Couple to be sentenced for naming baby after Adolf Hitler

A neo-Nazi couple await sentencing after been convicted of being part of a terrorist group and also naming baby after Adolf Hitler.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were found guilty of being members of the extreme right-wing organisation National Action, which was banned in 2016, Yahoo News UK has reported.

Couple to be sentenced for naming baby after Adolf Hitler lailasnews 3
Couple to be sentenced for naming baby after Adolf Hitler

The jury at Birmingham Crown Court was told the couple, from Waltham Gardens, Banbury, Oxfordshire, had given their child the middle name “Adolf”, which self-confessed racist Thomas said in evidence was in “admiration” of Hitler.

Photographs recovered from their home showed Thomas cradling his newborn son while wearing the hooded white robes of a Ku Klux Klansman.

A third defendant – a leading member in National Action’s Midlands’ chapter, warehouse worker Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of Crown Hills Rise, Leicester – was also convicted of being a National Action member.

Former Amazon security guard Thomas and Patatas, a photographer originally from Portugal, were found guilty after a seven-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Jurors were told Bogunovic already had a conviction from earlier this year for stirring up racial hatred after being part of a group that plastered Aston University, in Birmingham, with the group’s offensive stickers.

Thomas, a twice-failed Army applicant, was also convicted of having a terrorist manual, namely the Anarchist’s Cookbook, which contained instructions on making “viable” bombs.

The Crown’s case was that after being banned by the government in December 2016, National Action simply “shed one skin for another” and “rebranded”.

Thomas, Patatas and Bogunovic will be sentenced on December 14.


  1. This soumd some how, how will the middle name affect the parents to the extend of taking them to court, there must have been someything inbetween that made the couples to be presented to the court for sectioning and sentence

  2. That’s show the extent to which they are faithful to the group,that not a good one for them but it should serve as a lesson for others who are bent on supporting groups that are against government

  3. See what naming your child have caused couple. You brought the child to this world to become an orphan ba?

  4. Naming a child should not bea crime if not that they were involved in suspicious activities and having materials of such.

  5. because they name their kid Adolf Hitler, what is the people business, why are they sentenced.

  6. Oh my God! What’s wrong with the couple naming their baby after Adolf Hitler? It’s their choice and I think they have every right to give their baby the name they want.

  7. Of what use is a terrorist name to you that you have to name after your own God giving child. This signifies you are a part of the gang and I support their action to nail you for these. Because if it been overlook, more of its kind may arise again. Nice government

  8. After reading this I am convinced, I wanted to quickly judge that anyone can me his or her child any name of their choice.. But this Is pure racism they can be jailed

  9. They should be sentenced for being part of the terrorist group and not for naming after Adolph Hitler….. Anyone can adopt any name because they adore the name.

  10. Racism of the highest order, though you can name your child as you wish but naming them with a past terrorist name is not good enough

  11. If truly they are involved I will say they should be sentenced, but if it’s because of the name given to the child then I will say it’s wrong

  12. Parents should be careful about naming their kids some people will name them because they’ve heard people bear The name sometimes the don’t know the meaning . as for this couple that’s their community they know what is expected of them and they went ahead to do the contrary . so they have to face the music. I can’t really say much

  13. This is serious…belonging to a terrorist group is another thing and giving their own baby any name they like is a different thing..why will their choice of name be a problem.? Strange things are happening.

  14. I don’t think that should affect them in at way the parent choose the name that suit their ward so why should it be another’s person problems

  15. This is oppression and wickedness. How could you kill a family just because of name. God will help us ooo.

  16. It’s good that he was arrested, if he’s not a terrorist, that means he has it in mind to become one someday. Naming his son after Adolf Hitler shows that he admires him.

  17. This judgment is biased oh! There’s nothing wrong with naming a child after anyone the parents so choose. Is it against the law ? If they’re been convicted for just this reason then it’s not fair enough unless other excuses about being members of a terrorist group are true.

  18. I think there is freedom of bearing any name you want or naming your own child any name you one has the right to sentence then . Better still ban the name

  19. Name place a vital role in the life of a child and as a matter of fact, you answer to your name whether negatively or positively. I guess this is the angle they approaching the issue. Giving the child such a name is as good as building up another Adolph. That is, a racist who will grow to wake the sleeping dogs, thereby terrorizing the state. They are better taken off from the streets before its too late.

