Corps member pays hospital bill of lady detained after miscarriage

A corps member who was admitted for 5 days at a hospital in Imo State after she was ‘knocked’ down by malaria, went on to show a rare act of kindness to a lady detained at the hospital after a miscarriage.

Corps member pays hospital bill of lady detained after miscarriage lailasnews

According to corps member Funmilola Adeniyi, she noticed that the lady who had a miscarriage had no visitor and slept on the cold floor at night as her husband failed to settle her hospital bill. Read her post below;

October was a remarkable month…mid of the month I was admitted in this hospital somewhere in owerri, imo state diagnosed with acute malaria and serious typhoid, was there for 5 days but during these days I noticed this woman in the pictures she say beside my bed with her chair 24/7 no food, nobody coming to visit her always looking, sleeping on the cold floor at night after everyone might have slept, she will just remove her chair and sleep beside my bed on the floor. After the 3rd day, I saw the way a nurse talked to her very insulting, I pitied her later in the day I called another nurse to ask what happened to this woman and she said “haa my Yoruba friend, this woman gave birth and lost her baby after 4 days of bleeding and she and her husband doesn’t have money to settle the bills. So the doctor didn’t allow her go for 2 months now he said until they pay the money” n I said you mean this woman has been going through this for 2months, Father!!

I felt very bad and I asked how much is her bill and she said her bill is #45000 dat d doc gave them that cause of their condition, my friend was with me in the hospital (the guy in the picture wearing yellow attire) and he said Funmi let’s take this woman out of this hospital, I said I want to but we are corpers and I’ve spent alot at the hospital. He said don’t worry we will do it. I left the hospital very weak, reached out to few friends and we were able to get the money, we got more than enough sef, we were able to pay her bills, bought her food stuffs, the doctor (the man on left carrying the foodstuffs) was very happy surprised that nobody has ever challenged him and collected #30000 instead of #45000. We bought her foodstuffs, her husband (the other dark man in the picture) was so happy and grateful and we gave them extra cash to take home to get somethings…

Grateful to God for this opportunity to put a smile on people’s face. The doctor said ‘Funmi don’t worry God brought you here to help this woman, so don’t worry no more weakness”. No man is indispensable cos if I don’t another man will. Happy for the priviledge


Corps member pays hospital bill of lady detained after miscarriage lailasnews 1

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  1. Thats a good deed, only Allah can reward you abundantly. Love that keep it up, corper. After your service I pray to God immediately you will find a work that will fit your desire, bcos you have also help someone God will surely help you.

  2. Comment*thats a kind gesture and it feels good to put smile on people’s face. thumbs up to you guys for helping the lady out.

  3. Sleeping on the hospital floor without good food can cause another untreated diseases like fever.
    Sometimes this doctors should pity those who are not capable to pay money

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