Corps member loses PPA placement for being rich

A corps member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) lost a place of primary assignment, PPA placement for being rich.

Corps member allegedly loses PPA placement for being rich lailasnews

A Twitter user made this known on the popular social media platform where she revealed that she denied the corps member placement in a school for being rich.

The user identified as @girllikeher wrote;

How a Corper’s ’richness’ hindered her from getting employed today…

So I am looking for a youth Corper to fill specific roles in my department.

What I am on the lookout for in an individual is: teachability, flexiblity and importantly a person with fire in their bellies…

Looking at her, I was in doubt she was a struggling Corper. She looked like she needed a place to sign attendance at, every month, not necessarily the stipend she would be paid.

She had an iPhone and a shiny Apple wristwatch sitting pretty on her wrist.

First thought that crossed my mind was ’probably techy…

The next thought was ”this one don chop belleful, will she be willing go grind”…

I was quite undecided about her, to be honest…

After the interview I looked through the window and saw the latest Lexus with tinted glasses and covered number plates drive into the compound to pick her up…

I made up my mind there and then, ”this Corper no go hear word”. 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️

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  1. don’t access her by what you see if she has been sent to ur place for her ppa accept her, her background has nothing to do with her service is it the poor that is meant to go for Nysc?

  2. Is not her making to be rich. She need that experience except she willing decides not to. But she didn’t. After all she went to school, she shouldn’t have either because she is rich. Let her be. And give her a chance

  3. Haa . That someone is rich doesn’t mean that she has pride in her. At times you will see someone that is poor but pride will be written all over her. Maybe that was how God wanted it

  4. That’s not supposed to be an issue. You would have humble yourself and tapped from her riches. Get sense next time

  5. Judgement on sight is not the best. I have seen people who are wealthy and hard-working. It’s just discipline. You don’t know if she tilled the soil to get to where she was. So you should have tried her out.

  6. The car and all that might not even be hers, but even at that…the Job should have been offered her, give a trial first before judging.

  7. If truly the job was a straightforward one and the corper was found competent, I don’t think she would be giving this as a flimsy reason.

  8. This is the funniest stories I’ve read today. Does her look tell about the job to be offered or her educational ability? What was the interview with her based on really? Wonders shall never end lol

  9. After all she went to school, she shouldn’t have either because she is rich,she is been disturbed by ignorance.

  10. Imagine!! Does it mean? You concluded that way not knowing if she has passion to do the work despite her appearances.

  11. That she is rich is not a reason to deny her the opportunity to gain experience and show her capabilities. She should have been given a chance.

  12. You shouldn’t have judge her that way after if she didn’t need the placement she wouldn’t have come to your place. We should be good at all time we never can tell

  13. That’s her choice, scale of preference abi opportunity cost she Drew and choose what is more important to her

  14. The criteria use in judging her was wrong, using iPhone, costly wrist watch does not mean that she can’t perform very well in the job. I think the main criteria or qualification should be what she has up stares and the level of her intellect

  15. I don’t think is in your place to denied her, her place in serving her father’s land is not every youth corper that comes from a poor background. That’s bad of you Sir.

  16. But that is not an excuse why she should not be given an an appointment because she looks rich but you could have tried her and see, whether she will do it or not.

  17. But you don’t draw conclusion on people just like that it’s really not fair though some are like that but it’s not all.

  18. Your assumption about her may be wrong as you have not work with her before. Who knows maybe you are the one who loose most due to your decision about her.

  19. The truth NYSC does really affect life positively though it does to an extent but not to compete with the amount involved.

  20. God was with the corper when she was rejected. Working with such a boss would have been a nightmare for her. Bosses like that hide behind silly excuses to disguise their jealousy.

  21. This is never an issue. Guess all she needed is just a place of primary assignment were she would be given clearance letter every month and it doesn’t stop her from going to her place of primary assignment or being submissive to her boss

  22. very funny, how are you sure she no go hear her, that doesn’t make any sense to me since she can finish her education up to university level what is PPA, do not judge by the cover of a book, if you reject her other School will accept her. That’s the very fact

  23. Seriously speaking how can Corp member richness stop her from serving her nation, is a compulsory service, he should have given her chance first and watch if she fails in discharging her duty.

