Coral Lytle, Eric Lytle: Photos/videos of what’s happening now (UPDATE)

Coral Lytle could not be sentenced on Monday.

Coral Lytle, Eric Lytle lailasnews

The 41 year old mother of four accused of having sex with her teenage daughters’ boyfriends could not be sentenced after a Tulare County judge reviewed the probation report, and said he didn’t believe the indicated sentence (five years of probation with a six-year suspended prison term) was appropriate.

Coral Annette Lytle, who is out of custody, is now permitted to withdraw her guilty plea.

A trial setting hearing will take place next Monday.

Coral Lytle, Eric Lytle: What’s happening now

Lytle, of Tulare California, was arrested for having sex with two teenage boys in late October of 2017. The teenage boys were at the time freshmen students at Redwood High School and were under age 16 at the time of the alleged relationships.

The two boys were allegedly dating Lytle’s two daughters, according to the Tulare County Deputy District Attorney’s office.

Prosecutors say Lytle provided alcohol and cigars to the alleged victims and would drive from her home in Tulare to Visalia to meet them for sex.

One of the alleged victims said he had sex with Lytle three times – the last time on October 5th, 2017 because he felt bad shaking Coral’s husband’s hand knowing what he was doing with his wife.

The teen boy had come forward. And Police say that after they began the investigation, a second alleged victim came forward.

Lytle was taken into custody and charged with multiple counts of “engaging in lewd acts with a minor.”

The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office has charged her with 21 felony sex counts.

Lytle initially pleaded not guilty and prosecutors planned for a jury trial.

But in early March of 2019, Lytle agreed to plead guilty to 12 charges in order to avoid prison time.

The Visalia Times Delta reported that Lytle was offered 5 years probation and a suspended six-year prison sentence. She would be sent to prison if she violated the probation. Lytle would also register as a sex offender.

But on April 15, Judge Joseph Kalashian decided that he didn’t feel the proposed deal was appropriate and delayed the sentencing.

A new hearing was scheduled for the following Monday, April 22, and Lytle was permitted to withdraw her guilty plea.


Coral Lytle’s husband Eric Lytle, filed for divorce less than a week after his wife was arrested and charged with engaging in sex acts with his daughters’ boyfriends.

Eric Lytle filed for divorce on November 3, 2017 and reportedly requested a temporary restraining order against Coral. This was withdrawn in June of 2018.

Coral and Eric Lytle “marital status” was terminated on October 25, 2018. Together, they have four children together and a case over child support and visitation rights are ongoing.


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