Come to America and see bad roads, poor facilities – Dencia

Singer Dencia, moments ago, took to her social media page to write on the presence of bad roads and many poor facilities across America, unlike what is shown to Africans in the media.

The singer, in her post, is trying to encourage Africans to stay home and develop their continents as America is not as great as it is portrayed to be.

Come to America and see bad roads, poor facilities – Dencia

She wrote:

I hate how Africans think the government is fucked up when the government is fucked up everywhere, police is corrupt everywhere. Where I live u call the police they show up within seconds, the zip code 10 minutes away from me, the police shows up 10hrs later or don’t show up.

Airports are messed up too, the last time I was in NY, the airport was leaking, nasty & dirty AF, small, nowhere to seat, old & ancient, Infact I couldn’t believe I was in America🤣😂🤣don’t even go driving around Baltimore, homes with no windows & doors🤦🏽‍♀️

All I’m saying is, Dear Africans in Africa, for a 3rd world continent,the gov’t is trying,people need to try harder. The government can’t do it all, u the average citizen, u are part of the government.US population 323M,govt employees 22M.This is a 1st world country.

If u start selling tomatoes on the streets, u start with $100, within a year, you will be a millionaire (Africa) always think of selling things that are a necessity not a luxury. Clothes, hair = luxury not necessities. Food = necessities. Be wise guys

A lot of people who look at Africa a certain way aren’t well travelled, haven’t met people, haven’t done research well. The world is the same, opportunities are the same, u just have to find your niche & lane wherever u are & put in your all.

Conclusion, if u are waiting on the government to survive or succeed, u are on a long ting, America is as fucked up as most African countries, bad roads, horrible water, worst diseases, no access to certain things but it’s all about surviving.Most Americans barely survive.

Now go out & find ur niche, ur lane, the beginning is hard but the truth is, running a small business is hard everywhere in the world, u just gotta do something u love that brings in $$ & u are good. Infact it’s harder owning a small business in America.


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