  20. The main allegation as indicated is that he’s a terrorist. With such evidence as bomb manual, it signifies that he’s a dangerous terrorist so, he should be treated as one.

  21. But I believe and Know that naming someone is of choice and they should not be sentence if there is no concrete evidence about any terrorist movement from them

  22. I can totally understand the angle they are coming…on the long run the child will be the one to suffer the consequences, not the parents…so I feel it’s a good move to protect the child from such name.i mean we all know d story of Adolf Hitler don’t we??

  23. When has naming a child became a punishable act ? This is crude, unrefined and uncalled for. The name however has been popular not to be a good household name. So why give a child a name that doesn’t go down well with people as well as trying to reignite his racism and terrorism ?

  24. Wonders shall never end in my country Nigeria. How does the middle name affect the parents to the extend of taking them to court? There must be something fishing

  25. nothing wrong with naming a baby adolf hitler if you ask me, but if they were arrested cos of this nazi flag and kkk costume, then i will say no p. Lol but is is funny how people still detest the name hitler even after all these years. i bet that name is a history maker and wont be forgotten anytime soon. so this innocent baby has got his parents some questions left to be answered.

  26. That’s show the extent to which they are faithful to the group,that not a good one for them but it should serve as a lesson for others who are bent on supporting groups that are against government

  27. Well what much should I say I about,I believe that there want him to a trouble to the country and become a trouble for them

  28. Naming the child Adolph isn’t any crime but the y really need to know what’s behind the naming ,,the fact that they carried the flag of the ku klux khlan has made them guilty

  29. any name given to a baby is very important because in a due time the name will definitely prove itself one day so naming a baby following a bad past experience is not accommodating at all because the child will grow and also behave like the person come want .

  30. The kind of names given to new born babies sometimes has it own secret, at times it might be because of what they pass through during the pregnancy period or during delivery and at times it might be for their best interest maybe d name is a favourable name to all that bears it so if they name their child Adolf I don’t see any crime attach to it they have reason please is not a case unless there is something else.

  31. Full house cultist
    Adolf hitler and benitto musollini all bad leaders.. wonder why the parents would name their baby after Adolf Hitler. Or where they just trying to be famous by that. Now see where this has landed them.

  32. They want to ignite another war with this act and they are still standing by it…whites and their confidence…If really they are not taken care…this is how their admiration for the man would spark up into war.

  33. After reading this post, I see this as pure racism which could cost this innocent child his parents. This is a warning to us all not to belong to groups that will be a threat to our government and our society.

  34. I don’t see that as a justifiable reason to arrest them. The child is theirs besides no name is absolutely meant for a particular person

  35. Very good, racism has to stop. This is 2018 and he is wearing such an outfit that has been known to be worn by the famous Racist group KKK

  36. This is so bad especially trying to bring back Adolf Hitler’s racism. what does he want to gain from naming that Inocent child this name

  37. Out of all the beautiful names in the world, some people are just too ignorant on some issues. Bad for them thou.

  38. Well from the post,
    One can say that the true reason or reason for the conviction is not the middle name of the child but of their previous records and other crime related issues before them
    Well let’s wait till 14 Dec to see the out come of the judgement

  39. Why will they name their baby after a terrorist. They must have to answer this question. That means they have something in common.

  40. Nothing is wrong in naming their child Adolf hotler if not dat the child parent is a terrorist I don’t see anything wrong

  41. It can possibly be that they vowed to be committed to the terrorist group as convicted and to help promote the group to what ever extent they can. And so they wouldn’t want the name to be buried beneath the ground.

  42. This is as a result of racist because I don’t see any reason why they should be charge to court for naming their son after Adolf Hitler. May God help them out

  43. There is nothing I won’t hear under the sun.getting killed for just naming a child?if men were to be God????

  44. A name given to a child is one good to the parents, I don’t see a reason why they have to go to jail for it.

  45. but where they interrogated for their actions because they meant many things in mind for naming there child that.

  46. That couple should be blamed for their actions, because there are other names u could name ur child to avoid public attentions and avoid troubles

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