Corps member accused of fraud in Delta released by police

The Corps member who was accused of fraud in Delta State, has been released by the police following the intervention of the NYSC.

Corps member accused of fraud in Delta released by police lailasnews

The corps member, Ayodeji Olaniyi, who is serving in Akwa Ibom State, is said to be a bitcoin trader, and sold some cryptocurrencies to a client who allegedly hacked into another person’s account to pay him.

Olaniyi was arrested after he reported to the police, following his suspicion of an alleged fraud after his client paid the naira value for the bitcoins into his account using another person’s bank account.

A friend who confirmed the arrest of Olowoleye Olayinka, disclosed that his account was frozen after reporting the suspicious transaction to his bank.

 “Olaniyi, who sold bitcoins to a client in Delta State, was arrested on January 14, 2019. The client hacked into a woman’s United Bank for Africa account in Delta State to pay into his Guaranty Trust Bank account through mobile transfer.

“When he discovered that the name of the client, who bought the bitcoins, was different from the account name through which he was paid, he went to the ‘A’ Division, Uyo on January 12 to report the matter to the DPO.

“The DPO was not around; he met with the IPO and wrote a statement. On January 14, he went back to the police station to ascertain that the DPO was aware of the statement he wrote but he was arrested and detained at the ‘C’ Division, Uyo” he said.

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, Aniamaka Andrew, confirmed that the corps member accused of fraud has been released after the NYSC intervened.

“He has already been released following the intervention of the NYSC since he is a corps member. As it is, his bail is an administrative bail, which means whenever his attention is needed; the authority will still take him.

“I think this one also serves as an avenue to educate people and re-orientate youths about cryptocurrencies. The tendency to make it fast through involvement in cryptocurrencies is not in the interest of the society and corps members should not be involved in fraudulent acts such as this.

“Before now, we had alerted members of the public to the tendency by criminal elements to woo them to part with their hard-earned money by making mouth-watering offers to them on bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. Youths, especially the youth corps members, must stay away from this scheme” she said.

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  1. The reason I do avoid all these online trading stuffs. The rate of fraud associated with it can’t be described. Sometimes one end up losing all his has to the internet fraudsters.

  2. Somebody educate me, does it mean that bitcoin is criminal business, or the police that arrested him is an olodo, looking for money for bail! And on the boys part can’t someone transfer money from another person account without it being seen as fraudulent? What was your proof the woman hacked into another account?

  3. How are you doing bitcoin guy. I knew you are genuine in your dealings. Be careful next time. Luck may not smile on you next time.

  4. If you don’t know what cryptocurrency, don’t bad mouth it. It is never a bra or panties that your children are stealing around.

    Bitcoin is being accepted all over. He’s not get rich quick biz. He was only unfortunate to meet with fraudster.

    Stop being backward please. That’s how you badmouth ATM machine when South Africa had been using it decades.

  5. Is really annoying that when criminals are court and they are from good barground. It ends up to be tagged something like.

  6. Nawa o! In an attempt to not be found guilty he was proclaimed guilty. He went to report and they arrested him. In original criminal cases where the police force are meant to work u won’t see them there

  7. This is why all these online business is dangerous, it can easily lead to fraud, the corps member supposed to be doing something tangible so to be putting money into pocket, anyway l thank God you have been released, you have to be careful now.

  8. Smart trader he just have to be careful next Time not for NySC intervention he would have spend more time

  9. It’s quite unfortunate for Olaniyi. We have to be very careful with online business to avoid falling victims into the hands of fraudsters

  10. Nigeria my country where u get arrested for been good….dats why most times people keep criminal cases to themselves

  11. Bitcoin is legit and all over, he was just unfortunate to meet that guy that is what we see in online business. Good he reported himself to the police first.


  13. Eeyah. I guess this was just mistake on his part for not confirming whose account first. Anyway, God delivered him

  14. I avoid this online marketing is because of high rate of cybercrime, we all should just be careful

  15. Thank God his been released, the more reason why a lot of people don’t infom police of any crime even when they know,let this change the police and the masses

  16. When you do things in the normal and legal procedure I don’t think it can affect you….. Online business is somehow drastic but wisdom is really needed to ascertain your desire….

  17. He wasn’t wrong or at fault at all , he sold a genuine goods to customer , and even reported to the police when he noticed strangeness in the transaction so he is not to blame

  18. Thank God for his life,that is while i dont like online business ,see were it had landed this boy now.

  19. Ayodeji God has saved your ass not every human being understand all these kind of business stuff you’re lucky

  20. The guy is very innocent for him alone to go to police station and made a report it shows that he is not a fraudster, so he did nothing wrong

  21. This guy is not supposed to be arrested,and why would the Corp member think the guy who transfer money from another bank to his account is a fraudster well everybody thinking differs

  22. That’s one thing about this online business. They use it to hack into people’s account. I’m sure this corp member has learnt from it. Be wise

  23. Is that why the sent you to school, please try and reason well before you take any action, is not good as a corper to do that want will you achieve by doing that.

