Crate challenge death: Dallas first crate challenge death true story

Crate challenge death in Dallas about woman who allegedly died after participating in the milk crate challenge are not true.

Dallas woman involved in the milk crate challenge was injured not dead according to police.

Crate challenge death_ Dallas first crate challenge death true story

The milk crate challenge is currently trending on social media this week, as many people have taken up the challenge as they try to walk across stacked empty crates.

Just a few of those who attempt the challenge actually complete it with a larger number falling off the pile of crates.

A recent report which has been circulating on social media had claimed that a Dallas woman died while attempting the challenge, this are claims the police has debunked.

Speaking with WFAA, the Dallas Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, stated that the reports are false, as the said woman didn’t die and was only injured after the fall.

“The milk crate challenge? We really don’t know much about it,” Chief Eddie Garcia said Wednesday during a news conference. “I know there’s been reports that someone lost their life. The report we’ve gotten is that we took an injured person report. That individual did not perish from that challenge.”

According to the police chief, officers responded about 11 p.m. Monday to the 8300 block of La Prada Drive, and on getting to the scene, there was an injured person at the location and an injured person report was filed.

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