve in raping. Nice that he will be completely calm and very confident that soon everything will be clear.
    Christiano Ronaldo will always be completely welcomed anytime he returned to Old Trafford to face his former club Manchester United.

  76. It’s not good news to associate ones name with, especially A Star, he has better clear his name on time.

  77. I pray he clear up the allegation else it will give him bad name and is reputation will be tanish. I wish him all the best in 2019.

  78. The case should be done away with so that he can concentrate on his career and his family too to have the issue push to the past

  79. The lady should be punished if Ronaldo is later discharged acquitted and Ronaldo too should be severely punished if he’s found guilty

  80. Some women are just wicked most especially when you are rich or you are celebrity they will fine all means to implicate you.

  81. In my opinion ronaldo cannot indulge in such practice of raping or sexually assaulting anyone cos he is far bigger than that

  82. Something that happens years back,,you white people are bringing it up now,,Ronaldo might be innocent and they are trying to spoil Hus good reputation,,,, soon everything will be clear.

  83. Only the court can say you didn’t rape..As for your family, let them rest their mind since the trust you.

  84. I pray you are cleared once and for all.i wish you best of luck. happy new year CR.

  85. Please l beg na anywhere you pass you see rape na winch.all the celebrity, star’s just dey get bad names why too bad

  86. Money is always the motive behind all this,like say na poor man will the lady come out with all what she is cleaming.. God will see you through

  87. The 5 time ballon D’or winner I know is a respectable star. This might be just a way to extort him. I pray he’s cleared soon enough.

  88. Christian Rinaldo may be innocent, you know some ladies are so desperate whenever they want something, they can go to any length. May be she wants to date Ronaldo and he told her no, and she now looks for way to tarnish his image.

  89. They should clear the guy jare, All these white ladies like to bring up such allegations once they see that a guy has some money to part with.

  90. Rape allegation isn’t something one can forget in a hurry. His family should have trusted his that that allegation was a way to tanish his good Image

  91. So far he has a clear conscience there is no problem……this could be his trial times but everything will be over when the truth comes out

  92. CR7 has everything it takes to get any woman he wants anywhere in the world
    I don’t believe he committed what he is bn accused of
    I know someone people would want to rubbish image and reputation he has built for years
    It won’t work

  93. If truly he is innocent then he will be cleared but if he is guilty with concrete evidence then he should be properly punished. All these celebrities should stop behaving like they are above the law

  94. What are u also doing with another person wife or girlfriend in hotel. Try to clean yourself with all these shit.

  95. How can someone be rape in an hotel what was the girl doing there, this is just to bring down his reputation.

  96. He’s a very good player, love challenge and competition. Pray all this allergies about him is false so he can concentrate.

  97. Do not worry Ronaldo, as a star you will certainly face these problems but you will overcome soonest.

  98. He was accuse of what he did not do thank God for is patience God knows what would have happened to him

  99. They should settle this case oo cause it will affect his football career oo and again cr7 you are always welcome in realmadrid anytime any day

  100. Sometimes I hate it when women talk about sexual harassment when they are the ones that open themselves in these situations. When you protect yourself and reduce excessive exposure to opportunities that make them candidates to these things the better for them. They should look for a way to clear this issue.

  101. After 10 years?? What are they doing since that they are just saying it now??? One is acussing one is denying

  102. The king of soccer they can never bring you down no matter how they try rape in a hodel this is ridiculous

  103. I feel this is just a plot to have a dent on his image, I hope he gets cleared since he is confident.

  104. Whether they say shits about you all to tarnish your image, you still got my love and support. CR7!

  105. All these are just cock and bull story just to tanish his image but he will always come out victoriously.

  106. I wish you well in this new year, cleared of all allegations and to be able to face your career without distractions. happy for you man..!

  107. Why do they wanted to destroy his carrier why do they waited since this days they are now bringing the issue up now.

  108. I also pray all this rape scandal go away real quick. It can really lower people’s morale atimes.

  109. Allegation they only want to see all this top people fall, but cristiano God got your back

  110. A clear conscience fear no accusations, this is what I see in christiano and as such am sure he will be cleared soon

  111. I hope soon you will get out of this allegation and focus on your career once again. God be with you

  112. Since he insisted he didn’t do that, the court is there to clear him and proved him innocent.

  113. If you are not guilty as you claim them am sure your name will be cleared from.all this allegation

  114. What’s the difference between hotel and rape?
    By the way why bringing it up now?
    What happened then?
    My friend go sidan lemme see road

  115. Ronaldo is my best player they re just saying all this to tarnish his image I pray his cleared soon.

  116. This allegation of rape is really bad and a blemish to his character. He denied it and even said his parents knows he can’t do that. I believe he will be cleared of this.

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