Couple caught having sex in a car, shamed by residents (photos)

A couple who were caught having sex in a car, got shamed by residents of the area for performing the said act in their neighbourhood.


The couple who were caught having sex in a car in the residential area, parked their vehicle in an isolated area along the street. Residents of the area who were angry with the couple for bringing their private affair to their neighbourhood rather than get a room, shamed the couple.

Though Facebook user John did not give the exact location of the incident, however it was gathered that the couple were sent away after they were embarrassed. While some social media users supported the move by residents of the area, others maintained that the couple did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have been shamed since they are both adults.





  1. Why na, they should have look for a room but no problem shaa since they are couples and are inside they owncar

  2. This is not fair. There can have sex any were. In fact the man is not smart. If is me no one will embarrass me.

  3. They,are married nah, but why didn’t they at least get home or better still park somewhere that is secluded

  4. Must they be this embarrassed that even the lady under wear snap ? Stupidity seems to be running ok n both party .

  5. This is ridiculous… The neighborhood shouldn’t. Have gone so far by interrupting the lovers romantic sandal of love… Is not right… They didn’t caught him with their wife neither the girlfriend….

  6. People always like putting their mouth in things that doesn’t concern them. If they like let them do it in their car who’s business is it? Apriko

  7. What’s this life turning into….can dey go n rent a hotel,why inside car along the street nawa o

  8. Hmmm don’t they have a home, or is that a new trend, this amibo that put his head inside car in the picture, abi he want to enter there too

  9. In as much as what they did is wrong they are adults and shouldn’t be treated with disdain, it’s really pathetic

  10. Neighbours went too far, people seek to defame their fellow humans and later they will blame govt., they are many ways these thing would ve been settled without making it public

  11. Hence they are husband and wife is wrong but not much they suppose to endure the hunger till they get home. it has happened they have learned their lessons they will not do such again

  12. The residents did the right thing…this a street…people are raising there kinds in that neighborhood.. What thinking will a child get if he/she gets into that scene??

  13. Actually the husband might be horny at that particular time and decided to park in that neighborhood… I don’t think they don’t have a shelter

  14. For crying out loud, they are couple, must people peep inside the car to found out what couples are doing, let’s mind our business for once, especially when it does not affect us.

  15. This is a big embarrassment! ! Honestly I don’t like what the residents there did.. they shouldn’t have shame the couple this way…

  16. How will the neighborhood react that far to married couples having fun in their own car no matter where.
    They are married.

  17. I don’t agree with the crowd, if they are couple there’s no law that stop from enjoying their self anywhere.

  18. The couple would have looked for a place more private to do their act. But the people shouldn’t have disgraced them to the extent of posting their picture online

  19. Though they may be couples, they should have atleast taken their love life to their private quarters, house or their bedrooms instead of creating public awareness and insults to themselves

  20. Hmmmm, if it’s outside the country they can do it but because it’s in Nigeria it’s shameful?
    Biko do your thing abeg, it’s their doing….

  21. Why shaming them,they are two concenting adults so they should let them be,they did not do any wrong, they would have caution them and let them go instead of shaming them

  22. Besides they ara a couple so why should they be shamed. And for the couple they should know that this is not U.S.A that people mind their business

  23. Nawaoo,you couple did the right thing in a wrong place. You would do it in a far place where nobody is living around

  24. But is thier choice now to make love no matter the place as far as is not in somebody’s house or car.. For me thier are not wrong

  25. But is thier choice now to make love no matter the place as far as is not in somebody’s house or car.. For me thier are not wrong at all

  26. World people, as far they are married they can enjoy themselves sexually, the only thing I see wrong is if there are kids in the neighborhood.

  27. But there is nothing wrong na, they did it in their own car with their own body…I have had sex in a car before, people can be very nosy…their is absolutely nothing wrong abeg

  28. What concerns those neighbours since they are couple they shouldn’t have interrupt them ..,but those couple can’t even look for hotel or go to their house to have sex, it’s a shamefull act

  29. It was a shameless act no doubt but why did they have to go that far to expose them. Just mind your business and go

  30. They should let them be, they didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t know what is wrong with some of this nigerians sef

  31. I do not see anything wrong in that. It is their car, their body and they are married too. Sex can be done anywhere secluded provided it is in marriage

  32. They are couples for Christ sake and they hv the right to have sex wherever they want. For couple to have sex is not a sin before God.

