Come & use your gift for God who gave you – Mike Bamiloye to celebrities

Nigerian Pastor Mike Bamiloye has called on the Nigerian celebrities, especially the singers that started their career in the church, to come back into the fold and use their gift for God.

Come & use your gift for God who gave you – Mike Bamiloye to celebrities

According to the man of God, the gift was given to them by God and it is sad they are using it to glorify the devil.

See reactions:

** Uhmmm some are there for the money…… Forgot they learnt it from junior choir & now trading it… When it during sermon you see them roaming outside lije all hell has been loosed. May God help them

*** This write up is touching and an unusual awakening call. Thank you Daddy….

*** D congrgation listen to d preaching of d world Dan d preaching of d word. #prosperity &tax.

*** With due respect sir, I have been a huge fan of your works and I have been blessed by them and guarded right. I have some questions,

1. When this musicians dedicate their lives to music, who will pay them?

2. Has the church treated this musicians right?

3. Do this musicians also deserve a good life? As a music minister I know how jealous music is, if you leave it for a day it leaves for a week, I’m not here to talk about my own Chronicles. I just know that the church is persecuting this musicians.

And we need to also speak to our fathers. Some a good and some are not.


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