Comedian I go dye shows off the hospital he is building for his community

Nigerian comedian, I Go Dye, known for calling out politicians over their failed agenda took to Instagram to show off the new hospital he is building for his community.

Comedian I go dye shows off the hospital he is building for his community lailasnews

According to I Go Dye, lack of good healthcare facilities is one of the major challenges, Nigerians irrespective of their religious,political and ethnic backgrounds are facing. His post reads;

The challenges facing most people across Nigeria is the same, irrespective of our religious,political and ethnic backgrounds; in line with the United Nations Goal 3 ,I have commenced the building of an health care hospital in my community.We can make life more beautiful than we met it.

Comedian I go dye shows off the hospital he is building for his community lailasnews 1

High profile comedian of international repute, Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye marks 39 years of age today, April 4, 2018. Born in Abraka, Delta State, Nigerian on April 4th 1979, through his artistry he has continued to promote global peace and child welfare.

As a young child he grew up at Okpara Waterside with his grandmother,Queen Agnes , where he saw the numerous challenges facing rural settlements in Nigeria. This insight has motivated him to address some of these issues through his comedy and publications.

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While speaking with Potpourri after the post, the comedian averred that he was only fulfilling a promise he made and also fulfilling goal number three of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of which he is an ambassador.

“It is the Lord’s doing. God started it and He would complete it in due time. If everyone of us can contribute our own quota to uplift the people of the world and promote peace, the world would be a wonderful place to live. We can make life more beautiful than we met it,” he quipped.

Being described as one of the funniest men alive, I Go Dye sees nothing funny in suffering and poverty. He has taken on governments and institutions, challenging them to do all in their powers to eradicate sufferings and promote peace.

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  1. WOW ! This is wonderful. Meanwhile this among such are what our politicians are elected into Office for, pay bounty remuneration, abundant spoil of Office, even given constituency project funds, etc. Rather they enrich themselves, but buildings, lavish cash and expensive vehicles on women, etc. And you thing there is no heaven and hell !

  2. This is all we need from our celebrities, not to buy Porsche for a girl friend for #45million, wristwatch for millions, draw tattoos, wear jewelleries that worth billions of naira, yet u have the aged, helpless and needy around you. Remember that GOD dey o. God bless you, my brother, bless ur pocket to be able to do more and teach others who do not know a lesson.

  3. U re my number one celebrity from today… This news won’t even trend more than that David and chioma porche. That’s the type of world we live in… Very gullible

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