  33. Even though its none of anybody business but why on earth will they do that,don’t they have home this is serious

  34. shame on the couple because they are stupid and idiot. are they trying to say they don’t have house or they don’t have respect to God creature.

  35. Sex is done anywhere, anyhow, provided they are married, don’t embarrass them next time ooo

  36. Ik what happened to their house, or Dont they have house, ? They should have gotten a room in a hotel since they are married, why hindng in a vehicle,?

  37. Hmm.. Nawa oohh.. Neighborhood went too far.. They are couple n also legally married.. so wat dere problem. Shebi it was inside car no be outside oohh D also went to an Isolated area.. Some ppl can Neva mind dere business

  38. Its none of their business at least their car is a private property….posting d pix on social media is inhumane…i pray the person who posted the video receives his/her own part of the embarrassment someday

  39. That is such an illegal act in the neighborhood. Why couldn’t they have got a room to satisfy their lustful act instead of doing it in the car publicly?

  40. In as much as their act was wrong and shamed…bringing this to the internet and exposing them is totally wrong and it should not be encouraged

  41. We are humans and not animals, it’s not sex is not what you do anywhere because you have the urge of doing it, it’s suppose to be sacred between them both.

  42. The worse is that the girl that’s totally naked. Am so ashamed of how people abuse sex that they can’t get a cool place to enjoy their ride.

  43. Shamless fools what exactly will they telll their children, having sex as a couple is not bad but where they did it is very very bad.

  44. This is wrong but the couples shouldn’t have done it outside that’s why we are advised to cultivate self control

  45. This is wrong now! See even her face is on full displayed. The were wrong but this is wickedness! Just imagine! Why put up her face on social? This girl can commit suicide because of this. Why is it that we don’t think before acting?

  46. It’s actually none of their business to shame them. No one is being raped here, it’s their decision and they’re both adults…. They shouldn’t have snapped and disgraced them publicly in the neighborhood and on social media like this. They have just successfully tarnished their image and destroyed their self esteem. It’s not fair.

  47. This is too much the people went too far…they are married for God sake and they have the right on each one another… They are free to have fun anywhere abeg so far its not disturbing anyone…

  48. What is peoples business in this their married they can do that when where ever they want am sure the person that uploaded this thing is doing worst thing than this, why do people like to spoil other peoples image

  49. They are couples and can have sex anywhere…. Its none of the residents business…only if it was broad daylight I would go against it

  50. But they are actually married….so its not a criminal offense naw….they can have sex anytime,anywhere they want…but they should know sex is a private life

  51. are they really couples,don’t they have a residence of their own.the residents of that area did the right thing,that is indecent assault or exposure

  52. 99.8% of Nigerians ain’t just foolish, uncultured and moronic but completely useless and backward. A COUPLE decided to have sex inside their own Car. How is that anyone’s business? This is why 99.9% of Nigerians will keep dying outta ignorance. Jobless pigs! Na the guy even fuck up. If it were to be me, I’d make sure I deal with you fools lawfully!

  53. 99.8% of Nigerians ain’t just foolish, uncultured and moronic but completely useless and backward. A COUPLE decided to have sex inside their own Car. How is that anyone’s business? This is why 99.9% of Nigerians will keep dying outta ignorance. Jobless pigs! Na the guy even fuck up. If it were to be me, I’d make sure I deal with you fools lawfully!

  54. This is to bad. The neighbours went to far since they are couples but the couples are so stupid to be having such act in the car. Even if they don’t have an apartment, they should look for a hotel or go to a friends place

  55. As a couple having sex is not bad, but having it in a unconducive environment like in public for everyone to see, is when it becomes bad..

  56. This so so funny y can’t they go to the hotel to have a sex they are not ashamed at all and that Lady is also a disgrace to human being

  57. Chai exposing them like this is not good more over it their business they are free to do it where ever they wish

  58. I won’t support the act but to be candid the neighbours went to far, since it was in their car though not too good, the issue could have been settled amicably than exposing them to embarrassment.

  59. What is the business of the people… Let them do as the want.God is the judge. Who amongst those that are accusing and harassing them is free.