  24. Quite Unfortunately for the corps member, since he his into bitcoin trade not all Nigerians know about so it will be suspicious.

  25. He’s an honest and learned Nigerian. My advice is for us to be aware of business operations before venturing into one.

  26. Wait does it mean that crypto currency is now an illegal business or that the police are looking for a cheap way to make money?
    Or is it a crime to transfer money using another person’s account number? somebody should educate me pls.

  27. Someone who came to report a suspected fraud was the one being arrested. Nigerian police are just funny set of people.

  28. Thank God for him oooo it could have been another case and in between when does bitcoin becomes an illegal business this policemen are not in their right senses

  29. This is serious thank you nysc for intervention. Is now a crime to look for another source of incoming, which way Nigeria

  30. You are lucky. Thank God for you. Your colleagues intervend. If not I wonder what will have become of your future. Stop fraudulent activitiesif you are doing so

  31. All this fraudulent activities is really eating deep in the life of our youth this days, God help us.

  32. If cryptocurrency is not real, then what is real. At least he reported the case to the police even before he was arrested. I doubt if he is guilty of a fraud.

  33. It’s a good thing that the police released the poor guy from their prison at least the people we be reassure that they will be save whenever they take have something to report to the police

  34. They shouldn’t have arrested him, since he was the one that went to report to issue to NPF.
    Bitcoin is a legit online business, so they should forget about scam

  35. Thank God they are free at last, this is not a good experience for anyone not to talk of a corper

  36. This guy did nothing wrong… he isnt looking for quick cash.. he just fell into the wrong hands
    Afterall… he reported the case to the police in the first place sef

  37. That’s the disadvantage of online business, u don’t know the right or the wrong person to deal with

  38. Cryptocurrency is not a fraud. One should just be careful and mind who he or she is trading with online. An happy he has been released and hope the criminal will be arrested.

  39. I think this police man need to go to school.He must have attended a night school.If you don’t know a thing do some research before speaking evil about it. I don’t do bit coin business but it’s not criminal.

  40. Nawa o! In an attempt to not be found guilty he was proclaimed guilty. He went to report and they arrested him. In original criminal cases where the police force are meant to work u won’t see them there

  41. ThankGod and hopefully he seriously learns a lot from what just happened to him. God bless nysc for their timely intervention

  42. This one break my hat. Why would he be arrested? This business is a clean business, naija police wakeup and do your job well. He did the right by reporting but instead you arrest him. I feel like leaving this country because of all this kind of nonsense

  43. Selling bit coin was never a bad thing to do, it was the person that bought it caused this not moreover police could be disappointing sometimes even after reporting, they have problem

  44. Why will he be detained when he was the one who reported the case. Nigeria my country people. Thank God the NYSC intervened

  45. Pls he should contact me, let me teach him how to make it in Nigeria. There are so many legit online businesses, not crypto. I will never allow my son to do that. God forbid

  46. Many people that doesn’t know about bitcoin will be saying trash.. Do you how many months it takes to get just 1bitcoin and all the data you will waste. The guy did a good thing but he just trying to be on a safe side

  47. Good he was set free, bitcoins and cryto currencies is a legitimate business, just that he got unfortunate by dealing with a fraudster knowingly or unknowingly.

  48. i don’t really understand this nigerian police why will they arrest somebody when they don’t have evidence

  49. Nigerian police self, the person he reported to the police, they didn’t do anything about the real criminal the sincere corper that went to report to the police was been arrested for being honest. Hmm

  50. It is well o, sometimes it scares me to involve in online business, some people are just so wicked.God will vindicated this guy

  51. No one is above the law he must be punished. For being a fraudster and a scammer it’s should be erradicate in Nigeria

  52. Part of the risks associated with online business, thank God he has been released. He should be careful next time

  53. Nothing is wrong with it, that’s simple forex trade. The wrong person was arrested and the police is talking gibberish. Nonsense, this is Nigeria

  54. Stop being backward please. That’s how you badmouth ATM machine when South Africa had been using it decades

  55. They should have traced the fraudulent person who hacked an account. An innocent man is not supposed to be arrested.Besides he even went to make a statement about what he observed. He’s just a young hustler

  56. This is arrant nonsense, is bitcoin is fraudulent as said by this lady, the efcc should have been on nabbing spree to jail all participants just like yahoo business. The best advice for him is to be careful how he reports case to the police.

  57. Thank God for the intervention of NYSC for his release if not so the guy would have rotten in the police custody

  58. I dont see cryptocurrency as a fraudulent act of making money. The only thing i see here is transaction gone bad and we can’t ascertain that for sure until the account owner comes out to say she didn’t make the transfer. Police and banks should do their investigation well jare.

  59. All this police people that don’t do there investigation very well before harassing people should be dealt with

  60. Is cryptocurrenies a fraudulent activity? I’m not understanding ooo.. He reported himself why arresting him? Anyways it’s good you have been released..

  61. This should serve as a warning to people to be careful when engaging in online business as there are a lot of fraudsters waiting for who to fall victim. God will help us

  62. Thank God he has been released, he tried being a good citizen and he was arrested for reporting a suspicious activity

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