  24. Wow!!!,this is just pure idiocy i know the woman who denied the corps member must be poor for her to think that way,she should change her way of thinking

  25. You must have just lost an opportunity with an influential individual that maybe would have helped your poor life and mentality.Thats how we lose out of God’s blessing. You were already feeling intimidated.As simple as that

  26. U don’t need to judge her by her physical appearance. Do u no if it is her last card that she uses to appear that way?

  27. After all she went to school, she shouldn’t have either because she is rich,she is been disturbed by ignorance.

  28. Your assumption about her may be wrong as you have not work with her before. So you don’t judge a book by its cover.

  29. very hilarious,well concluding her attitude towards work as a result of her physical appearances is prejudicial

  30. Nobody whether rich or poor likes NYSC… Its just mandatory that’s all.. Allow all to serve

  31. She could have been humble because she came looking for the job, you shouldn’t have judged her from her appearance. Her character is what matters.
    However, being on a safer side, you’ve done well.

  32. How is her richness your problem? bad belle… she can’t look good bcs she wants to serve her country? na wa oh!

  33. That’s a hasty decision from my own point of view.. She might even be willing to take up the so called job and get even more dedicated than the Corper that even denied her the job.. Don’t judge a book by the cover.

  34. You have not even given her chance for a week before judging her by her outlook, how wicked you are ? She might be what you call her

  35. Somebody should tell me when becoming rich is a parameter to judge who is eligible to be placed in place of primary assignment. The man should go and sit down.


  37. But what has her background got to do with you jealousy may be she would have been your best staff

  38. It’s not her fault that she is rich or from a rich family, some persons can be rich and still be humble, so you never can tell.

  39. This reason is completely baseless and asinine to start with; for her to have made up her mind to serve inspite her wealth is true and clear indication that she is ready to submit herself. Well. you have made your decision.

  40. Hahahahahah oga your not serious, how do you conclude like that. You don’t judge a book by its cover. You should have at least give her the benefit of doubt.

  41. Why judge her by mere appearance? Well if u reject her base on appearance, someone out there will still accept her because she must serve her father land.

  42. I think she was just carried away.with d expensive tinz on her…. Now she has missed a great opportunity of being employed…

  43. Funny you that thosent matter it depend on how u are brought it not because she is rich she will not be obedient it doesn’t really matta uncle

  44. What if she is from a poor background but has a rich suitor, you don’t judge by what you see you would have tested her first.

  45. First impression matters although the fact that she thinks the corper is rich isn’t enough read on not to give her a placement but am sure the corper would have contributed other than her outfit and accessories

  46. Judging by appearance is completely wrong. Did she come late for the appointment ? What you did was bad. Shame on you.

  47. Lol as funny as it seams you are quite right most corp members just seek for attendance that’s all . So i wont blame you for reasoning in that manner

  48. She may be the humble type. You don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You would have tried her. For her coming to a school to serve not that her parents can’t find her a better and befitting place to serve.

  49. The purpose of sacrificing all those struggles is to make money so if the opportunity of making money comes in along the line, why shouldn’t she go for it

  50. To be sincere you can’t judge a book based on the cover, the fact that she is rich doesn’t mean she won’t be hard working.

  51. Because she is rich doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get employed are the poor only meant to partake in NYSC?

  52. This is selfishness.. How can one just conclude that about somebody.. Come to think of it are they looking for a corper of a slave

  53. You dont judge a book by its should have at least allow her ,in one way or the other she will be of benefit to yoh

  54. well in his eyes she is already rich, when there are many poor and intelligent coopers that will need it more than here. he is partly right in his decision

  55. This is clear jealousy… You don’t judge a book by its cover… She is rich doesn’t mean she lacks home training…

  56. She really missed, that’s why we need to keep it low when we are enriched/fortunate so that we wouldn’t missed out on some opportunity.

  57. well in his eyes she is already rich, when there are many poor and intelligent coopers that will need it more than here. he is partly right in his decision.. but i dont know what other will think about it

  58. That’s envy in highest order,did the federal government say rich people should not serve? Or is she richer than Davido that is currently serving? Nigerians let’s learn to be our brothers keeper,it will do more good than harm

  59. This is one of the dumbest stuff I have read in years . Richness or not that doesn’t mean the coreper doesn’t want the employment . I think such a thing is pure wickedness

  60. Hahahahahaha, funny but you shouldnt have judged her base on her being wealthy. For me, i will just say you were jealous of her..

