Cossy Orijakor reveals she is now a farmer

Nollywood actress, Cossy Orijakor has got a second job people and it is farming. Cossy Orijakor who is also known as the “Queen of Boobs” in Nollywood, in a chat with Vanguard boldly said “ I am a farmer now and there is no going back”.

Cossy Orjiako reveals she is now a farmer lailasnews

According to her, there is nothing as lucrative as farming as she spends time in her farm more than anything else these days.

“I have acquired several acres of land and currently tilling and weeding to cultivate anything cultivatable including yams, cassava, Vegetable and more. What about film making I ask? She says “ film making does not stop me from farming the land because I know that man must wack”.

Cossy Orijakor made headlines in 2017, when she got a new butt worth N1.5million. In an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop, the actress explained why lustedfor a larger bum.

“I am so happy that Nigerians are looking sexy. As a matter of fact I want to go and enlarge my butt. I think it is very small so I want a bigger one. I may have the surgery in December, January or any time I choose. I am seriously thinking about it. My message to everyone out there is, if you have any problem with your body, go ahead and do something about it. If it’s big boobs, or butt; go ahead and do that. Otherwise, you will just be there watching other people make things happen. Back in the days, white people had flat butt, but now they are so sexy,” she said.

She also went ahead to empower two fans with free shops for two years, over the success of the butt surgery.

“Due to the Success of my operation…. I wish to empower two fans by giving out free shops for two years….u can start a drink joint or anything u wish. There is a room you can stay if ur stranded….

This shop is located infront of new orange market Maraba.. I lost my phone in Abuja so don’t have the current video of this two shops.

It’s finished Painted yellow. Complete with front wall tiles and floor tiles. So if u live within Maraba or Asokoro.. Do a video as to why u need it and dm me” Cossy wrote.

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