Court grants Deji Adeyanju bail

Political activist, Deji Adeyanju has been granted bail, after he was rearraigned before a Wuse magistrate court on Tuesday December 4th.

Court grants Deji Adeyanju bail lailasnews

This was made known on Twitter by @segalink, who wrote;

Just as mentioned earlier Distinguished @adeyanjudeji has been granted bail for the upteenth time by a competent court a few minutes ago. Criminal libel is an illegality in any Democracy and Nigeria is not going to be painted differently by tyrants abusing office. #FreeDejiNow

Deji Adeyanju, who was arrested on November 28th while leading a protest in Abuja, was released on Monday December 3rd from the federal prison in Keffi after meeting his bail condition but was re-arrested by a police team waiting around the prison.

He was arrested alongside two other campaigners, Daniel Abobama and Boma Williams, and arraigned before the Karshi Magistrates’ Court, which remanded them in the Keffi Prisons in Nasarawa State.

Adeyanju and his co-accused had stormed the police headquarters with a big banner with the inscription, ‘Police are not politicians; this rally is about saving democracy; 2019 elections in danger’.

He was rearraigned in court by the police on Tuesday December 4th for Cyber Stalking, Inciting Disturbance, and Criminal Defamation.

He has now been granted bail.


  1. Congratulations to him,but truly police are not politician, they should uphold the law without preference

  2. I thought they were going to jail him because Nigerians hates hearing the truth,thank God they released him

  3. He should just take things easy this is a country that you can’t battle with government and win the battle

  4. I don’t think he did anything wrong that should land him there, but had he not gotten there I would have wondered where APC have evening waiting for to magically change Nigeria.

  5. for court to grant him bail is actually never a good justice that is supposed to be given to deji adeyanju

  6. No una for keep on holding him hostage, let the world keep on watch you this present administration is treating democracy in Nigeria

  7. This way our government is going is not Democratic at all, you can’t even speak anything against the government without someone chasing you around to jail like a criminal

  8. One thing about this country is the aspect of playing around with the truth…..they truly knows he is right but they still persist with their action….

  9. don’t think he did anything wrong that should land him there, but had he not gotten there I would have wondered where APC have evening waiting for to magically change Nigeria.

  10. Thank God he has been released but why did they level a wrong allegation against him that he was involved in Cyber Stalking, Inciting Disturbance, and Criminal Defamation. This is unfair!

  11. Congratulations for the bail, authorities should always investigate before charging someone to court fornthe allegation levied against him

  12. Granting of bail has never been issues in Nigeria, the problems we have is based on the fact that if it can be sustained. He may still remain there until the next four years.

  13. He has proved his point. Police have become more notorious. A strong warning to the IGP and his men at the top. They should stop playing pipers role.

  14. That’s good but from now onwards he has to trade carefully to avoid a repeat of the last incident

  15. Thank God for that and make sure you mind what you say or post on social media to avoid this from happening again

  16. Thank God the court grant him a bail and he should take it easy oo because this country a person can never fight a government

  17. That’s good, cos he didn’t do anything wrong, they just don’t like to hear the truth that’s why they keep looking for a way to penalise him, but God pass them.

  18. Thank God for him
    He was finally released
    Why would they even arrest him at the first place
    Anyway congratulations to him

  19. Wow, thank God finally you are out. Please be careful next time we are in a country where protest is now a crime and the right of citizens are been denied.

  20. Thank God, just have to be careful next time of your protest. This country don’t know freedom of speech. Before it will be use against u

  21. Thank God that he finally released, congratulations to him, nothing go easy in this country, you just have to be caution

  22. Congratulations dear.I’m so happy for this. Finally the Nigeria judicial system are improving

  23. Congratulations to him on his bail
    I think he should be more careful now
    And mind the steps he takes

  24. Let the police look for another charge because they are bent on destroying democracy. Congratulation dear
    Yry anf take things easy. We are in Nigeria

  25. Hope he learns how to keep quite and respect those who are in authority. Life does not only go with fighting for your right while disrespecting those in the corridor of authority.

  26. Congrats on his freedom but i am still baffled as to why he was arrested in the first place especially since we are in the era of freedom of speech and it was a peaceful protest

  27. that is a nice one because being in jail is not a easy thing o. thank God for bringing him out. hope he have len his lesson shall

  28. Its good the court has granted him bail, that young man has really attracted the interest of the public these few days he was detain, good luck man

  29. I’m waiting to hear the final judgment on his case. I reserve my jubilation because I don’t know what the Nigeria police force may decide next.

  30. Good,congrats to you for not celebrating ur Xmas and new year in the prison,i bless God on ur behave,,,,have fun

  31. I am so tired of this country, its now a crime to express our fundamental human rights. I don’t see anything bad in heir said protest.

  32. Thank God he’s being released because the police force was already infringing on his right to freedom of expression. The court has done the right thing. Hope he doesn’t give in to intimidation and continue the good fight for the voice of the voiceless. Police force must not be allowed to be used as political tool for intimidation please.

  33. My brother always stand on the truth ,but unfortunately this is Nigeria and they dont like to hear it.sorry bro.

  34. Thank God he’s granted bail as for me I didn’t see any crime he committed that warranted his arrest

  35. When it comes to government there is nothing like rights infact that word rights is not for this country because nothing like that exist anymore… Thank God for your bail but be careful.

  36. He’s an activist and the court knows they have nothing to hold him back. After all, what he did was only a peaceful demonstration.

  37. Congratulations to you, I’m happy for you, that you are released, now you have to thread cautiously

  38. Happy for him Nd his families….Na Nija we dey o,u gat to take tinz easy Nd wisely

  39. Interesting how things are done in Nigeria. He has freedom of expression. Well, I’m waiting to hear the final judgment on his case. I reserve my celebration because I don’t know what the Nigeria police force may decide next. They can arrest him for the third time.

  40. Bail, a second time in days. May he not be rearrested again no matter the guise. Let the laws be allowed to take her free course.

  41. Thank God he was released as soon as possible at least it shows the competency of the court in handling such cases without fear or favour

  42. he did anything wrong that should land him there, but had he not gotten there I would have wondered where APC have evening waiting for to magically change Nigeria.

  43. This is not a Democratic way of government, arresting anybody that talks against them.Thank God he’s out.

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