  61. You dont judge a book by its cover. You can’t decide for her. It would be wise of you to give her a chance, hold on to the speculation coz its yours alone to keep then see if you were right or wrong.

  62. Judge less but to be candid she behaved foolishly. Its her duty to serve her father’s land and for her being rich, its none of yhur business. I wonder if it was davido,would yhu have done the same?

  63. Human beings are the most difficult on Earth. But she would have been simple 2 avoide noticing her richness.

  64. Like seriously,this is just pure idiocy; i know the woman who denied the corps member must have spent a lot on her while in school, but she should just change her way of thinking for now.

  65. Why didn’t she approach her and try to be her friend to know why she was leaving instead of judging her? Don’t be quick to judge from what you see or hear. My opinion.

  66. Hmmmmm She should have been given a chance , for her to report to her PPA shows she is willing to work

  67. Her richness does matter to what she was there for?you should have given the chance first to kno her more better

  68. That’s her or her parents choice to her what is there if she has the nysc certificate it will help her think twice we are in Nigeria were if you study there will be who will be criticizing is better she get the certificate

  69. Like seriously,this is just pure idiocy; i know the woman who denied the corps member must have spent a lot on somebody in that class before, but that shouldn’t stop to be employed.

  70. Being rich is not everything in life that’s your father wealth you’ve to work hard for your future never never think what your father own is enough to live comfort life forever you’ve to make impact for Youself

  71. A corp member has to serve the nation as a requirement for graduates, not actually because of the monthly stipends

  72. Stilljudging from looks and physical things, you were intimidaTed by her success and let her go

  73. Thats why we have to be humble and careful,wherever we are we should be careful because we dont know who is who.

  74. Hilarious
    So it’s her fault for being rich ni
    Since when is that a criteria for Nysc placement
    Nawa for this madam

  75. That’s not fair. If at all this lady in question feels she is rich, she won’t have thought of coming to seek for a job. You don’t even know how she got those stuffs on her. Stop judging people’s appearance, it’s deceitful.

  76. Lol……. I understand the woman. She needed someone who was ready to work and not someone who just needed her place to fulfil all righteousness

  77. She should have still given her a chance but truth be told, she might actually be pompous when she starts work….

  78. She had everything she wanted and u did really put things in consideration before u decide to decline her d job

  79. It’s natural to feel that way because most of our rich men children don’t serve the country, just to sign and go. Its only the less privileged that serve the country.

  80. My dear, is not her fault to be rich. She don’t need the money. She is just doing it to get her NYSC discharge certificate.

  81. She can be business lady … who is working for her own money… so she decided to go school to have a certificate even do she has money …
    for her using iPhone and other stuff does not stop her from going to NYSC service…

  82. Her richness is not an excuse to deny her of her right. You should have at least given her a try. You don’t judge people by their appearance.

  83. please correct that bad impression madam. no matter your richness as far as you are a higher institutions graduate you need NYSC

  84. That doesn’t matter. She may be rich but not educated and so she decided to be educated and serve her father’s land.

  85. She might actually be on the quite side and also diligent with her duty post. Anyway, its your choice and you made it

  86. That not a good reason to turn down her primary assignment what if she is brighter in attitude then she looks.

  87. This is not right now, the fact is that it is not her richness that made the PPA employment possible for her. They should have given it on trial

  88. Do you know weather they bought her all those things? She might not be the owner of the car. Dont judge with physical appearance

  89. This one na amebo work, you did not offer her a job and you still went on tweeter spreading her….. Thunder will fire you. Is it a sin to be rich?

  90. Some persons can be funny, because she’s well dressed and from a good home doesn’t mean she won’t work, I served with a rich Yoruba guy who didn’t receive any money from the ppa but did everything I did back in service

  91. Lol, that was not a criteria to just reject her like that. It was pretty lame what the employer did. How would she den know her fault

  92. You don’t have a point that does not say you should not give her work it not your own business whether she as iPhone or Lexus

  93. Seriously But she didn’t. After all she went to school, she shouldn’t have either because she is rich. Let her be. And give her a chance

  94. Is been rich a crime? She made her money faster. So I don’t see any reason of denying her the privilege of service

  95. lolz…welcome to Nigeria. But the truth be told. The fact that she uses expensive things should not refrain her from being accepted

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