Corps member arrested after reporting fraud to police

A corps member identified as, Ayodeji Felix Olaniyi, has been arrested after he reported a suspected fraud to the police in Akwa Ibom state.

Corps member arrested after reporting fraud to police lailasnews

The corps member serving in Abak, Akwa Ibom State, is currently behind bars over a fraudulent payment he received from a person he allegedly sold bitcoin to.

This was made known by one Olowoleye Olayinka, who gave an insight into what led to Olaniyi’s arrest, Olowoleye wrote:

“Olaniyi was arrested on the 14th of January 2019 (Monday).

He is into selling of bitcoin. He sold bitcoin to a client who resides in Delta State. The client hacked a woman’s UBA account in the same Delta State to pay him through mobile transfer to his GTB.

He noticed the name of the client who bought the bitcoin is different from the account name that paid him. He quickly went to police station (A) Division Uyo, on the 12th January 2019 to lay a complain to DPO about the transaction.

The DPO was not on seat so he met with IPO and wrote down a statement. On 14th January 2019 (Monday), he went back to the police station (A) Division Uyo, to ensure the DPO was aware of the statement he wrote.

However, the DPO advised him to go to his bank and confirm the transaction and to also give him feedback of what happened. But on getting to the bank, he discovered his account was frozen.

The bank then held him and police from (C) Division at Aka Etina Road, later arrested him and nothing has been done about it. The owner of the hacked account who raised the alarm that led to his arrest, is nowhere to be found till date.”

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  1. That guy is in trouble oo. This is Nigeria police for you. If he had not reported now, he will not have seen this.

  2. This case is serious and something had to be done about it, the owner of the account that was hacked has to be found

  3. What’s wrong with our Nigerian police? To even carry out proper investigation is impossible with u guys. Please release the innocent boy and concentrate on finding the actual culprit.

  4. See trouble oh you just can’t wait to finish your service and look for a good job sorry na your name you are in a serious trouble

  5. Arresting a good citizen who reported a crime. I submit that thorough investigation be carried out before jailing an innocent person

  6. Na was o. So it is now a crime to report crimes in this country? The police need to get their act together and begin to do things right.

  7. It is uncalled for. He went to report the transaction himself and he was put behind bars. Someone should come to this guy’s rescue

  8. pls they should not punish a man that reported the matter instead they should look for a way to get the sinner,cos keeping that guy will scare anyway one who wants to do the right thing

  9. This is nonsense, that is why sometimes I hate the approach of Nigeria police and their investigation pattern, they may not put more efforts to look for the real criminal,

  10. Can you imagine this rubbish. How can he be arrested when is trying to be a good citizen. They should notify the division he make a complain to about the transaction and let them go on a search for him please

  11. This guy has to be prayerful with fasting. The police will make him regret doing the right thing especially if the culprit is influential.

  12. He did the right thing by reporting first but its left for the police to gather resources and get the real fraudster.. The corp member should be released immediately because its clear he has nothing to do with the criminal..

  13. Wahala everywhere, you stay silence you have problem and you speak up still you have problem andnyou report and you are still not save.

  14. He has done the right thing by reporting to the police who now turn it against him instead of investigating the case properly for them to arrest the fraudster.

  15. To even carry out proper investigation is impossible with u guys. Please release the innocent boy and concentrate on finding the actual culprit.

  16. This is Nigeria, where we hear that police is ur friend report and case but when u do u will be arrested too. Sorry my guy. God bless Nigeria

  17. Well, sometimes being too good can land you into trouble.
    U went to report a case and ended up being the one arrested.
    If you have taken all to yourself, it couldn’t have been this way.

  18. Hmm, this is a complicated issue, is a crime now to report your self to the police when suspect some foul play? The guy is a patriotic Nigerian who follow due process

  19. Online transactions can sometimes implicate people o, just imagine how the fraudster landed him in trouble, hope the true criminal is arrested soon

  20. Hmmm this guy has put himself into serious problem…. Nigeria police will not understand that what he did was right

  21. What kind of country are we into. If you do good you get yourself into problem, if you do bad you get yourself into problem. What are going to do to avoid getting into problem in this country.

  22. Proper investigation needs to be carried out to vindicate the Corp member.It is quite unfortunate that the other party is on the run but i believe he can be tracked if properly traced.

  23. This is pure injustice. He did nothing wrong. The bank would have looked for the person who sent the money and not him.

  24. This kind of thing always annoy me. He only laid a complain and now he’s behind the bars. Nigeria police lacks professionalism.

  25. Funny world and Nigeria police for you,why people don’t report crime nomatter what…I pray he get out it God willing

  26. Hmm. He should contact the first police station.he made his statement to help him out….but then you can never be sure with Nigerian police. May God help him.

  27. Bad people everywhere. The police need to conduct their investigation well before the innocent becomes the accused.

  28. He made a great mistake, he should remain patient about his money because the police will suspect him for the crime. I wish he will be free.

  29. I tire for this Nigerian police sef. So Many stupid stories about them. I pray that God helps them. How can someone who reported a crime be arrested for such crimes and a Corper for that matter.

  30. This terrible
    Poor boy trying to be good citizen landed himself into trouble.
    Nigeria police are corrupt

  31. He did the right thing by reporting, this is why most people don’t like reporting any fraud to police

  32. You actually did the right things but the police instead of you to do your investigation thoroughly you will not. May God have mercy.

  33. C ur life,,,c what holy holy has turn u to,,just b responsible for anything dat koms ur way bro

  34. That i completely rash of the police. I think the guy is innocent, if not he wouldn’t have reported

  35. Hmmm,they succeeded in putting you in the trouble you were trying to avoid.May God vindicate you and deliver you

  36. I really wonder what would be the basis for this young man’s arrest.. He reported a suspected fraud and the Nigerian police ended up putting him behind bars.. Naija my country.