  60. thanks for the fact its a couple legally married or legally known as couple, so the extent which they were embarrased was too cruel, though they would have respected themselves by getting to the house before letting out their emotions go wide….
    i pray others should learn

  61. There actions are wrong, but that doesn’t warrant exposing them online if they are really married. They should be cautioned about the actions and taken to the station for interrogation and fined after taking them to court. So that they learn from their mistakes and also use the medium to get others know the implications of such acts. God will help them to learn and understand their mistakes.

  62. Na WA oo can’t people mind their business where the choice to hav sex is their business there are a couple for chirst sake Nigerians can puk nose in other people’s affairs

  63. Sex is meant to be something of privacy that needs no third party involvement. They should have dealt with then in a mild way. Thank God they are couple

  64. They should have enjoyed their self at their comfort zone instead of doing it inside their car, it is very bad

  65. The person that snap this couple is a perverts. What is his problem with what they do in their car. This must be envy from those neighborhood. But the guy should at least lock his car before, that is stupid of him

  66. But they are couple they should not have done this outside and also should not have humiliated them like that

  67. lol… nawa for these onces oo
    They can’t even wait till dey got home
    Or instead book a hotel
    That’s very shameful of them o

  68. Why will the residents treat them like this knowing that they are couple. This is not right people should apply wisdom before reacting to anything. The resident acted like people that didn’t see the four walls of education. They are stupid

  69. It was quite indecent but they’re adults and it was their car so it’s basically nobody’s business what they do with their bodies

  70. I’m speechless. What’s people’s business?
    This is humiliating. They are adults and should be left alone as long as they’re not causing nuisance.
    They even went to an isolated area. There is absolutely nothing wrong here.

  71. Our people are ignorant ,what crime did they commit ,old people in Nigeria with their low mentality, fuck off ,please young couples fuck anywhere u like is ur personal matter.

  72. This is not fair. There can have sex any were. In fact the man is not smart. If is me no one will embarrass me. If indeed they are married, they shouldn’t av harass them. Only if they are not real couple.

  73. They overreacted, they are adults capable of making dere own decisions, they shouldn’t have reacted like dat

  74. Although what they did is not good, but they wouldn’t have embarrass them, since they are both adults.

  75. They shouldn’t have shamed them like that.No matter what, Nobody deserves to be humiliated like that

  76. The action of the residents are wrong. They have gone so far by interrupting the lovers romantic sandal of love. They are couples.

  77. Some people can be immature in there actions. Why must it be sent to social media. Moreover, is inside there car and if is wrong, they could have been talked in a matured way to stop and go out rather than embarrassing them like this. Is inhumane and humiliating. Don’t support the people that posted this. Just imagine is your own brother or sister. Feel so sorry for the victims.

  78. Since they r married y this shame? They have right to do it anywhere they like o, as far as it’s not somebody’s wife

  79. They are having sex inside their car is non of their neighbors business, they are married to each other so they are entitled to have sex at any place of their choice.

  80. Really, this is unfair to them. Why should be exposed to the public. It’s their private affair. The neighborhood no try at all.

  81. couple? very bad! they don’t have house or what? what a shameful act, she is a disgrace to womanhood

  82. Are they homeless? Or Maybe the thing don hold them very well that they can’t wait to reach house. Lol

  83. the day nigerians start minding their business that day everything is going to be ok. What is their business the man is married she is his wife so what’s the problem there……..
    And he is doing it inside his car not in the market square …….

  84. Why in Car since they have room, is very bad. it has happened they have learned their lessons, they will not do such again.

  85. This is too bad the car was there own, secondly they are couple they can choose anywere
    Those involved should be pensioned

  86. It’s their life and their car
    What’s the business of those that have come out to shame them
    There’s nothing wrong with what they did
    People r just over reacting
    Nothing more

  87. Dis is nonsense. Why can’t reach home and do it inside their house abi they are not truly married couple

  88. Haha shaming den is uncalled for na, they are married for crying out loud and in Dia own car for God sake even in an isolated area y did the residents of the area disgraced dem dat way.smh……we have a long way to go in dis country

  89. This is not a good sight to behold by passerby especially children they should have looked for Secluded place since they can’t wait to get home

  90. Why couldn’t they find a hotel room if they can’t go to their homes, or was the guy being sharp and trying to cut cost, this is really shameful, but embarrassing them wasn’t fair, even to the extent if taking it to social media, they just ruined these people’s reputation.

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