Crazy haircut new barber gave me – Man shares painful experience

In what would be considered as a painful situation, a man has taken to popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland to share his experience with a new barber in his hood.

According to the man, he was so desperate to have a hair cut and had to stop by at this new shop, only to find a young barber.

Crazy haircut new barber gave me – Man shares painful experience

He proceeded to have the haircut, but what started as a medium for the new barber to prove his worth, ended as a sorrowful tale.

Read his post:

So I went to this shop in my new hood to cut my hair. I had gone 5 weeks without a haircut and was already looking like a Wild animal.

Met the young barber and my intuition rang the alarm bells: he looks like an apprentice!!

I ignored the warnings and sat on the swivel chair. I desperately needed a haircut!

Afro punk, I told him, and proceeded to instruct him on how I love it. Has to be bespoke!.

He nodded in affirmation, grabbed the clipper and gave me a shocker…..

When I saw his grasp of the clipper — feeble and weak, and his strokes, lacking finesse and the dexterity of a professional barber — I knew I was in for trouble.

15 mins later and he had already given me a hair cut I never knew existed.

He finished and I was still looking like a Wild Animal; a domesticated wild Animal.

He looked at me and I could see guilt written all over his face. He knows.

I wasn’t mad at him. Baby steps he was taking. One day, he’ll become a pro.

But will I go back to his shop? Not in this life.

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