  37. the case of online business transaction gone sour,his people should be notify as soon as possible or else he may rot in that God-forsaking cell

  38. Can you imagine, instead of carrying out the investigation ,all they could do was to arrest any innocent boy, a gud citizen that did the right thing, I have always said that a jobless man is better than a Nigeria police man,

  39. This is surprising, I hope they investigate and get to the root of the matter so as to ensure the real culprit is dealt with.

  40. Eya, he was really trying to help but later landed himself in trouble. They must be something the criminal must have done that result to his frozen account

  41. It’s so shameful of him. He needs wisdom in his life. This is Nigeria and before someone can report a crime he or she had to be sure and carefulness has to follow suit.

  42. He has done the wright thing by reporting the incident to the police so why arresting him for the crime he had already reported.

  43. The guy should be released based on the fact that he had already reported the incident before been arrested. I hope things don’t get out of hand and the guy punished for offence he didnt commit.

  44. He didn’t put himself into trouble he is a good citizen he did the right thing let justice prevail please that guy us innocent according to the story

  45. He has not done anything wrong now the police should make sure they find this people in hiding there is something fishy about the case

  46. What are the police even doing maybe he knows more that he told them but no they think he’s one of them

  47. Sometimes, thing’s like this may prevent you from doing the right thing. Proper investigation should be taken. God will vindicate you

  48. Just like that
    She should have come forward to see the person that allegedly stole her money
    I suspect foul play

  49. This is exactly what discourages people from doing the right thing. Can’t the DPO and IPO whom he reported the case to intervene for his. He shouldn’t suffer for what he is not guilty of

  50. that’s why people find it difficult to do the right thing he done the right thing and landed in to trouble

  51. Why the arrest for saying the truth, you are only trying to chase away innocent people from acting thesame way.

  52. This is Nigeria, how can a man be arrested after trying to do the right thing and our law enforcement want us to be doing the right thing that may land one in prison. Men we have to be wise. Falz is right, this is Nigeria.

  53. Nigerian police should please release this innocent boy and concentrate on the culprit. Later they will say “the police is ur friend” And they keep maltreating innocent people.

  54. This is nonsense, that is why sometimes I hate the approach of Nigeria police and their investigation pattern, they may not put more efforts to look for the real criminal,

  55. How could he get himself in trouble. Where the client got the money from should have been non of his business.

  56. Fraudster everywhere. I’ve never really liked this bitcoin. Is there anything Nigerians doesn’t operate fraudulent activities on….

  57. Nigerian police!!! This is not rocket science now. Can this happen in developed world where data base is their top priority. Free me joor.

  58. Police is your friend no bi for Nigeria, if you report they will arrest you if you no report they will arrest you so which one we go do

  59. This case is serious and something had to be done about it, the owner of the account that was hacked has to be found

  60. he even involved himself in the illegal business and didn’t know. he shouldn’t have reported to the police if he knew

  61. How can some one raise alarm about his money and she is know were to be found, and I think the core member should not be detained till the woman shows up.

  62. Nigeria police instead of them to look for the scam in delta they arrest the Corp trying to tell them the facts

  63. Welcome to Nigeria bro but he shouldn’t have been arrested since he have already made complain about that to The police.

  64. He must be a mad man after u va done business and u received ur money what is business again from how the person paid u do u think this is overseas abi u won send them behind bars for doing business with u u better remain their

  65. Hope is not a set up.. It’s well. Fraudulent people one day is your day. You will pay serverlly for all that you have done.

  66. My friends he did the right thing only that the system we are running is a confuse one but then I feel they will let him go because he did the right thing by reporting to the police.

  67. This is ridiculous. This is why a lot of people don’t like going to the police to report crime.

  68. You can’t blame the police, why? Because the have to know this young man gets his Bitcoin from! So allow the police to do their job.

  69. Instead of investigation the police ended up to arrest him.. But I think the corner was fair enough to have reported the case at the first place. Please he should be release

  70. This the reason why some people cannot report a crime to the police because you will end up being the victim like me in this Corp member’s case. I hope he is freed in no time

  71. Whoaaa.. this is big trouble with these our yeye nigeria police sef
    I hope he sorts himsef out ooh bcuz ehh

  72. This is why Nigeria citizens are always scare to do the right thing especially when the law is involved. If he was actually the frauder, would he go to the police to report himself? May God help that young man vindicate his name

  73. Bros ye.. ……na wa o…….Wetin dey worry you… so you good reach ……i know say by now you don hear Girin with all those mosquitoes when dey for yonder
    I like say dem Gbab you,so you no go proclaim wetin you no fit maintain…..You be the real Kpokiyo

  74. Just look at how an innocent man is suffering for what he knows Nothing about while the real criminal is hiding. Nigeriian police will never investigate they rather jump Into conclusion

  75. May God save us from police in this nation, after trying to avoid arrest by reporting a suspected theft action. He still got arrested for something he had reported

  76. And his role of a good citizen has paid off the wrong way thereby making him pay for what he knows nothing of. This is sad.

  77. Since he already lodged a complain at the first station he needs to be taken there 5o proof his innocence

  78. The greatest harm always comes from the beat intentions. You are a good Nigerian. We need more of u. The police need to do their job and apprehend the real culprits.

  79. Nigerian police are so imperfect in all their dealings, can’t A division IPO reach out to C division officers? And tell them d guy alredi reported d case, suffering d innocent guy for nothing

  80. Oh so sad… Well he has an upper hand cause he reported first… The police should search for the fraudster…

  81. Too bad his good deeds have landed him into trouble. But a proper investigation should b carried out n if the owner is not found, then they shud let him go seeing he came to report the matter ist

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