Court also reduces jail term of former Governor Jolly Nyame

The jail term of former Governor of Taraba State, Jolly Nyame has also been reduced by Justice Abdul Aboki-led three-man panel of the Court of Appeal.

Court also reduces jail term of former Governor Jolly Nyame lailasnews

The jail term of former Governor Jolly Nyame was reduced from 14 to 12 years, and a fine of N495m was imposed on the convict, a fine that the lower court had omitted while dispensing the earlier sentence.

The panel at the appeal court, held that the lower court erred when it took it upon itself not to impose fine, as such in counts 1, 2 and 6 that have to do with criminal breach of trust.

I’m glad senate didn’t confirm me - Ibrahim Magu, EFCC boss

Nyame who was said to have embezzled the money through shoddy stationery contracts which he awarded at the tail of his eight years administration in 2007, was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment after being convicted of misappropriating N1.64billion from the state’s treasury by a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Gudu, Abuja earlier this year.


  1. that’s one thing about celebrities,ones they are well know in town,they forget about there past and sources

  2. At least he was still sent to jail for what he did, that is enough for me, if this can go on am sure others will learn from this

  3. in Nigeria if can be able to embezzled our money, your justice is to go to prison and come back to enjoy the money stolen by him, na wa for our judgement

  4. All these reduction of their jail terms is what I don’t understand oooooo, when they committed the crimes they should face the consequences because others like them will commit more tomorrow hoping they will get same jail term reduction as well. This country is not getting any better rather it’s getting worst by the day only God will help us in this country ooo.

  5. Why do they keep reducing their jail terms next thing now you will hear that they have been released, do they also reduce jail term for ordinary citizens who commit even lesser crimes.

  6. I don’t care if they reduce it or not….. my own is dat they shld make sure they go to jail…In btw, i hope dis is not anoda propaganda…I just hope

  7. Why the reduction? This is how they will be reducing their jail until the next will be they have been granted bail. Every one is subject to the law. If it were to be a poor man, they would have sentenced them to hell. Results of corrupt system.

  8. Nigerian justice for u. Hope they can extend this magnanimity to those who are not public figures. It is then we can say that our legal system has started wearing human face

  9. Yes he have to serve his punishment, because no one is above the law
    When will Nigeria leaders focus on people that appointed them and stop embezzling country money anyhow

  10. so it was omitted eh… when did u people start omitting fine ?? Okay OK.. U people know what your doing. Corruption everywhere

  11. This reduction is getting too much allow them to complete their sentence so that they can feel the gravity of the crime the committed.

  12. He shiuld pay for his crime…how i wish it can be done to all those criminers who call themselves leaders

  13. Happy for this development and l would like some to be applicable to any government officials to involve in corruption

  14. I think reduction of jail term is not good enough for our judicial system.seems like a pat on the back for corrupt politicians

  15. when they committed the crimes they should face the consequences because others like them will commit more tomorrow hoping they will get same jail term reduction as well

  16. Honestly if one commits an offense whether rich or poor they should bear the consequences no minimize corruption

  17. Comment*very good, nobody is above the law,but the #495m they charged him is too small,he should return the whole 1.64billions he took

  18. If only they can be doing this to all the politicians who embezzled money ,this country would have been a better place by now.

  19. Why reduce his jail term? Is he not as guilty as charged? Partiality at play. This country is not moving forward at all

  20. Why should the court rereduce it for him when he is carrying all the didn’t he know that he will later be jailed

  21. This will be a lesson to people in leadership position, who are still stealing from the country’s Treasury.whether they reduced his jail term or not,he will still pay for his crime

  22. Reducing this corrupt politicians jail terms will give others reasons to continue stealing…. Let them rotten on jail please

  23. Do they think reducing the amount will solve the problem,by the time they increase it I swear this criminals and crimes will stop,yeah it will

  24. Nyame is lucky to have received this favor but yet has to pay for his past evil has been traced.

  25. This country are not serious, person that embezzled #1.6m and you gave him a fine of #49m with 12years imprisonment, it is too small joor

  26. Why reducing the case, is his case different I think nobody is above the law he should face the law properly

  27. I can’t still believe that a politician is finally in prison former governor in this county?? Some people must have a big benefit to this

  28. Well I believe that the court knows better when it comes to matters of justice. The punishment must be in the right proportion to the offense

  29. This man is just lucky but the way this court guys are having mercy on these men I hope there is nothing playing underground ..

  30. Why reducing the sentence? I hope others will learn from this. If you cannot do the time don’t do the crime.

  31. More or less the same thing, but this goes to show no one is above the law, others should be brought to book too

  32. As far as am concern he isn’t a above the law and one thing is in Nigeria today the law is been sideline and wherever there’s no law then there is no sin they say,let the court of law have better says in our country against all evil deeds and I bet it with you we shall see more changes

  33. At least let him face the result of his bad deeds even if it’s small can other corrupt officials suffer the same?

  34. I’m starting to like this kinda judgement, if it can go on like this, I will be very happy. Since no one is above the law, then let them be jailed so that others will learn their lessons

  35. When it comes to d case of politicians,they are always taken into consideration
    Imagine the jail term of 14 being reduced to 12 but if it was to b a commoner,more yrs will b added which is known as impartiality

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